Of the billions of creatures to walk the Earth, humans are the only ones to create clothing (external protection) . Sure, the hermit crab may find a home in a shell, but they did not create it. It is their habit.

All humans are nudists by habit and nature. It is not in our nature to create clothing while living in our natural habitat. Look at National Geographic for additional evidence.

If our global scale is a constant, how many of the billions of Earth-like planets (in this galaxy alone) will have a sentient race of beings that will be as clothing inclined as we?

Be naked. Travel far.

Text by me.

Photo from:


Angela de la Agua

The Daily Trail, September 23rd-29th


Angela de la Agua is a real favourite of mine – an artist merging two of my loves – nudity and land art. And even ‘process’ without turning it into a pile of wank.

Photo retrieved from

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