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Sometimes the best comedy prop is the human body

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The image of a naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus and a clown locked in a lust-filled embrace has been getting lots of attention, which is unsurprising considering it’s the image of a naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus and a clown locked in a lust-filled embrace.

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The photo, which is part of a GQ magazine spread in their new “15 Funniest People Alive” issue, is just one in a series that tells the story of the Veep star meeting a clown, their night together, the morning after and the clown-baby who results. But, while the actress doesn’t play the sex scene for overt laughs, she’s the latest example of what’s a trend worth noting: funny-naked ladies.

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Funny-naked dudes aren’t really that surprising. Jason Segel’s revelation that a naked breakup scene would be hilarious — the idea that led to 2008′s Forgetting Sarah Marshall — is mostly worth noting for the fact that he got away with full-frontal male nudity, not for the fact that he thought being naked in the scene would be funny. It was also a given that Segel would get to be the romantic lead of the movie, even though he invited audiences to laugh at his body earlier on.

Funny women have recently made inroads into joining Segel in being naked more — and, in doing so, lessening one particular type of inequality within comedy.

Lena Dunham’s Girls nudity is the most obvious example of funny-naked; as she told a journalist in January, it’s meant not to titillate but to mirror real life — and, as she showed during a Saturday Night Live appearance in March, she has a sense of humor about her own body. And speaking of SNL, the phenomenon was also on display in a nearly-nude photo spread for the May issue of Cosmopolitan, featuring the female cast-members making fun of the stereotypical “sexy slumber party” concept.

The reaction to the Cosmo shoot wasn’t all positive; to, for example, the photos seemed like a reminder that being funny isn’t enough, that a woman has to be sexy to be worth the media’s time. That’s a fair point overall — but, in this particular case, the very idea that a woman can use her body and her sexuality for humorous purposes and get away with it is something to highlight.

As Linda Mizejewski points out in her new book Pretty/Funny: Women Comedians and Body Politics, which came out in March, women in mainstream comedy have long had to choose between being one or the other. Pretty women could be naked so that they could be looked upon. Funny women, meanwhile, kept their clothes on so nobody had to think about their bodies. Though the naked female body could be gross when it wasn’t desirable, that grossness was dirty and taboo, not funny; Mizejewski gives the example of Sarah Silverman’s recollection of what she was permitted to say on The Sarah Silverman Program: words for male genitalia were totally fine for jokes, while anatomical terms for women’s bodies were flagged by censors.

If you don’t believe it, ask Julia Louis-Dreyfus herself — or, rather, Elaine Benes. In the Seinfeld episode “The Apology,” Jerry’s new girlfriend Melissa walks around the apartment naked; at first he finds it titillating, but then he realizes that there’s “good naked” and “bad naked.”

It’s actually a pretty good early example of mainstream female funny-naked (the episode’s from 1997) but the characters on the show feel otherwise: Jerry is disturbed by the idea that Melissa, whom he likes to see naked only when she’s doing sexy things, might do other things with her body; Elaine discusses how the female body is “a work of art” while the male body is lumpy.

