Nudity activists plan protest on anniversary of city ban 

SF Examiner  by Jwaaix Kwong  1/31/2014 

Gypsy Taub, who last month got married in the nude on the steps of City Hall, has organized a protest against San Francisco’s nudity ban on the one-year anniversary of its implementation Saturday.

The rally and “body freedom parade” will start noon at Jane Warner Plaza, or, in the event of rain, at the Center for Sex and Culture.

“We have come a long way in this past year,” Taub wrote on her website My Naked Truth TV. “The power brokers are starting to realize that we are not going to give up our rights to body freedom.”

A year ago, Taub and three other nudity activists were arrested soon after their unclothed protest to the ban, she wrote in her online entry posted two weeks ago. She said she applied for parade permits seven times and the latest one was denied Tuesday.

Taub sees the fact that police on Dec. 19 allowed her and Jaymz Smith to take their vows and even dance naked as a “change in attitude … the direct result of citywide and international publicity that our movement has generated since the fall of 2013.”

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