A NUDIE DIGEST – July 14, 2014


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Today is National Nude Day. Relax and enjoy by going barefoot all over at Terra Cotta Inn in sunny Palm Springs, California.

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Sizing Up the Naked Recreation Business on #NationalNudeDay

Sizing Up the Naked Recreation Business on #NationalNudeDay
Today is #NationalNudeDay, an occasion important mainly to Internet oversharers, social-media managers, and people who make a living in the nude recreation business. Nicky Hoffman, a co-owner of the NaturistSociety in Oshkosh, Wis., counts herself in …

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Garden Of Eden Church

Garden Of Eden Church

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Davis Runs Again

George Davis, Nudist and Body Freedom advocate, is standing again for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the 4th November 2014 General Election, and will be making a campaign speech on August 6th. The odd thing is, because of the anti-nudity laws in San Francisco, Davis will be making this speech in Times Square, […]

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Sizing Up the Naked Recreation Business on #NationalNudeDay

Sizing Up the Naked Recreation Business on #NationalNudeDay
The problem for the owners of hundreds of other U.S. business who operate nudist resorts, organize cruises, or otherwise make their living by naked recreation is that there the clothing-optional set appears to be smaller than it used to be. The 

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Streak for Tigers

Streak for Tigers:The Zoological Society of London is inviting people to get naked to support their tigers. No, really:

ZSL London Zoo is hosting a very unique event on the evening on Thursday 14th August. We are looking for supporters to strip off and bare all for Tigers and streak around ZSL London Zoo!

I’m for all zoos doing this.

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It makes me so angry that men can walk around topless but I can’t like if I can’t show my tatas than a man can’t either

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Dark thoughts of you (Long Beach, 2007) #ArchivePicOfTheDay

Dark thoughts of you (Long Beach, 2007)#ArchivePicOfTheDay

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Naked Selfies Extracted From ‘Factory Reset’ Phones

Thousands of pictures including ” naked selfies” have been extracted from factory-wiped phones by a Czech Republic-based security firm.

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On National Nude Day, it’s bare if you dare

On National Nude Day, it’s bare if you dare
… they forgot they were naked. “Once the clothes are off, you’re just people,” he said. Shangri La Ranch and Mira Vista are Arizona’s most popular nudist resorts, but daring nudists also visit the public “clothes optional” hot springs in Camp Verde 

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Nudist beach in Almeria under threat from new law

Nudist beach in Almeria under threat from new law
Olive Press
A POPULAR nudist beach in Vera, Almeria, is under threat from a new law banning nakedness. The law sets fines between €100 and €300 for people who are naked or topless on the beach, which has been previously been permitted since 1979. However …

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“Yes, I know. I said I’d never do nudity. But after a while, you just get comfortable with yourself.”- Lesley Mann, quoted in Chicago Now

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Nudism/Naturism: National Nude Day

Nudism/Naturism: National Nude Day
Montreal Gazette (blog)
And social nudism/naturism is a serious pastime for many people around the world, including me. I frequently write about it in both my blogs. I imagine that whoever dreamt up National Nude Day was trying to raise awareness about the subject. See 

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Nyjah Cousar, Girl Who Texted Dad Nude Photo, Seeking Reality Show

Nyjah Cousar, Girl Who Texted Dad Nude Photo, Seeking Reality Show
The Hollywood Gossip
The college student says publicists and managers have reached out to her, and once she signs with one, they will pitch the show to MTV and BET execs. Based on his reaction (and she posted on Instagram, obviously) to receiving Nyjah’s nudie shot, one 
Oop! (Nyjah Cousar) Sent Nude Pic to Her Father (Watch)
Nyjah Cousar Nude PHOTO Fame Sparks Reality Stardom: Twitter Fans Love 

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I stood outside topless today and it felt awesome. The free wind on my boobs. It was only for a minute because I was in my backyard and my dad is home. But still. We should be allowrd to do this everywhere.

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

Some of the pictures I’ve seen of traditional Ama divers are beautiful pictorial representations of body freedom while working.

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I 100% agree with you. Society has turned the human body, especially the female form into purely sexual. It has gotten so bad that women cannot breastfeed in public places because it is considered indecent. The soul reason for breasts is being banned and called indecent. It’s fucking ridiculous and wrong. Meanwhile they display Victoria’s Secret models just in their bra and undies prancing around and that’s considered decent. It’s twisted and fucked up. Humans are sexual beings but the human body in our natural form isn’t just for sex. Keep fighting your fight girl. You get to choose when your body is sexual or not. Same as I get to choose. Whenever I pose topless, it is for expression, to celebrate my beautiful form, to inspire others to open their minds to the truth behind what are bodies are. It is never sexual. My sexual body is for me and my partner.

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khaluusi: How did I ever survive summer days without being…


How did I ever survive summer days without being topless

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pascalshirley: Sykes Hot Springs


Sykes Hot Springs

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Red by UniqueNudes. This is the final image and print offering…

Red by UniqueNudes.This is the final image and print offering from The Ginger Forest.

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Being Present In One’s Breath

A moment in the sun - a long moment for meditation.A moment in the sun – a long moment for meditation.

It is now warm enough in the morning for me to meditate outdoors again. For those who are new to reading here, I always meditate nude unless I am away from home and must find a somewhat public place to meditate such as in a hostel. Meditation is more than simply sitting still for me. Meditation is an act of freeing myself from my own negative energies that try to convince me that my thoughts are reality.