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Now, in GQ, Louis-Dreyfus is demonstrating that that distinction is false, as Dunham and the women of SNL have shown. It’s possible for a woman to clearly traffic in mainstream sexiness — the actress’ pose leaves no doubt about that, and her body is conventionally pretty rather than funny — while still having a sense of humor. Today, there’s less of a distinction between which gender’s bodies get to be funny or pretty or sexy or gross or works of art; one of the realities that the nudity in Girls captures is that most human bodies don’t fall into just one of those categories. Just like Segel in Sarah Marshall, these funny-naked women invite viewers to laugh with them while they’re naked, and still to find them both desirable and funny. Segel will continue to spread that gospel this summer, but this time with a woman at his side: in interviews about their upcoming movie Sex Tape, Cameron Diaz has said that her role required lots of simulated nudity — at the same time that they were, in an apt turn of phrase, “laughing our asses off.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I attended New York’s branch of Naked Girls Reading, a monthly literary event during which there are, yup, naked women reading. The event started in Chicago five years ago, and now has branches in over 20 cities. Most NGR readings feature a theme, such as Science Fiction, Spies, or Smut. Next month’s “Cake vs. Death” theme will pit the two topics against each other, with one eventually crowned the winner. (Previous sparring topics have included Pirates vs. Ninjas and Art vs. Commerce). This night’s theme was “Smorgasbord,” meaning anything goes, with Gal Friday, Creamy Stevens, and Sapphire Jones—all burlesque performers—picking their personal favorites. About 40 people, an even mix of men and women, many on dates, had shelled out the $25 admission fee (it’s $40 for two people). Related: The 10 Best Erotic Novels to Read Now The four readers entered the bare bones Under St. Marks theater stage wearing robes, which they quickly doffed before sitting down and crossing their legs. Then the readings began, courtesy of host Nasty Canasta, a local orange-haired burlesque star who was asked by NGR founders, Michelle L’Amour and Franky Vivid, to head up the New York branch. Over the course of the night, we heard Woody Allen’s standup routine “The Lost Generation,” Lorrie Moore’s short story “How to Become a Writer,” portions of How to Eat Like a Child by Delia Ephron, Fahrenheit 451, A Clockwork Orange, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and, the most provocative piece, a selection from Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Once I got used to the fact that there was a quartet of naked women in front of me, that element actually became less prominent. Nobody was flaunting their birthday suits or preening; it was almost a wholesome kind of nudity. The words took center stage and I found myself focused on what I was hearing far more than what I was seeing. That’s not to say I forgot that the women were nude; when Nasty Canasta closed out the night by reading about “nymphettes” from Lolita , I found it jarring. The nudity combined with her familiarity with the text threw me. Of the choice, Nasty Canasta said, “I’m very conscious that Lolita in particular is a problematic work for many people because of the nature of the story, but I really just wanted to share a piece of writing that I love.” It did what a good reading should—made me both want to read the original and, thanks to her cadence, also imbued the words with personal meaning I may not have noticed myself. (via Naked Reading Events – Naked Girl Readings – Elle)

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My Journey In Naturism, My Journey within Myself-Chapter Two
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In last week’s chapter “The Awakening” I wrote about how I got interested in nude recreation and the first steps. In this week’s chapter, I write about my further adventures in naturism.

Chapter Two: Self-Expression

My nude activities were relegated to an uncomfortable drive to Black’s Beach (with no car radio) when I had the time. The drive there was long and the drive back was even longer. Plus there was no amenities at Black’s Beach, i.e. restrooms, snack bars, or other conveniences. If you had to take a wiz the ocean or the cliffs were your only bet. Also I had an incident where a pervert hit on me (it happens to men too). The problem with nude beaches is they are open to anyone and everyone.

Keep in mind also that I was still living at home at the time and my nude activities were on the down low. I came from a very conservative family and I could have gotten into big trouble for my “hobby.” I had a job and a car so I could afford the gas and etc. for my trips. But I was looking for a better place to be nude.

It was at this time that I became a card carrying naturist, I joined the Naturist Society. I was glad that they sent me their magazine packaged in plain wrapping. I started to look for a landed nudist/naturist club I could join. Most nudist clubs were out in the boonies and in the rural part of San Bernardino County. Plus most nudist clubs banned single males in those days. Glen Eden only allowed couples and females. There was only ONE nudist club in Los Angeles County, Elysium Fields. Elysium Fields was located in Topanga Canyon and was about 60 minutes away. Still a long drive. But it allowed single males and was clothing optional, not nude mandatory like the others. So I got up the courage and called them for an appointment.

I cannot recall when I visited Elysium Fields for the first time. All I remember is that it was warm and shortly after Elysium’s founder Ed Lange died. The drive there required me to drive on the freeway then drive on a winding road through the canyons of Topanga. I over planned and got there too early before my appointment, so I drove around, killing time, and then came back to Elysium Fields.

It wasn’t what I expected. Elysium Fields was very small. It had a brown main house which led on to a big lawn, across from the lawn there was a small clubhouse with a swimming pool. Nearby was a sauna, restrooms, and showers. Up above, on a hill overlooking everything, was a large Jacuzzi surrounded by trees.

