Unfollowing … When, why and who?

“Deciding when content supports the lifestyle philosophy that is Naturism, is helpful in educating people about a ‘Body Positive’ way of thinking and advances the family-oriented causes we often mention.”

Human beings are amazingly diverse and one of the values we hold above all else is freedom of speech, but the power of words deserves respect and the power of images even more so! I do not want people to think I would ever attempt to control your thoughts, just as I hope you would never try to control mine, Tumbl what you will – if it makes you happy. There are many, many images which are awesome, stunningly beautiful and should be considered as art, works of art, or tributes to the incredible beauty that is the human form. However, in the context of our present society there is also a ‘perception problem’ because CURRENTLY many images are understood for their solely erotic value! If the first thing people think when they see them is, “Hubba hubba!” or “Shew wee!” then this is not likely to teach anything about Nudism. The power of erotic imagery short-circuits the brain, overrides rational thought and causes the pleasure centers of the brain to light-up like a Christmas tree! From that point on it is possible you lost the audience, or potential to attract an audience toward Naturist ideals.

Naturism is beautiful; gently beautiful. Smiles are beautiful, gently beautiful.
The feeling of the sun on your entire body is… gently beautiful.

Erotic pleasure is, well, ‘knock me off my feet’ beautiful! Right?

So here is the internal monologue:

Self “A”: Well, some of this content is really great, but many of the Tumbls just do not agree with my philosophy of nudism.

Self “B”: Okay, then I think you need to stop Following them, because you know the person did not take any of those photographs themselves and they are also probably violating copyrights like crazy.

Self “A”: Yes. You’re right Self B, I agree.

Self “B”: Beside, you can always go and look up their content again if it is something you personally want to enjoy for a little while, but you have a bigger obligation to the Nudist and Naturist community at large. You set an example with all of the Tumbls you make, some are great and others pretty good just like theirs have been, but when the goal of the post is ONLY to give an erotic charge or highlight the type of images found in Adult magazines, that is not Naturism.

Self “A”: Ok. Done.

If you want to support the goals of Naturism and slowly establish new “strains” or trains of thought regarding social nudity, then YOU must talk about the philosophical side of it. What we are trying to achieve is greater freedom, more acceptance, body appreciation and an elevated level of “love” (yes, love) for our physical form. Love accepts, love understands, love allows (and forgives), love is good and we have been far to “bad” with some of our behavior lately.

Violence, war, the taking of innocent lives only just barely begun, and ignorance of the risks of mental disease. We need to stop putting barriers between ourselves and need to learn and teach how to “read people” completely, and if that means seeing their whole body and accepting signs of physical excitement and emotional distress, then we should make this a goal also!

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