A NUDIE DIGEST – July 20, 2014

Art 28 by LightAddict1

Art 28 by LightAddict1

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Authentic Relationships Versus Fair-Weather Friends

Walking in water on a hazy and warm, summer day,Walking in water on a hazy and warm, summer day,

Like most people, naturists often find the weather to be a prime topic, especially when it comes to conversation starters. Perhaps this universal dialogue about weather is more than just a way to break the silence as one reaches out to connect to others. Weather is closely tied to our moods. Here on the Canadian prairies, farmers are focused on weather – what is has been in the past, what the weather is like at the present, and perhaps more importantly, the weather forecast.

Cool and wet summer morning.Cool and wet summer morning.

As I write this, it is cool and cloudy out with light showers, not what one would call great weather for enjoying a naturist moment out-of-doors. However, it really isn’t as bad as one would think. Risking going out into the cool and wet conditions allows our bodies to feel a wider range of sensation, something that lets us know that we are alive.

Relationships are a lot like the weather. Since we are never able to always hold to one mood, nor are those with whom we engage in a variety of relationships, we learn to navigate through these changes if we are to continue to have relationships. We don’t run off and hide just because the weather changes, that is the conditions of mood and attitude. We all know that we go through dark (cloudy and overcast) moments in our lives. When we emerge through these dark moments, we hope and more often than not, expect others to still be there for us. We don’t want these others to just be fair-weather friends.

This hope is fragile for many of us as we are unsure of our worth to others. So many feel unworthy because of the shadows we try to keep hidden from others, especially those who mean the most to us. If we don’t value ourselves because we have yet to deal with the ghosts and shadows of our inner world, we believe that others would flee from us if our shadows were to emerge and be visible. We are afraid to expose these shades of darkness and be naked and vulnerable. It is much easier to simply hide and deny, and wait for a sunny day.

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Nudism/Naturism: Sunward Naturist Park

Nudism/Naturism: Sunward Naturist Park
Montreal Gazette (blog)
Lesson 1 when attending an outdoor naturist event on a bright, sunshiny day: wear sunscreen. I didn’t, which is why I won’t be wearing a bra for a few days. I was sitting/standing in the shade most of the day, but it seems the rather short time I spent 

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lichubb: allbodiesareperfect: kinkynina: FLASHING FRIDAY!!!!…





Everybody have a KINKY WEEKEND!!!

LOVE YA — Kinky Nina


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This picture is of me, which makes it more challenging to let go of the criticisms my mind propagates as I draw.

But with a deep breath and an open heart, I see one thing clearly:   I see the mind trying to accept – working so hard to mentally accept what the body has already long ago accepted – that I am perfect, already, exactly as I am.

I see softness and light.

I see great beauty within the design, human beings are so wonderfully made, we all are, both women and men.

We are made of love and light. I can see it distinctly when I draw and paint the body.

Drawing brings forth the basic design, the lines, the heartbeat and the body’s structure, then painting it fills it with light, the water, the gracefulness, the divine light of love.

How can I possibly hate something so beautiful?

There is a peace in this body. Usually, my criticisms and mind cover up  this peace, like the clouds in the sky.

Only through drawing and opening up can I see the truth behind the mind’s lies.

Practice, practice and more practice, help me open  my heart and see the truth. Having friends to draw with helps me too.

When the harsh judgemental clouds in my mind are so thick, I can’t find the light. I forget sometimes that like the sun, the light lives  within, it’s always there, and like the sun it shines on everyone equally. Rich or poor, black or white, good or bad. We are all lovable and loved, and this vision of myself as I’m drawing, painting my body, is real love.


– Theresa

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This documentary has compelling arguments about nudity in schools and public swimming pools : hygiene, technical issue for cleaning the pool, as well as freedom, pleasure of swimming naked.

When I read that some guys were bashful and dreaded to get naked, it is probably because they were raised to be ashamed of their body. Besides, mothers who protest are somewhat responsible for the body conscience issues.

I remember how embarrassed I was in the locker rooms for swim class, trying to hide my buttocks and genitals with my towel.

