“Screw the Beauty Standards Created by Marketing Teams:” An Interview with Body-Image Thought Leader Kristen Tsetsi –

What I believe we can do as a community of women is stop competing with each other. Stop believing it’s our “lot in life” to hate our thighs, our shoulders, our arms, our belly pouches, or any other body part we can find to hate (and I think we’ve targeted them all, collectively). If a woman is happy with how she looks, whether she’s traditionally “beautiful” or “unattractive” and whether she weighs 120 or 250, just let her be happy. Instead of thinking, “How come you’re so happy with how you look? You’re not all that,” think anything else. Anything else at all. Why do you care what she looks like? Why should it bother you that’s she’s not insecure about her features? If you’re insecure, work on yourself instead of tearing her down.”

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