A NUDIE DIGEST- July 10, 2014

Las Vegas mothers protest right to breastfeed in public | Las…

Las Vegas mothers protest right to breastfeed in public | Las Vegas Review-Journalhttp://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/las-vegas-mothers-protest-right-breastfeed-public

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Breast sculptures by Tunbridge Wells artist go on display in…

Breast sculptures by Tunbridge Wells artist go on display in London | Kent and Sussex Courier http://www.courier.co.uk/Breast-sculptures-Tunrbidge-Wells-artist-display/story-21348419-detail/story.html

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Topless tourism: The naked truth – Travel – NZ Herald News…

Topless tourism: The naked truth – Travel – NZ Herald Newshttp://www.nzherald.co.nz/travel/news/article.cfm?c_id=7&objectid=11289536

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Uh, Did You Know There’s a Naked Trail Run in the Poconos? | Be…

Uh, Did You Know There’s a Naked Trail Run in the Poconos? | Be Well Phillyhttp://www.phillymag.com/be-well-philly/2014/07/09/um-know-theres-naked-trail-run-poconos/

“I’ve now given you nearly a year’s advance notice for the 2015 Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 7K Trail Run, date TBD, at nudist vacation destination Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA. And yes, that is the race’s real name.”

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German Nudist Clubs Shed Members Faster Than Clothes

German Nudist Clubs Shed Members Faster Than Clothes
But times are changing for the movement known in German simply as “FKK”, short for Frei-Koerper-Kultur or “free body culture”. “Society is changing,” laments Kurt Fischer, president of the German Federation ofNaturist Clubs (DFK), in an interview with 

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Spanish naturist paradise bans nudity by mistake

Spanish naturist paradise bans nudity by mistake
The Local.es
The town is also the only place in Spain to have naturist hotel and town authorities advertise their main beach as “the best naturist beach resort in the world”. So why start slapping fines of €100 to €300 on tourists whose main reason for being in 
Management of ‘naturalist’ town in Spain accidentally bans nudity

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A few months ago, a Facebook friend posted a photo. In a black and white frame, she was breastfeeding her child. Truthfully, my initial reaction was, “why would you put that shit online?” But my reaction changed when she posted this (photo below) a few hours later.


Immediately, my inner feminist voice came out. “How dare society sexualize the nourishment of children and their mothers! Nudity or pornography?!” But, I had to catch myself. Moments ago, I was disturbed by the photo. I was uncomfortable by a mother feeding her child. Why? I was uncomfortable because censorship has sexualized women’s breasts. It has framed a women’s nipple to be pornographic.

Today, it is illegal for women to be topless, including breastfeeding, in 35 U.S. states. Women can be arrested, serve up to three years in jail, and face thousands of dollars in fines. For 80 years, men have practiced their right to be topless in public. I’m sorry, what? Topless men were illegal? It wasn’t until 1936 that men earned their right to go topless, thanks to the redesigned trunk suit. Men earned their right due to the difference of male and female breast. Here is a photo to support this statement.


To find out more differences, please continue your reading atus.censorship.gov.  After recognizing biology, the law still stands. It is still illegal until something happens. Thankfully, it is happening right now.


Inspired by real events, Free The Nipple is a film, documenting real topless women in New York City. Basically, a giant suck it to censorship. It is a gender equality movement, to empower women to find their voice. Celebrities such as Scout Willis, Cara Delevingne, and Rihanna are strong supporters.


The Topless Free Equal Rights Association – an online resource to help further educate women and censorship. It has an up to date timeline of how the movement is growing.


You can still support and keep your shirt on. Scroll down to check out the TaTa Top, created by Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle.


Narcissister, A New York artist, is promoting a “self-acceptance and unadulterated freedom for women and their breasts everywhere.”

Join the movement. Fear has no power over the female nipple anymore.

Disclaimer: This piece is not responsible for any destruction of bras.

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If boobs didn’t have nipples, would it still be wrong for women to walk around topless?

If mens pectorials were as large and firm as womens, would they need to wear shirts?

I have pretty much less then an A Cup. I’m sure fat guys have more boobs then me. But am I still required to where a shirt…

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FINE ART PAINTINGMunch, Edvard (Norwegian) – Bathing girls -…

Munch, Edvard (Norwegian) – Bathing girls – 1892

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” Suffolk Sun “

101215 25 28

The long weekend off we had planned turned out to be disappointing,on Friday I had my first job interview for sometime with a marketing company.The MD talked the talk about his fabulous company,then offered commission only work 6 days a week 10 hours a day, door to door canvassing.After the interview I had a taster half day on saturday before terminating it at lunchtime,which mean another day was ruined. Sunday was a little better but cloudy,going over to Arcadians for a few hours before driving down to Southend to have lunch then returning home around 6. So it was left to Monday to rescue the short break,which I’m glad to say it did with ease. Wanting to get out of Chelmsford we headed North East away from the Tour De France and the road closures into Suffolk then along the A12 towards Southwold. On our travels we’ve been to many coastal areas in Norfolk,Suffolk,Essex and Kent and as we don’t have long holidays I like exploring places I’ve not yet been to. We stopped briefly in Southwold before moving on to a small village on the coast called Kessingland.