Two years ago, I was in the US, and attended YMCA gym classes. I wish they would offer naked swim classes again ! I think people are uncomfortable with their bodies because they have a bad self-conscience. It would free them from these psychological hurdles and start life with new and saner living habits. Changes would occur steadily.

Thank you Markus for bringing that up!

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Roots 2 by ohlopkov

Roots 2 by ohlopkov

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Naturist Croatia!

Several perspectives on naturist Croatia, from the clothing optional beaches near Hvar, to the expansive naturist resorts of Istria

Water slide at Valalta

from Valalta

Crystal clear waters

Boating near Hvar

The only naked guy on Rab

Apartments in Koversada

Hiking near Hvar

Another view

Wonderful snokeling

Palmizana near Hvar

Sunset at Koversada

Apartments at Koversada

Island at Koversada

Sunset at Koversada

Jerolim island

Beach combing near Hvar

See our other post about Naturism in Croatia

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Re: How to calm one’s tits

She calls it the epic boobs jiggle.

Here’s more of Aella’s art (Warning, sexy and quite weird/disturbing.):




She also likes to get naked with mime makeup.

I give her a lot of credit and enjoy her photosets.

She not just another camgirl or nude poster – she creates a story/episode out of her work.

Thanks for sharing!

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bushisbeautiful: Summertime, by Flowerbomb!


Summertime, by Flowerbomb!

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underweartuesday: rosarund: me by Matt Blum (The Nu…



me by Matt Blum (The Nu Project)


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photosmith: raison d’être (2014) SheDoes by Dan…


raison d’être (2014)


by Dan Smith | thePhotosmith.com | BareConversation | Facebook | ©

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Daring To Expose The Hidden Inner Self

Trying to define what naked means - it definitely is not about clothing or its absence.What naked means – it definitely is not about clothing or its absence.

This morning, I found this posted to my Facebook timeline by my good wife. It actually brings a deeper sense of being understood to have these words and this poster show up. Though the poster talks about a couple relationship, the idea of letting others into the depths of who you are extends way beyond the safe and private union of a couple. The role of parent and child, or even grandchild often allows the barriers between self and other to drop enough for the authentic self to appear.

Daring to expose the truth of who we are.Daring to expose the truth of who we are.

Unconditional love, the kind that we hear about especially in association of Jesus, is the hardest thing for us as humans to give. As parents, we typically want to control the parent-child relationship and so we engage in manipulative behaviours that basically tell the other that we will still love them if – nothing unconditional about that version of love.

However, sometimes it happens the way it should. But it takes a willingness to allow our children to see what we don’t even want to see about ourselves. I am not talking simply about ditching the clothing and allowing the truth of our aged bodies to be present. There are bigger and more harmful barriers. Behind these barriers we hide in fear that no one would love us if they knew the truth about us. And of course, that shuts the door shut until something breaks within us that puts serious cracks in our defensive walls. When those cracks appear in spite of all our efforts, we often get surprised that instead of pushing our children away, the cracks make us more human, less god-like. It is at this moment that we catch the whiff of unconditional love. Do we dare follow up and risk even more honesty with ourselves and others? Or, do we retreat out of doubt and fear and work even harder to make our barriers even higher, stronger and thicker?

Will you dare becoming naked in spirit?

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Posing naked on mountain #5 by mnart00

Posing naked on mountain #5 by mnart00

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The Vera Playa ‘dia sin ropa’

I’ve decided that, rather than call this a ‘postcard from Spain’, I’d adopt the ‘Dia sin rope’ title for it, although strictly speaking it’s a ‘fin de semana’ (end of the week…or ‘weekend’) that we, Ella and I, are here for.

Ella and I both flew into Spain yesterday, Friday, to different airports and we met up last night. In the end, ‘old hand’ to this part of the world Ella, who arrived before I did, was called to help us out locate the place we’re staying at, as we got horribly lost 🙂 We didn’t end up in Santander….just half a mile from where we were supposed to be…but no wiser as to how to narrow it down from there.

