Designate nudity zone – Letters to the Editor –

Designate nudity zone

Re the Jan. 14 article Nude or lewd? Key West looks over laws for Fantasy Fest: While the Florida Naturist Association supports public nudity in a place set aside and designated for that purpose, we do not support people extending that activity into the public square for the purpose of “shock and awe” fueled by alcohol.

In the 1990s we participated in a dialogue that Key West held on the issue and we recommended the “Zone Principle” and, for guidance, submitted a copy of an ordinance that the city of Largo had adopted on the nudity issue. We don’t need another law on public nudity; there are sufficient laws on the books and there are court decisions that define those laws. The issue is always behavior.

It is each citizen’s responsibility to speak up when offended by nudity in an area outside the zone or the restaurant owner within the zone.

What Key West needs is to hire a group of ambassadors, properly trained and attired to inform visitors when they are behaving or attired inappropriately.

An unpainted female nipple isn’t going to destroy the island and it may reverse the downward trend into irrelevance. Don’t impose a police-state atmosphere on Fantasy Fest because a few don’t know how to behave in public.

Richard Mason, president, South Florida Free Beaches/Florida Naturist Association, Miami

Designate nudity zone – Letters to the Editor –

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