Walking Naked (final to date February 14) from brandon beacon hill on Vimeo.

My current video work is titled, Walking Naked. To be naked liberates one from attachment and the restriction clothes add to one’s body. Also, by being naked exposes one’s body, putting that person in a vulnerable state, the only one within the environment stripped down to their basic form. Clothes signify different meanings, shapes and interpretations; labeling a person, they’re identity, their class, race, style, etc. I want my video to signify the absence of those apparent meanings while traveling within various landscapes (global territories) throughout the world. Also, within this work I aim to challenge the limits between the public and private body and by removing my clothes this boundary or restriction that we are told (by law and social stigma) we should not cross becomes visible. In the work it is evident and understood that the line has been crossed and the barrier/boundary is broken.
Brandon Beacon Hill
Koh Lanta, Thailand
April 4, 2013

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