Kessingland is a large village in the Waveney District of the English county of Suffolk. It is located around 4 miles south of Lowestoft. It is of interest to archaeologists as Palaeolithic and Neolithic implements have been found here,the remains of an ancient forest lie buried on the seabed.There has been a settlement here since Palaeolithic times. Between the Hundred River and Latmer Dam there was once a large estuary which was used by the Vikings and Romans.The village comprised two separate communities: the “beach” and the “street” and it was not until the 1960s that more housing united the village into a single community. The population is little over 4,000 – though this can double due to the holiday-makers in the many chalets and holiday villages in the area


St Edmund’s church is one of the finest in the region. With an imposing tower 300-foot (91 m) it was built in 1436 for the Franscicans of London. The tower, built like many coastal Churches to act as a beacon by ships out at sea, constitutes the majority of the medieval structure, the rest having been rebuilt in the ensuing centuries.


Sir H. Rider Haggard, novelist, was born in Bradenham, and later in his life spent his summers at Kessingland in a cliff-top house called the Grange. He was visited here by his friend Rudyard Kipling. In a letter to Haggard dated 20 July 1912, his daughter Lillias documented a sighting of a Sea Serpent off the coast of Kessingland: “we are convinced we saw a sea serpent!I happened to look up when I was sitting on the lawn, and saw what looked like a thin, dark line with a blob at one end, shooting through the water at such a terrific speed it hardly seemed likely that anything alive could go at such a pace…I suppose it was about 60 feet long.” The letter was printed in the Eastern Daily Press.


We stopped for an ice cream and quickly decided that there was too much going on and we’d head for the quieter village of Covehithe a couple of miles down the coast.Covehithe is a hamlet and civil parish in the Waveney district. It lies on the North Sea coast around 4 miles north of Southwold and 7 miles south of Lowestoft. Neighbouring settlements include Benacre, South Cove and Frostenden.The coastline in the Covehithe area suffers from the highest rate of erosion in the UK,and the settlement has suffered significant loss of land and buildings in the past.



A possible section of Roman road has been discovered in the parish which, along with pottery finds and a possible Roman enclosure, suggests that the area was inhabited in the Roman period.Anglo-Saxon remains, including a possible cemetery and evidence of sunken feature buildings, have been found in the area around St Andrew’s church and suggest habitation from the post Roman period.In the Middle Ages Covehithe prospered as a small town and during the reign of Edward I was granted a fair on the feast day of St Andrew. It takes its modern name from the de Cove family who held land there at that time, and the fact that it had a hithe, or quay, for loading and unloading small vessels.


By the 17th Century however it had fallen victim, like nearby Dunwich, to coastal erosion. The large church of St Andrew, which had been built on the back of its wealth, was largely pulled down, although its tall tower remains, and a smaller church was erected amongst the ruins in 1672.Fishing was a key industry in Covehithe, especially for herring.There is also archaeological evidence of the linen industry having been carried out at Covehithe until the 18th century.In 1910 Peter Ditchfield wrote : “At Covehithe, on the Suffolk coast, there has been the greatest loss of land. In 1887 sixty feet was claimed by the sea, and in ten years (1878-87) the loss was at the rate of over eighteen feet a year. In 1895 another heavy loss occurred between Southwold and Covehithe and a new cove formed.”Erosion caused the coastline at Covehithe to retreat more than 500 metres between the 1830s and 2001, according to contemporary Ordnance Survey maps. This can be seen most obviously on the sand cliffs above the beach where the road running from the church simply falls away down onto the beach. The only recorded pub within the village, The Anchor public house, had closed by 1882.


During World War I Covehithe airfield, a night-landing ground, was operated from 1915 to 1919 by the Royal Naval Air Service as a satellite station for RNS Great Yarmouth. The airfield, covering 33 hectares (82 acres) and equipped with searchlights and paraffin lights for night landing, was used for anti-Zeppelin patrols by the Number 73 Wing.In 1918 the station was transferred to 273 Squadron of No. 4 Group RAF which flew DH9, DH4 and Sopwith Camel aircraft from the site.The Covehithe airfield was closed in 1919, its land returned to agricultural use.


The beach is a wonderful sandy beach which is accessible via a footpath just before the church. We passed the pig farm “oink oink” through the heather to emerge onto the beach just by the salt marshes.Walking up the beach back towards the village we took advantage of the remoteness and stripped off for a while and enjoyed the sunshine and the sea. The beach is now not accessible from the road and as one can see in photos from other sources the road has just crumbled into the sea. Covehithe is another of the east coasts hidden gems along with Holkham, Sea Palling,Winterton and Blakeney.




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It was on the Bucket List – Honest!

Bucket lists are good to have. They add spice to life and a means to conquer fun goals in life. I recently added Nudism to my bucket list after the fact! I dove right into nudism then said it was on my bucket list. Well – as an excuse in case anyone I knew found out about my newest hobby. Nudism takes a bit to wrap your head around especially when society instills a silent yet understood rule about clothes.