I checked in and made my 1st faux pas, I told the receptionist that I was a member of the “Naturalist Society” instead of the “Naturist Society.” The young woman with red hair and a nose ring excused my mistake. The reception area also had a small naturist store with naturist books, video tapes, and magazines for sale.

I waited outside in the nearby patio. The place was empty, it was the middle of the week in the late morning. Three other people came for the tour as well. A older gentleman and a woman near my age. At the appointed time, “Betty” one of the directors of Elysium Fields came over to give us the tour. The tour is what you’d think it would be, “here is the restrooms” and “here is the pool.” But in hindsight it was one of the friendliest/nicest tours of a nude recreation facility I’ve ever had. Since Elysium Fields, most nudist/naturist resort tours I’ve been in are conducted more like an interrogation. Intentions scrutinized. Rules were heavy handed and I was even told at one nudist club “we’ll be watching you.” But not at Elysium Fields. Of course rules were discussed, but I don’t recall being hit over the head with them. Plus the clientele were the remnants of the 60s counterculture. After the tour, we were told that we could spend the rest of the day here and visit a few times more before we were required to become members.

The older man left and just me and the female remained. I went to the shower room and removed my clothing.

What to do first?? Swim? Get a tan? The sauna? The sauna was the first place I’d try, I never been in a sauna before. I entered the sauna and the female I was on the tour with was already there. She was in her twenties and had done some nude modeling and that’s how she got interested in nude recreation. We talked for a while and then went to the pool to cool off.

It was a strange sensation. I’d only had experience with being naked for a few hours, but now could be nude all day. I was nude so long that day I’d forgot I was naked. It was normal as normal could be. One of the oddest experiences, odd is not the word, more surreal. I was in the reception area/store when the UPS man pulled up and came in to deliver some packages. It was surreal to be naked in front of someone you wouldn’t expect to be nude in front of. The UPS driver did his best not to look at me but had an uncomfortable grin. I Inquired about membership. There was a flat yearly fee and a gate fee per visit of $11per visit.

As I left, I made up my mind to become a member. I visited a few times more, and when I saved enough money, I became a member of Elysium Fields.


I saw her shortly after a few visits after becoming a member. Kate (not her real name but an alias I just made up) was sitting on a patio chair near the pool. She was blonde and beautiful, naturally beautiful, the kind of beauty that didn’t need makeup. She was tan from head to toe and had a tattoo on her left hip. There wasn’t many people my age at Elysium Fields.

I sat down next to her an started a conversation. I was surprised by how friendly she was. She was a masseuse at Elysium Fields and had lived there for a while before moving elsewhere. Kate wanted to become a doctor. She had a boyfriend who was also a member.

You’d think talking with an attractive nude woman would be erotic or sexual. But it wasn’t. Kate was so sweet and beautiful that I didn’t even notice her nudity. Her nudity was just part of her. Plus when you talk to someone, you look at their eyes.

We talked for while, but then she had to give someone a massage. But I saw her almost every time I was at Elysium Fields.

I started to notice something about me. There was something changing inside me.

I remember going to work, and huddled in the warehouse was a circle of guys. They were hooting and howling about something. When I got closer, one of of my co-workers was showing a Playboy magazine to the others. He showed me the picture, I kinda shrugged my shoulders. He probably thought I was gay. Normally, a young man my age would be salivating at nude women, but not me. I had transcended to a different state of consciousness, a more real state.

My nudity up to this point was like model airplane building, volleyball, or stamp collecting. It was an activity. A hobby. Something you do. Now my nudity had become part of my life, a way of living, a way of thinking.

At about this time, tattoos and body piercings were in vogue for people of my age. All the rage. I remember Kate’s tattoo. So one day I got a tattoo too on my left thigh. Then I got one of my nipples pierced. And later I got an ampallang piercing through the head of my penis.

Why would anyone get such a piercing? Many of you think the reason why people get genital piercings is sexual. Sex was not even in my mind when I got pierced. I wanted to express myself. My tattoos, body piercings, and even my nudity were a form of self-expression. There was something empowering about making choices on how to adorn MY own body. I could not express myself to my family, co-workers, or friends. My body became the way I expressed myself.