Thinking again. Yes, the problem with many of us, if not all of us, is that we think and mistake what we are thinking for truths. “I am unworthy because . . .” or “he is evil because he is naked.

As a psychotherapist I have learned long ago that it isn’t what has happened to a person that sends her or him into mental health counselling. Rather, it is what the person thinks about, how the person responds to what has happened. We all know people who make a big deal out of something that, for us, is very insignificant. We can’t understand what the drama is all about for them and so we dismiss them and their suffering. Yet, beneath the surface there are associations that are triggered which links to some ancient pain, a pain that is locked into the head, into the thinking patterns.

Meditation is a vital key to learning how to let go of these thinking scripts and allow a person to be more present in the present, rather than stuck in a past scene that plays over and over again like an old vinyl LP record that gets caught in a groove. The old scripts don’t disappear, they simply lose their power. It all starts with breathing and being present in that breath, being present in the body that breathes.

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Expedia survey about nude beachgoers

USA Today, July 13, 2014:”Beach goers around the world don’t get too bothered by public nudity and speedos. But they do break a sweat when it comes to ta possible shark attack.That’s according to Expedia’s annual Flip Flop report to be released tomorrow. The study, commissioned by the online travel agency and conducted online by research firm Northstar, gauged the behaviors and preferences of 11,165 adults across 24 countries in five continents.For the third consecutive year, Germans were the most likely to sunbathe fully nude, with 28% saying they have spent a day at the beach in the buff. But for the first time this year, Austrians tied them.Worldwide, more men than women prefer to sunbathe nude.

Women, especially Europeans, were more likely to go topless. Nearly half of Austrians — 49% — were likely to sunbathe topless. Spaniards and Germans followed closely behind.

The most modest beach goers were from Asia. Only 2% of Japanese, 3% of South Korean and 4% of Thai beach goers said they have sunbathed nude. Being modest didn’t translate into being uncomfortable with the practice, however. Nearly three-quarters of Japanese beach goers said they were “very” or “somewhat” comfortable with beach nudity or female toplessness. Residents of Hong Kong, India and Malaysia said they were the least comfortable with it.

The beach is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. More than half — 56% — of those surveyed said they have taken a beach vacation in the past year. And 73% of those who have taken, or plan to take, a beach vacation said they had reached personal bliss as a result.

“The beach is the world’s most popular travel destination by a considerable margin,” John Morrey, vice president and general manager of Expedia.com, said in a written statement. “So every year we ask travelers all over the world to tell us their likes and dislikes as they relate to beach behavior. In response, we can offer travelers the recommendations that best suit their preferences.”

Among the other findings:

Speedos are acceptable attire to nearly three-quarters of beach goers worldwide. A full 95% of Brazilians approve of the skimpy swimwear. Austrians, Germans and Spaniards were nearly as accepting. The least likely to approve of speedos were Norwegians, with just 40% considering it acceptable attire. As for Americans, 57% were fine with speedos.

More than half of the world’s beach goers would “never” post a photo of themselves in swimwear, whether it be a speedo or a one-piece.
Sleeping was the top beach indulgence, with 46% of respondents saying that they like to sleep in or nap while on a beach vacation. Taking a beach holiday also sparks romance. Almost 40% of the world’s beach goers said they enjoy getting intimate with a partner while vacationing on a beach.

Sharks breed anxiety among beach goers, with 44% of respondents saying they fear an attack. Those from Brazil, Hong Kong and Malaysia were the most fearful of sharks. Half of beach goers said they are afraid to swim at the beach because of sharks. Still, that didn’t stop 35% of them from conquering that fear and getting into the water.”


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madeinthenude: Live the nudist life. It is amazing how much…


Live the nudist life. It is amazing how much time is saved and refreshing it is to wake up in the morning and not have to mess with getting dressed to go to the shower (How much sense does that make?) or fight with clothes while applying make up.

And since the morning has started, why not have breakfast nude too? Nudists know that being nude with others allows for more honest, open discussions and builds stronger bonds between people than when one of both parties are clothed.

If one is living with roommates who don’t accept nudity, why stay? Are they friends? Respect for personal choices go both ways. If they can’t accept a friend who only wants to go nude, is that really friendship?

I don’t want to speculate on work. That’s not always our decision. Although I do believe most indoor work environments are optimal for potential nude employees.

At night, stripping down after work not only removes the toxins that stick to clothing throughout the day, but also allow the skin to breath, which will release endorphins to make the body feel better and allow normal body functions to happen naturally. Peal away the day and feel whole again.

There have been countless studies down on the benefits of relaxing nude after a long day and sleeping nude too.

What’s holding anyone back? Why are we clothes obsessed when being nude is so easy and affordable? When it’s so much better for a healthy life? Get nude and live!

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Retro Tweet

From three years ago, but hey…

Being naked outside is very liberating….atleast I hope it will be @ESPN and@ESPNMAG!!! GAMETIME BABY! Ball up!

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) August 9, 2011

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Germans Love To Sunbathe In The Nude, Basically Win At Life

Germans are having a WILD week.First, the German national football team played what will perhaps go down in history as one of the craziest World …Read more: Expedia Flip Flop ReportGermany Best Week Ever,Germans Nude SunbatheNude Beaches GermanyTravelNude BeachesNude SunbathingNude TravelInternational DestinationsTravel News

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