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Watch Naked People Get Painted in NYC: The Video (by animalnewyork)

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Sexuality, Biology, And America’s Relationship With The Female Body « CBS Connecticut

Dr. Christine Smith, an associate professor of women and gender studies, as well as psychology and human development, at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, agreed.

“On the one hand, we see a lot of the female body, literally. And yet we are uncomfortable with women’s bodies as they are naturally,” she noted to CBS Connecticut. “Breastfeeding is a great example. We are a culture obsessed with breasts. [Yet] when we have women using breasts for exactly what they’re intended to be used for, they experience discrimination and discomfort from others.”

Is Topless Sunbathing Good for American Tourism?


Is America ready for topless sunbathing beaches? Will it be good for tourism?

August 25th marked the sixth anniversary of Go Topless Day. It’s always held right around Women’s Equality Day, which this year marked the 93rd anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving American women the right to vote.

Celebrations and protests in favor of top-free rights were held around the world, including in over 30 U.S. cities.

Some women feel since American society has sexualized women’s breasts for so many years, it’s going to take much more than an annual celebration/protest to change attitudes allowing topless sunbathing, so why even bother.

Other women point out how liberating it is to be top-free, especially at beaches. And it’s immaterial whether some people in society sexualize breasts or not. Going topless wherever men can be shirtless is a matter of legal equality. And the New York Supreme Court agreed with these women in 1992, making it legal to be topless in New York.

Most people don’t realize, but it used to be illegal for men to be shirtless on U.S. beaches. It was felt that the sight of a man’s bare chest in public was immoral, so women and children had to be protected from those “evil” bare chests.

Guys put up with wearing wool jersey tank tops at beaches. If they dared to show a nipple, they would be arrested. Then during a heat wave in the mid 1930s, hundreds of thousands of men protested by going shirtless and tens of thousands were arrested. Of course, the results were, as most citizens already wanted, judges found it silly to force men to wear tops while swimming.

Fast forward to 2013. Go to any park or beach in Europe on a warm sunny day and you will see lots of topless bikinis. Office workers in Munich go topless sunbathing during lunch hour in Englischer Garten, the largest European city park, which is like New York’s Central Park. In Spain, all beaches and public pools are legally topless. Of course French, Greek and Croatian beaches are famous for their topless and nude sunbathing.

Topless sunbathing is so popular in Europe, it’s also called European sunbathing.

Topless sunbathing is good for business. The British governments Foreign Office reported onlysix percentof their citizens topless sunbathe in England mainly due to weather, but up to25 percentof English women topless sunbathe on vacations. They listed the top countries the English holiday at: Spain, France, and Greece which all allow topless sunbathing and have many nude beaches.

Earlier this year France reported thatabout two milliontourists go there every year to their nudist resorts and nude beaches. If the average nude tourist spent $1,000 on vacation, that’s $2 billion dollars. This doesn’t even include how many more tourists go to France to topless sunbathe. Clothes free sunbathing is big business.

Here in the U.S., an estimated1.3 milliontourists go to Haulover Beach in Miami every year. It’s a legal nude beach and contributed an estimated$933 millionto their local economy in 2010. In 1991, Haulover was a gang and drug infested bathing suit mandatory beach. Since legally becoming a nude beach, it’s now the most popular beach in the Miami area. Andsurveys showthat tourists at Haulover go to Miami for that beach.

It seems every special interest group has land set aside for their use except for topless sunbathers. You have tens of thousands of city, county and state beaches, yet less than 50 allow legal topless or nude sunbathing. Cities and counties subsidize golf courses, tennis courts, hiking, biking and horse trails. There are city baseball, basketball, football and soccer fields. Some cities even own ice skating, bowling and skate board parks and arenas.

Topless sunbathing is good for tourism. By not allowing it, America handcuffs tourism, which is one of our largest industries. If topless sunbathing makes economic sense to Europeans, why not Americans?

The Puritians migrated here in the mid 1600s. Haven’t we matured as a society since then? Why do most politicians still adopt their mantra that nudity of any kind is evil?

Americans want to try topless sunbathing. Last year aHuffington post pollshowed 73.9 percent of respondents favored topless beaches, 8.6 percent were unsure and only 17.5 percent were against them.

Topless sunbathing is a great way to boost your self esteem. Once women see other women comfortably topless sunbathing, they quickly realize that the concept of having “perfect breasts” are just school boy fantasies created by plastic surgeons and Hugh Hefner.

Topless beaches would be easy to create. You just post signs saying, “Beyond this Point you will encounter Topless Sunbathers.” Nude beaches already successfully use this type of signage.

Can American tourism afford not to allow topless sunbathing?

Is Topless Sunbathing Good for American Tourism?



Bathing in Crystal River!! Right before I sat behind a waterfall and rebirthed… amazing quartz EVERYWHERE… the water was so cold, I was screaming and laughing in this picture! ahhh!! Didn’t even know Syrah was snappin’ away, so in my own world, me-yowww!

High on life, love this reality ❤


Worried About Declining Numbers of Young Naturists? Maybe Try Befriending Some


Worried About Declining Numbers of Young Naturists? Maybe Try Befriending Some

One of the things I read time and again on naturist websites, blogs and in magazines is the concern the older generation of naturists has that there are relatively few young people getting into the lifestyle socially, and the fear they have that naturism will “die out” as a result.

