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Truth or Bare – Or Both!
Welcome to today’s post and thank you readers for your continued interest in this site! It’s a rather gloomy weekend with rain and cooler temperatures! Why is it that during the week, when I must work to pay the bills, we have gorgeous, sunny, Spring days? However, when the weekend arrives, it is chilly and overcast! Grrrrr! I think we are going to have a wet Spring! Murphy’s Law I suppose! Oh well, the temperatures are improving (inside & out) – so I am moving about freely doing my morning routine with no clothes, enjoying naked coffee, and writing to my readers!

Recently, I had a birthday! Thankfully, nobody bought me clothes! Ha! What a waste of money! My birthdays are always spent with good friends; I receive a mix of funny & thoughtful cards; there’s usually cake involved; and, usually a celebration meal with friends and a wee bit of wine-induced debauchery! But, seriously, I find myself a very happy (and naked) “middle age’r” these days. I am blessed with good friends (several nudists) and family. I am gainfully employed and I have enough money to do the things I want and still pay the bills – on time! I am blessed and fortunate.

Another birthday is fast approaching – the one year mark for this blog! In my first post (not knowing if anybody would ever read or take seriously my thoughts), I wrote the following: “I have hated wearing clothes since I can remember. I don’t really know how my family feels about nudity or social nudity – I have never asked or discussed it with them. I can remember when I was on my own at home, I treasured my nude time alone without the confines of clothes.”

A lot can change in a year and for the positive! I still love being naked and out of the confines of my clothes. By blogging, I shared the fact that I am a nudist with my friends and family (who still accept and love me unconditionally, while supporting my choice of a clothesfree life) and moreover feel that I am doing my part to promote the nudist lifestyle. Recently, a nudist friend and I exchanged e-mails. He (Jeff) wrote: “You and I share something special, so I try and do all I can to promote our lifestyle too.” It occurred to me, “the bare truth,” that people are reading my blog, it is making a difference, and I (we!) are NOT alone in promoting and educating readers and people in general about social nudism. BTW, thanks Jeff for your constant support personally, by promoting my blog, and doing your part as well to help educate people.

Another interesting “bare truth” came to me last week while I was chatting with a new, nudist acquaintance in the Nudist Room on iSpQ. The nudist lives in Germany and expressed that while most of Germany loves nudism, most people don’t talk about it. If my new friend is reading the blog today – welcome! Glad to have you aboard. I was a little surprised, because European countries seem to be so much further ahead in the social nudist movement than most places. So many people, don’t talk about nakedness or only in very hushed tones! But, I will. It’s so funny, we come into the world naked and then we QUICKLY get dressed! And for the most part, people stay dressed / covered until the inevitable, mortality, catches up with them. But why (I seem to search for answers to a lot of the “why” questions when discussing / pondering / promoting social nudism)? Why get dressed?

Part of it is because we are still uncomfortable and not at ease with our naked bodies or those of others. As I have said in other posts, we put so many unnecessary “shields and barriers” between our naked bodies and the outside world. We tattoo them, we pierce them, place fancy (and expensive) garments on them, shave / groom them, etc. – but to be naked as the day we were born – well we AVOID that at all costs! In addition to these things being unnecessary, many are EXPENSIVE!

The idea that the body is perverse and needs to be regulated is a perversion of our own mind and reflection of our own suffering! Historically speaking, clothing is a modern invention, and something most of us despite coming into the world nude, have developed an attachment to, so much that most people are terrified to bare all socially or in public. Thinking about birthdays and anniversaries, I am reminded of the first time that I socialized with fellow nudists, went to a public nude beach, and as recently begun to socialize nude with my textile friends. Each experience, for me personally, shared a common thread: The second that I dropped my clothes – I instantly accepted my body for what it is – JUST my body! Insecurities about my body shape, penis, etc. vanished there and then (never to return) and have NEVER been embarrassed or ashamed since! We all like to look our “best,” but why not our naked best?

So, as I embrace being a “middle age’r” (although some say middle age is some obscure number such as 53 – which would mean I have a decade or so to go to “middle age” – woo hoo!), my only regret, is not realizing sooner what a positive role social nudism and the nudist lifestyle would play in my life! Every day, doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, insurance agents, etc. let it all “hang out” in the name of nudism and “body confidence.” I believe nudism is socialism in its purest form! Only by shedding shields / barriers and the “bling” of the crazy world, can we be free from judging one another! In the buff, we’re all equal! Truth or Bare! Or, Bare and Share! In the nude, life IS good! It’s the bare truth!

Speaking of bare truth or the truth of one’s “bareness,” I always welcome followers who might be interested in “guest blogging” regarding their own “bare truths,” views on social nudism, the lifestyle, a trip report, etc. If you are interested, please drop me a line at OutgoingNudist@gmail.com Reader submissions and pictures welcome! Have a great week!

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