It used to be a big no no to have tattoos, piercings, or shaved genitals at nudist clubs. You could get kicked out. One day I was at Elysium, when two of the managers cornered me in the office. They said they had some concerns about my piercing. They said it was against Elysium policy to have genital piercings, and if I didn’t remove it, I’d be asked to leave. When I asked why, they made some half-assed excuse as to children might see it. They then asked me why someone would do that? I didn’t have a reason. I never thought of a reason. I never thought about my dick piercing in an intellectual argument. It was something I thought of and did it one night. I remember just saying something like “that’s what my generation does.” The meeting ended, I don’t remember how. I went out in a huff and later told Kate what had happened. She told me to cover up next time I walk near the office. Kate was right. They never bothered me again and no one complained.

Elysium Fields had a volunteer program where if you agreed to help out at Elysium you didn’t have to pay a gate fee. I signed up. The duties included helping out at events and parties.

I was laying on the lawn trying to get a tan one day, when Kate came over an gave me a flyer for the yearly Halloween party and asked me if I was going. I don’t remember if I said “yes” or “no.” As I left for the day, I was walking to my car when I passed by Kate. She was in charge of setting this party up and asked me to help her. Without hesitation I said yes.

On Saturday, the morning of the party, I arrived at Elysium to help get ready for the party. Kate wasn’t feeling well, she had a fever the night before, and wasn’t her normal cheery self. I helped setup tables, chairs, and other stuff for the party. I kept my clothes on because it was kinda cold in the morning. As the day progressed, Kate felt better and returned to her usual self.

Halloween at a nudist club is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Imagine a naked cowboy, or a green woman head to toe, or a naked astronaut. It was wild, wild in the way people have freedom to express themselves without society’s judgement or scorn. I didn’t dress up but was nude for most of the night until it got too cold to be nude. Kate was dressed as a princess in pink and her tan bare feet were the only part of her that was nude. The evening progressed and near 10pm I decided to leave. The drive meant getting home near 12am. As I was leaving, Kate wished me goodbye and gave me a kiss. That’s the last time I saw her.

Soon I got a job as a manager that ate away my free time. I went back to Elysium maybe a few more times, never seeing Kate.

After a while I stopped being an active naturist, school and work left little time. My membership in the Naturist Society lapsed. Soon the body piercings were removed, too uncomfortable and didn’t mean the same anymore. And few years later, Elysium Fields was sold and closed forever.

Twenty plus years ago it was like a dream, an idyllic time. I was able to truly express myself. I look back at those days with wonder. I wonder what became of Kate.

The “Naked” Truth… About Kids and Nudity 

by Jessica on Apr 24, 2014 in Child Behavior, Parenting Wisdom


I hate clothes. Well, that’s not entirely true. I love cute dresses, brightly colored pants and dolman sleeve tops. I should say I hate wearing clothes. I grew up in a naked house. No, my parents weren’t nudists, but when we were young kids (or with family members of the same gender), it wasn’t uncommon for one or more of us to be nude. I grew up here in Jacksonville, and it seemed as though I was always hot, especially in the summertime. I remember waking up sweaty and never cooling down during the day. I was never as comfortable as when I was unclothed laying under a ceiling fan. As an adult, nothing much has changed. In the privacy of my own home, I don’t like to have layers and layers of clothes on, heating me up. I’m comfortable in my skin, and honestly, just my skin. And it just so happens I married a naked person, so all is well in my naked world. But I slowly realized that not everyone was as naked as me. Explaining my view on nudity to a non-nudity loving person is similar to trying to explain to a cat lover why dogs are better. It’s nearly impossible. Then throw in the curve-ball of two young children, running around the house, naked (gasp!) and you have yourself a bone fide “hot button issue.” (Or in my case, a sweaty one.)