The majority of naturists are 40 and over.  Thats perhaps to be expected, as practising naturism socially is something that in reality requires a great deal of personal freedom, financial liberty and willingness to sacrifice other social interests in pursuit of a nude lifestyle – qualities more often found in older people than in younger ones, who are more beholden to families, work, textile friends and financial commitments.

There are plenty of other reasons why more older people than younger people become naturists, though – far too many to explore in one article, and so many diverse ones that it is difficult to provide a definite explanation (if anyone could, it would perhaps be easier to encourage more younger naturists to take it up).

But the overwhelming consensus amongst older naturists writing or being interviewed is that younger people are very much needed and wanted by naturism.

So why is it, then, if young people are so needed, that when young people actually do become involved, the older generation is often lukewarm in their welcome, and appears to much prefer to socialise only with people their own age?

This weekend, my girlfriend and I visited Clover Spa which, if you are unfamiliar or haven’t read any of my older posts, is a naturist spa in the city of Birmingham.  It’s a lovely place and we had a great time relaxing in the garden and soaking in the hot tub without clothes on.  We would always recommend Clover Spa, particularly to couples (of any age).

But this time was different to previous visits we have made.  Previously we’ve gone there with other friends, also 20-somethings.  But this time we made the trip by ourselves, just a couple.  That was kind of the point – we wanted to do more naturist things as a couple rather than always getting together with friends and others.  But it also meant I was a bit more aware of the other spa patrons than if we’d been in a bigger group.

My girlfriend and I were definitely the youngest there.  It was a quiet day at the spa (it started to pick up a little when we left, at around 5:30pm), but there were a few other couples in attendance.  They were all in their 40s and 50s at least.  That didn’t bother us, in fact we’ve come to expect it when visiting naturist places.  The lack of people our own age doesn’t put us of from enjoying nude recreation.

But what I did notice on this occaision was that despite the fact that we were all nude, all couples, all apparently English, a distinct divide seemed to exist between us, and the older couples.  They all interacted with one another, struck up conversations and were friendly, yet with us, we got silence and barely any interaction.  It really seemed as if, as far as they were concerned, we were a different species and they didn’t know what to do with us!

Now, to be fair to them, we weren’t exactly reaching out to them, we weren’t trying to start conversation… but a friendly “hello” or a bit of small-talk about the weather would have been nice!  But as it was, we were left with the feeling that they just didn’t particularly want to socialise with young people.

Perhaps they were put off by our appearances?  My girlfriend has red hair and a couple of facial piercings; I have a few tattoos.  I don’t think it was that though, as one of the couples boasted more tattoos than I have!  I think it was perhaps just that they felt they didn’t know how to talk to us; they wanted conversation about houses, foreign holidays, cars and children, and didn’t think we’d be able to keep up.

Which is probably true, but it’s a shame that despite us all being naturists there to have an enjoyable day out, there had to exist that sense of seperateness.  I don’t put all the responsibility on the older generation, but the fact is, it is their world we young naturists are venturing into.  They need to make us feel welcome, not close ranks and exclude us.

So to any 40+ naturists reading this article, I would say this: reach out to the young people already interested in naturism, as well as just pursuing a hypothetical youth demographic.  Young naturists are as diverse as any older naturists – we aren’t all hard-drinking tattooed ‘n’ pierced sexual deviants there to lower the tone of your club and break something.

We’re just you, but a few years before.

So say hello.  Be friendly.  Try to strike up a conversation.  Don’t just sit around chatting to your own age group.

Then maybe you’ll find that instead of older naturists and younger naturists, we’ll all just be naturists.

Worried About Declining Numbers of Young Naturists? Maybe Try Befriending Some

Lena Dunham says getting naked on TV is part of her ‘contribution to the world’

Lena Dunham, the oft-nude star and creator of HBO’s insufferable, overrated series “Girls” about a group of insufferable girls living in Brooklyn, says that getting naked on television is part of her contributionimage to the world.

In an interview for the September issue of Marie Claire UK, Dunham talked about her frequent onscreen nudity.

“I don’t think I’d be able to do that if I didn’t think it was essentially important in my contribution to the world,” she said. “I don’t think I’d be able to do this and put myself in all these situations on camera that are kind of humiliating and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to sit there doggy-style for ten hours while they shoot or whatever. It’s not sexy or glamorous.”Dunham explained that she doesn’t mind doing nudie scenes because she has very high self-esteem.

“My parents both have really healthyimage attitudes about their own bodies but also about the range of things that can be beautiful. But they also just always made me feel pretty and cool and smart, even in the moments when I have known – and still know – that my body wasn’t fitting into a traditional Hollywood idea of the female body,” Dunham said.

“This could very easily be taken out of context, and I think it’s funny now, but I remember looking in the mirror as a kidimage and it would be like for an hour at a time, and I’d be like: ‘I’m just so beautiful. Everybody is so lucky that they get to look at me.’ And of course that changes as you get older, but I may have held on to that little-kid feeling that was me alone in my bathroom.”

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Lena Dunham says getting naked on TV is part of her ‘contribution to the world’