I once thought of a resort overseas to try nudism. Let’s say Greece, in my early 20′s, but that was long time ago and forgotten about. Nudism found me this time through my boyfriend who wanted to try it out. My simple reply was “sure”. It’s easy to say “sure” and not think it will go further to the point of nudism but this time I knew it was going to happen.

Looking for resorts to try out, most were closed for the season as we only started talking about it in October. So I elected to look into local venues that hold nudist events. I did in fact find some and decided to join ON/NO.

The criteria for joining involved going to a clothed general meeting and a swim event. The meeting was a good starting point to find out more about the group. It was a year end meeting my boyfriend and I attended and left impressed at the organization. Definitely felt content with trying out an event at a pool.

In my next Blog you will learn about the first time I went for a swim in the nude at a closed public pool.

Thank you for allowing me to share this experience – Hope you enjoyed the first installment.

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Bouncing Balls at Sandy Hook

Bouncing Balls at Sandy Hook


Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook was very crowded last sunday, but not all beach-goers just lied in the sun: we spent most of the day playing with balls, namely volleyball and football (soccer for you Americans :-)) We had lots of fun and are planning to come back there this Saturday, please join! See my previous post fordiscount ferry tickets from Manhattan.

naturist volleyball 0005 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

We worked on some good (and beautiful)…

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Adult Models of ‘My Geek Goddess’ Talk Internet…

Adult Models of ‘My Geek Goddess’ Talk Internet Nudity, Female Empowerment at Florida Supercon — Fusion. http://fusion.net/culture/story/adult-models-geek-goddess-talk-internet-nudity-female-843619

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Guys nipples used to be consider JUST as taboo as girls are currently. Up through the 1930s, a man’s nipples were considered to be just as taboo as a woman’s. Groups of men began to fight against that view and slowly started to change the public’s mind. This is the same thing that women are doing now.

In response to the sexual aspect of it, do you know how many girls swoon when a GUY with a nice chest takes his shirt off? But we’re ladies so apparently we KNOW HOW TO FUCKING KEEP IT IN OUR PANTS. Seriously, it’s not that hard.

I’m not saying that if every woman went shirtless tomorrow there wouldn’t be some trouble, but social change takes time and patience.

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blueturtleproductions: Love and fun in the sun


Love and fun in the sun

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Can you spot the naked models camouflaged into the New York…

Can you spot the naked models camouflaged into the New York skyline? – Mirror Onlinehttp://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/can-you-spot-naked-models-3824763

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There is no ethics without aesthetics freedom.

“ If you don’t wear a T-shirt, you have no respect for yourself” Some people say to a young one who walks with his bare upper body under the august’s sun. These people think that the bare torso’s skin humiliates human person. The details of the skin, the brown color of the human surface, the soft bends of the muscles, the natural beauty that is infinitely more beautiful than any other beauty manufactured by human beings… How can so many blessings be a shame for anyone? I must add that the more we manufacture, the more electric energy must be produced. And the more we produce electric power, the more we throw carbone dioxide to the atmosphere.
“ If you don’t wear a T-shirt, you have no respect for yourself” They say, and they wear their neckties, as if the indumentary of the powerful people, of the citizens, of the Lords, was more dignified than human skin… as if only one style, or line, or mode, or way of dressing… was worthy in the life… As if only the manners of the tradition’s worshippers were worthy; the mode and the look of the guarantors of the ancestors traditions.
They put the worst barbarity and the fact of not wearing T-shirt in the same bag; the bag of the baseness. And in this same bag, they put the habit of wearing bonnet (they don’t like bonnets on kid’s heads), and the habit of not wearing swimsuit on the beach, and the habit of dressing of one or another way… Whatever custom they don’t like goes to the baseness’s bag. In spite of their reactionary words, many of them don’t explain all the thoughts they have in their minds, because they know than many of this thoughts show their intolerance and their desire to impose their culture, their moral, their ideology, their style… as if they were the only mandatory culture, the only mandatory moral, the only mandatory ideology and the only mandatory style.
Some of these people (powerful people) have created an state inside the state. They are organized. They meet occasionally to decide secret strategies seeking only one aim: to impose their civilitation, their kind of civilitation. This civilitation is based on the repression and the protocol, they want to turn some styles into social dogmas. They want to suppress the freedom of expression in everything tied with human nudity, or with human nature, or with creative freedom, or with open mind… With their fight, they keep all the fetish raised by the inquisitors and the repressors of all ages.
“ If you don’t wear a T-shirt, you have no respect for yourself” they say to a kid who is skating in Barcelona with his upper body bare. The kid wears bermuda shorts and a bonnet. He jumps with his skate on a curved track. He doesn’t disturb anyone. He doesn’t say anyone the way of dressing.
Imposing the way that people must dress is disrespectful. Forbidding the way that people want to dress is also a disrespectful. Suppressing a very important part of the human richness is a disrespectful.
The freedom of clothing is a part of the freedom of expression. The freedom of expression is the freedom of the colors, of the shapes, of the beauty of this world so wide and miscellaneus. The diversity helps us to keep our mind open to scape from castrating uniformity of those who defend and impose only one moral and one aesthetics. There is no ethics without aesthetics freedom.

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