I don’t feel as though my nakedness and my children’s nakedness is inappropriate, nor is it sexual in any way. I am in the privacy of my own home, with my kids. Clothes are restricting, and sometimes things are just easier for a toddler to do without a shirt, such as playing with a water table or finger painting. Pants sometimes are a hindrance as well. I know many a mom who successfully potty trained their son or daughter using the pants-less method. To end this debate once and for all, I asked my neighbor (and Mental Health Counselor) Deborah Anthony for her professional option on the topic of family nudity. I asked her simply, “Is it ok to be nude around my children and to allow them to be nude around each other?” Her response: The question of nudity and its appropriateness is primarily a cultural question. There is nothing inherently wrong or sexual about nudity but living in a society where we are bombarded with sexualized images of the human body and where clothing is the norm, there are some guidelines we can follow that fit in with mainstream American culture. If you, the parent, are uncomfortable with nudity, it would be inappropriate to walk around naked in front of your child in an effort to be a “good parent.” Instead, the child would sense your discomfort and might see his or her own body as something shameful. For parents who show a high level of comfort with nudity, here are some things to consider: Developmental stage: Most children between 5-7 develop some modesty. This is part of social development and has to do with them beginning to notice societal norms. Respect their modesty in making decisions about your or their nakedness. Between 7-9, pre-puberty begins. As a general guideline, opposite sex nudity would become more sexually charged for some due to exposure to media and peers. By the onset of puberty, opposite sex nudity is usually quite uncomfortable for the child and parent and usually ceases on its own.

Sex of the parent/sibling: If the parent and child are both comfortable in their nudity with each other, there is no harm in being nude in front of one another. This goes for both sexually healthy heterosexual and homosexual parents/kids. Sexual abuse: If there is a history of sexual abuse in the family, modesty will generally happen at an earlier age as the discomfort with the human body can become higher.
There are many exceptions to the above and certainly every family is different. The rule of thumb is, if it is making anyone uncomfortable, respect his or her right to privacy. I feel even more liberated now that I have heard Deborah’s insight. Hopefully my children will be as comfortable in their naked skin as I am in mine. Now if I could just get my five year old daughter to understand why she has to wear a shirt outside the house…. Many thanks to Deborah Anthony for providing her professional insight to this topic. She is a fellow mom with two children, ages 13 and 5. Mrs. Anthony is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with an office in Ponte Vedra. She specializes in working with families and relationships.

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“There is only one honest impulse at the bottom of Puritanism, and that is the impulse to punish the man with a superior capacity for happiness.”
—H.L. Mencken Mencken is onto something here, we think. The sun is free. The sand on the beach is free. The waves in the sea are free. Perhaps governments feel the need to legislate against naturism, and the sense of freedom and fun it provides, simply because they can’t see anyone being happy, and can’t tax anything that are core parts of naturism. If they could tax it, they’d have a more benign view of naturism. “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”
—Genesis 2:25 Indeed. We’re all born naked. Adam and Eve were created naked. And there was no shame in it. There still isn’t. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
—Albert Einstein Throughout its history, naturism has met with strong (and even sometimes violent) opposition because the great spirits who forged the naturist way had to be challenged by the mediocrity of those in power, the politicians, the churches and the media, for whom a full sense of total freedom might be the instigation of more radical opposition to their need to maintain control over the masses. If you’ve got any suitable quotes, contemporary or historical, that reflect the state of global naturism as it is right now, let us know and we’ll print them…and even try to take some photos that will reflect them. (via SLN 11 : Naked quotes (and our thoughts) | the sl naturist)