So…I called Ella and asked if she could help. Having identified where it was we were, she provided directions until she had pretty much talked us to the front gate of our accommodation, by which time she and her husband and walked from their apartment and were standing there, Ella on the phone, speaking to us as we arrived 🙂

‘If that’s you in the white Fiat, that’s us waving at you’, she said ‘and if it’s not you then we look pretty stupid right now’.

Fortunately it was us and….wow…Ella looks exceptionally close, in real life, to her avatar. We agreed to meet up the following morning, Saturday. Initially the plan was for our respective partners to run in the naked fun run, as both are joggers, but the weather forecast we’d known of days beforehand had been encouraging both to withdraw their participation as being just too hot for running. In the end, though, they did ‘run’, more of a walk than anything else, but it allowed Mr Pookes to get to know Mr. Keng and for Mr. Keng to show my man some of the landmarks as they semi-jogged the route (and come in well down the field). While they did so, Ella and I walked the short distance from the start line to the finish line, order some coffee from the Puntonat chiringuito, and spent our own time getting to know each other face to face, despite having IM’ed and emailed and texted and called each other previously. By the way…our respective husbands are in the selection of photos below, but I won’t be drawing an arrow at each of them 🙂 And yes, I can see Ella too. 🙂

Other than finding it difficult to remember that we weren’t ‘Ella’ and ‘Pookes’ on this meeting, we already felt that we knew each other really well, and the weekend therefore got off to a great start.

What we’d originally booked for, the ‘Guinness Book of Records Skinny Dip’, won’t be taking place but you’ll be pleased to learn the ‘dia sin ropa’, where beachgoers across Spain, not just here, are encouraged to go nude or, at the very least, be supportive of the idea.

We shall be making our way down there tomorrow and I’ll report back. In the meantime it has become ridiculously hot and humid. If you imagine sitting on the bottom shelf of a sauna, you’ll get some indication of what our apartment feels like. Meeting up with Mr & Mrs Keng and their children later for dinner. I sincerely hope it has cooled a little by then.



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“One beauty of social nudity is adopting a new mindset. One where even though we are wearing nothing, we still have alot! .. If your family accepts your nudity, then they have accepted YOU plus a choice! If your friends accept your nudity, then they are respecting YOU plus a choice! .. Finally, if society accepts you nude, then it has blessed you with true FREEDOM!” ~ Centauri4

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heartlandnaturists: A lot of people think nothing about being…


A lot of people think nothing about being nude around their own homes.  They go inside after a long day at work, strip down, relax, and forget about the stresses of the world outside their front door. There’s nothing sexual about it. It’s just a matter of being comfortable and free of constricting clothing.

Some people are lucky enough to have a private back yard where they can grill, sunbathe, relax with friends, have an early morning coffee or evening beer, or just read a good book.

These people are home nudists.  Despite the porn industry’s fantasy that nudists are all about sex, we are not.  We believe that there is nothing inherently sexual about the nude human body. Sometimes you just want to take off your clothes because you are more comfortable that way. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, gardening, doing housework, sleeping, just sitting around watching TV, or surfing the web, you just feel more comfortable doing it without clothes.

If you are a home nudist and have never tried social nudism, consider visiting a local family-friendly nudist resort and meet others who feel the same way.  The nudist community is full of people from all walks of life and ages who all believe that getting together to enjoy activities while nude is fun, relaxing, and comfortable.

The Heartland Naturists of Kansas City have been promoting wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation since 1982.


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Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus

You must have heard the old saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, it rings true in nudity as well. How? Very simple in my short experience being a nudist I have encountered differences in attitude about it. For one Men are open, confident and freer with their choice of being nude. Women on the other hand, not so much. Many women are self conscious about it and slowly get used to it. Women take longer getting used to it than men – hands down! I don’t think that I will see different as time goes by.
Men seem comfortable with themselves in many situations. Whether they drink beer or not. (what I am getting at is having a beer gut or not)
Acceptance. Men accept themselves totally and women struggle with it. (most women that is) It’s a shame actually. If most women just accepted themselves a little more they could enjoy many things in life without worrying if they are under weight or over weight. Just be. Just be thankful for living a great life. Don’t sit by the sidelines and watch life go by. Participate. Even though this blog is on the journey of nudism, I am talking about more than just nudity. How sad it is when a woman is not comfortable with being in a swimsuit and refuses to participate in backyard pool BBQ’s, Spa outings, water parks etc. That’s a lot of fun stuff and to hinder yourself on a count of not being comfortable is sad. It’s also shocking when the person has nothing to worry about.
Some women who do participate in public nudity are healing themselves. Kudos to them! What a way to work on overcoming an issue! Go nude! Face the fear and face your demons head on, is healing!
My first time going to a public nude swim was healing in itself. Without me realizing it I became more confident – with myself. Shedding clothes also shed insecurities I had left in myself. Except public speaking. That just won’t go away – yet.
Are you a female who has reservations on going nude? I challenge you to follow my blog and experience the journey along side with me through my blog. You may find some interesting insights into yourself along the way.