I AM A NUDIST | Nu Pacifique and Nudist Stories


How A Family Became Nudist!
(Summer, 2009) My family became nudist last summer. We built a pool three years ago and at night I would take off my suit and swim nude. I loved it. One of my boys came to ask something. He never asked, instead he shouted “Mom you aren’t wearing anything.”
We talk about skinny dipping that night. I asked if he was embarrassed. He said no. This became a nightly ritual; I didn’t put my suit on before going out to the pool.
On day while sunning by the pool, I got hot and dove in with my suit on. After a minute, I took my suit off and got out of the pool nude. I was nude all day. I went in to cook dinner I never got dressed. My husband (Jim) and boys (Brian and JT) were shocked to see me cooking naked. I started going nude all the time.
The next day, I laid by the pool, nude. My husband worked most of the day in the yard. He showered off and came out wearing only a towel. He sat and we talked about my “show” last night. He asked if I would have ******** and gone nude, I told him I never wanted to wear a bathing suit again in our pool. We grilled and ate by the pool that day.
The next weekend, I got home from work and took off my clothes and went straight to the pool. Brian came out to swim; he asked if I was going to put a suit on. I told him I was going to be nude in our pool from now on. I asked him if that was OK with him. He said I was weird. I told him Dad and I have decided that we are not wearing suits anymore but he still could. He swam for awhile. He got out and went to the patio door undressed and wrapped a towed around himself and went inside (they must be dry to go inside- dad’s rule). He later came back out and put on the wet bathing suit. I got out of the pool and dried off and asked what he wanted for dinner, he said hamburgers. Jim asked about dinner and I told Hamburgers. He started the grill and I went inside to get hamburgers. When I came out I saw a soggy suit next to the pool. Brian was in the pool and not wearing a suit.
When the hamburgers were ready I opened the door and yelled to JT dinners ready. He came out and saw all of us naked and said “guess you are all nudist now”. We ate dinner and talked about wearing clothes and why our pool now was clothing optional. He was OK as long as he didn’t have to participate.
At home clothes were a thing of the past. Nude was now the way I was unless we had visitors. When they did come by I would put on a swim cover-up. I was nude when possible, clothed when practical.
I talk to Jim about going away to a nudist resort; he said no way. I eventually convinced him to go. So our first time was at Caliente in Land O Lakes, Florida. We loved it. What a place we had the best time. Our trip was perfect. We rented a condo and were nude for seven days straight. Late one night, I even went to McDonald’s nude; I just wrapped a towel around me.
Driving home we talked about bringing the boys back with us, JT didn’t have any interest in being nude other than in the shower. Brian would swim nude but get dressed afterwards. So maybe this was too much to ask of them.
We told Brian and JT about our trip and asked if they would be interested. Brian said, “Sounds great, when can we go?”
JT said, “No way”
JT is twelve and Brian is ten. I could understand JT not wanting any part of this. Although comfortable with us not wearing clothes at home, he wasn’t ready to be nude or at a place where others are nude.
We had trip to Disney planned for July and thought maybe we would swing by a nudist resort for a day. Brian went online and looked up nudist resorts around Disney. He found Cypress Cove. Brian started sleeping nude, and sometimes just lounging around nude.
One night JT went swimming by himself. He dove in and swam to the other side of the pool. I watched him out of the window. He swam and played until Brian came and jumped in. they played and swam for about an hour. I watched the whole time and JT didn’t get out. The next morning I went to clean the pool and in the bottom of the deep end was JT’s bathing suit.
I was outside sitting by the pool, now my tan is nice and even. I was getting darker every day. JT came and sat by me, and asked if we went to Disney would he have to go nude if we went to Cypress Cove. I told him he could dress or undress as he wanted no one would force him to be nude. He told me about swimming nude at night and how much he had liked not wearing a suit. I told him that is how I started and his dad still will wear a suit sometimes. He wanted to know if there would be kids his age at the resort. I told him I think so. He went back inside and Brian came out with a towel wrapped around him. I asked Brian if he left his suit in the bottom of the pool. He said it was JT’s because he never swims with one.
After talking to JT, I asked if there was somewhere he wanted to go while we were at Disney. He said no and asked where we would be staying. I told him we would stay at Disney. He told me Brian wants to stay at “the nudist place.” I asked him what he thought. He just said, “I don’t care as long as I don’t have to be nude.”
I talked to Jim; he couldn’t believe JT would be open to the idea. We made reservation at Cypress Cove.
On the drive down the boys watched a movie with their headphones. I told Jim I was happy we were going to Cypress Cove with the boys. Jim told me he made reservations at a hotel: just-in-case JT freaks out. JT told me,” I didn’t know you wanted to go with us here so bad.” I told him I want to be a full-time nudist with my family but, I’m not going to force this on you. We can go stay at a hotel. He said he was “OK” with this.
We arrived at Cypress Cove on Friday, around noon. I was undressed a soon as we cleared the gate.
Brian shouted, “I see naked people.”
JT said, “And they are all old.”
“Yes” Jim said,
We found our condo and it overlooked the pool. Jim and the boys unloaded the car. JT went into the bathroom and locked the door. Brian stared out the window and watched all the other kids playing. JT open the door and stepped out nude and said, “I’m a nudist now.”
We grabbed our towels, sunscreen and my book and headed for the pool. JT wrapped in the towel and followed close behind. We found four chairs, I sat and looked around and the boys were gone. They surfaced on the other side of the pool. They played with some younger kids. We were all enjoying our nudist vacation.
We got up and asked the boys what they wanted to do today. They were ready for Disney. We got dressed and drove to Disney. I wore a Cypress Cove t-shirt and shorts no underwear. Jim wore the same. After two hours at Epcot, JT said lets go back and swim. Brian wanted to do one more ride, so after that we headed back to “The Cove” as the boy called it.
We were back at “The Cove” by two o clock. This time JT was nude before we were in the gate. Brian soon followed his brother by taking off his clothes. Brian said he never wanted to wear clothes again. We spent the rest of Saturday by the pool. The boys meet other kids their age and we would see them only for a brief moment. JT complained about how white he was compared to me. I told him he would darken up by the end of the week.
Sunday I got the boys up and we cook breakfast in our condo. The boys asked if we were going back to Disney. I asked if they wanted to go Brian said no and JT said he didn’t care. I talked to them and asked them if we didn’t go could they find fun things to do here. JT said, “I’m happy here, it is too hot and too many people at Disney.”
JT and Brian were in the pool all day. I sat and watched them play. It was like JT and Brian were best friends. No typical older-younger brother rivalry. JT came and sat by me. And I said your tan is darker today then yesterday. He smiled. A twelve year girl walked by and smiled at him. I have a feeling JT will be a life-long nudist now.
We talked for a while he wanted to know if he could text his friends. I told him OK, but they might think it is weird. Some I told him might make fun of him. He decided to wait to tell them later. I went inside to get a drink. When I came back JT was talking to that girl that smiled at him. She told him she has grown up as a nudist since she was a baby. Her mom and dad live in a community called Paradise Valley in North Georgia. He asked her if her friends at school know she said “of course.” Brian told me later he saw them hold hands. The girl went home the next day. She text JT all the way home.
With the money we saved by not going to Disney we bought a hot tub and a pool heater.
On the way home the boys slept. Jim and I talked about being full-time nudist. Jim wasn’t as excited about telling people or hosting parties. I love being nude and told him no more clothes to be worn around the house. He agreed, but I sensed discomfort in my idea.
When we got home and the boys unloaded the car, went to their rooms and went to bed. Jim and I stayed up and went thru the mail.

We are now full-time nudist
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So last Saturday I realized I’m a nudist. My wife and I have spent some time nude around the house, but not often and never really thought much of it. We have only been together a couple years and have never discussed it before. The weather is finally warming up here after a long, cold winter and I had a bunch of housework to do while my wife did school work. I opened the windows, stripped down and started sweeping and mopping the house. I eventually made it upstairs where my wife was working and she had a giggle, but thought is was cool. It felt so good to do simple housework nude with the warm fresh air blowing through the house! I didn’t want to put my clothes back on 🙂
I eventually had to suit up for a trip to the store, but after dinner my wife suggested getting naked and watching some TV together. We sat for hours on the couch just cuddling together naked. At one point she suggested we take a trip to a nudist resort somewhere! I had to get online to learn what places we could go, as I wasn’t at all familiar with it. It feels so good to share this with her, but it’s going to take some time for her to warm up to the idea. I suggested a Bare Necessities cruise, but she’s not sure if she’s ready for that yet.
Looking back, I think this is something I’ve been subconsciously suppressing for a long time. I have always enjoyed being nude and would strip when I was younger and at friends houses just for the fun of it, but I always associated it with sex.
Any suggestions for a first-time experience that might be easier for my wife?

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