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thetoplesstour: Whoopsadaisy 🙈 #ladyadventures #whoneedstops…


Whoopsadaisy 🙈 #ladyadventures #whoneedstops #TheToplessTour subido por chinzilla_

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Nudist ranch marks 75th, offers own type of heat buffer

Nudist ranch marks 75th, offers own type of heat buffer
The Spokesman Review
Kaniksu Ranch Family Nudist Park is celebrating its 75th anniversary this month with an agenda full of activities. This weekend, the park is host to the American Association for Nude Recreation’s regional convention, drawing nude recreationalists from …

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Please reblog this and spread the word!  If you’ve attended our Nude Spa days in NJ and want it to continue, please consider donating. In fall / winter this will be the only indoor club open every weekend to naturists. As a new business we’ve incurred many unexpected costs, and the slow summer season doesn’t help. With your help we can keep this going and also upgrade the current facilities to make it even better!

Click here to go to our donation page. Thanks in advance for your help & support!

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ohnesans: World Naked Bike Ride 2014 (57) Brighton, UK ride,…


World Naked Bike Ride 2014 (57)

Brighton, UK ride, 8 June

source: funkdooby (Flickr)

My thanks to all who took part or took photos – I will remove images on request.

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Day Without Bathing Suits – July 20 2014

Day Without Bathing Suits – July 20 2014  Filed under: ALL-NUDIST.com shared articles…

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ohnesans: World Naked Bike Ride 2014 (53) London ride, 14…


World Naked Bike Ride 2014 (53)

London ride, 14 June

source: faye-kinnit (Flickr)

My thanks to all who took part or took photos – I will remove images on request.

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welsh-naturists: Go Topless Day – 24th August…


Go Topless Day – 24th August 2014


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Every day is National Nude Day at Arizona resort

Every day is National Nude Day at Arizona resort:The Arizona Republic went out to Shangri La resort and talked to a couple of guests. Mira Vista and El Dorado Hot Springs get a mention as well.

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markvelasquez: The Censorship Project came from a simple idea:…


The Censorship Project came from a simple idea: if a woman’s natural form is so offensive to the corporate world, women might as well begin censoring themselves. Over the course of several months, women eagerly joined the project. By the end, I had taken portraits of one hundred women that represented a mix of races, careers, and political affiliations with ages ranging from 18-54. There were proud virgins, a set of twins, a grandma, dozens of mothers, and even a woman who was nine-months pregnant.

I find that now is an even more relevant time to republish the series in it’s entirety. Over the next week or so I’ll be posting them all here to my Tumblr to remind myself that nothing has changed.

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When I breastfeed my future child I’m doing it anywhere i want and if anyone has a damn problem I’ll walk around topless while feeding my child

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racusophy: Nude Not Crude


Nude Not Crude

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Jungle pin-up. #ArchivePicOfTheDay

Jungle pin-up.


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The Facebook page for Warwick Rowing’s Women’s Naked…

The Facebook page for Warwick Rowing’s Women’s Naked Calendar has been reinstatedhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Warwick-Rowings-Womens-Naked-Calendar/448823951836625

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naktivated: pascalshirley: Iceland Fun in nature.




Fun in nature.

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From time to time, this poster appears in public places in Singapore to remind people that they should not bare themselves to strangers on the internet who might very well use the photos to blackmail them.

In May this year, there was an article in all the major newspapers about a crackdown on a criminal syndicate after a Scottish teenager killed himself when he was blackmailed by members of the syndicate. Click here to see the report.

Those of us who are true naturists do not fully understand why anyone would succumb to such a blackmail in the first place.

Recently, something hilarious happened to me. I received an email from a friend. The email was sent to a lot of my other friends and to many people I didn’t know and I was only one of the many recipients.  In the email was this photograph.

That’s my picture and the email contained lewd remarks made by my friend in reference to my genitals. He said I claimed to be a naturist and I had said I was not ashamed of my nudity and so he took the liberty to send it to as many people as he could think of.

But it’s true I was not the least bit embarrassed. Would I have posted the same photo in this public blog if I were embarrassed? But of course I didn’t like the lewd remarks he made. I do not associate lewdness with nudity; or as the caption on a naturist photograph I once saw says succinctly, “NUDE IS NOT LEWD”.

My advice to anyone who is a victim of blackmail is to simply ignore the photograph or video that is used against him or her. And call the police immediately. Of course if you are really not embarrassed by the photos, you can post them in your blog.

But my friend who sent the photo had no intention of blackmailing me. He thought I would be embarrassed but his prank backfired. The recipients were upset with him and many people thought of him as a treacherous viper. A few people threatened to call the police. Some of my friends wrote to me to tell me that they would trash the photo and I need not worry. I replied and assured them that I really didn’t mind. Why must they trash my photo? Am I so repulsive in appearance that they had to trash the pic? But the way they see it is different. By offering to trash my photo, they see it as an act of kindness to me. You see, in the eyes of the textile world, the person who possesses another person’s nude photo has an advantage over him. That’s something naturists don’t see at all.  That gave me the opportunity of explaining to them that there is no shame in nudity. I do not see anything obscene in a photo of my own body. But I think, all I succeeded in doing was to make everyone think of me as eccentric. They continue to be deeply ashamed of their bodies and they remain perfectly blackmail-able. I suppose it will take a very long time to educate the textile world and to get them to drop their irrational shame over their own innocent bodies.

I would have forgotten about this photograph if not for my friend unearthing it. I might very well use it as my profile pic in naturist forums. For that, I’m thankful to my friend. Obviously he has no knowledge of how a naturist feels and as a result, his prank backfired.

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Magnificent Obsessions: Nudism

Originally posted on Asian American Naturist: View original

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naktivated: Harvest time.


Harvest time.

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Recalling my experiences with a local nudist

Recalling my experiences with a local nudist
Cambridge Times
Walter was running a nudist camp in behind his place. While working during the summer at my neighbour’s farm, we could catch occasional glimpses of pink bodies from across his fields. They never seemed to wander of their property … to our young dismay.

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Thelana Character Sheet


ARMOR: 13 (nude)
Bow Sword: 3
Longbow: 3 / 4 range


  • Speed—+2 initiative, +2 ARMOR (if lightly armored), Flee on 3, 4 or 6
  • Armor of Flesh*—You endure suffering better than most. *As a racial bonus, add Wisdom bonus to Armor. Clothing or armor negates this ability.
  • Heal: Heal self completely after 1 day in nature (outside of dungeons) without fighting or traveling.
  • Wilderness Survival: Negate penalties of forest travel. Avoid characters and monsters while moving through wooded areas.
  • Hunter—Reveal hidden monster from 3 spaces or another room
  • Bow Sword: 3 dmg (melee); 3 dmg / 4 (range)
  • Jade cloak
  • 50’ rope and grappling hook
XP: 0
What’s this? If you’re thinking you’ve stumbled across the wrong blog, don’t worry! Every summer, I take time out from my hectic writing schedule to delve into one of my guilty pleasures: Tabletop Role Playing Games. And by the looks of this article from the New York Times, it appears that I am not alone among fantasy authors who find inspiration in games like Dungeons & Dragons. This year, I thought it’d be fun to marry my Quest Role-Playing Game to the literary world of Aenya. Who knows, perhaps some future gaming session will inspire the next Ilmarin adventure! Using my character building system from Quest, I present my first Aenya based character, Thelana!

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