A NUDIE DIGEST – July 25, 2014

Photograph Of Naked Man Upsets Manhattanites

Censored, for the kids.

The Rivington Design House (which just moved to Kenmare Street) is currently displaying a photograph of a fully naked man in their window ARE YOU BLUSHING YET? Sit down, here’s a fan.

The image is part of photographer Bek Andersen’s installation there, titled “Clothed Female/Naked Male,” but is this piece of art ruining the sterile, innocent landscape of Manhattan? Bowery Boogiepoints out that some neighbors are “fairly irate over the X-rated window garnishment.” An Area Prude explained to the site, “The new people in the neighborhood are unaware of how many children live here.”

Andersen told us, “There is nothing pornographic or offensive happening in that photo. It’s a portrait of a man. He is naked, but doing nothing indecent. We see naked women all the time in photos where they are highly sexualized and people don’t notice because they are desensitized.”

Indeed, what about the women who roam the streets topless? The underwear-clad men withintense eye contact? All those penises and butts in the museums?

We reached out to Rivington Design House for comment as well, and will update when we hear back. In the meantime, the NYPD seems to approve:


Spotlight on: ‘Free The Nipple’

Spotlight on: ‘Free The Nipple’

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Seeing the hidden beauty in each of us

I am working very hard at learning to love all of myself, a process that reminds me of peeling an onion. I pull off one layer, and uncover another, but I’m absolutely sure that each layer brings me closer to peace with myself. I am also convinced that so much of what I carry – what we carry – in terms of self-hatred, is passed down by our family’s and society’s views on our bodies.

I have a history of self-hatred. I know that I am not alone in this affliction. Some of us are aware of the hatred we carry, while others aren’t sure why they can’t stand certain parts of their bodies. I believe this lack of self-love is something that can be healed. I am certain this path of healing takes you exactly where you need to go, to grow. This gift of self-awareness can teach you compassion for yourself and others. I have worked on healing in various ways, one of which is taking nude photos of myself. I have been both the subject and the photographer. Both roles are healing. Each gives me a softer, more loving way of seeing myself and others.posernue1_wuafba

I am a very skeptical person. I doubt and question everything. I do not put my trust in very many things. I do, however, put my trust in this process for these reasons. The results I see, feel and hear in my own body confirm the healing nature of this process.

The first time I considered taking nude photos, I was working with a very kind person I had met at a health food store. I came to her with some of the health challenges I faced. She began to see me at home because she said she liked to help others. She helped me in so many ways. One, was learning to trust. She often spoke of taking nude photos as healing. She seemed so open and loving, I felt a need to try it. I had issues about pornography and I was very worried that she might turn out to be untrustworthy, after all. It was very hard for me to let go and trust. Yet, there was a chord that was touched inside me that yearned for this healing. I finally just decided to give it a try.

She took her clothes off as she photographed me, as an act of solidarity. She told me to close my eyes and feel the inside my body and to move in the way I wanted to. I had never done any of this before. At first, I felt very self-conscious. I was very aware of what she would think as I moved. Slowly I began to find a place inside me that felt liberated. To really be seen in a loving, accepting way, as you really are, is so freeing. I was exhilarated. I had climbed a mountain of fear and seen the possibility of absolute freedom on the other side.

I honestly felt completely loved and accepted. She did nothing to feed my insecurities or mistrust.

Later, I started taking photographs of other people too. I found that taking nude photos of people in nature gave me the gift of seeing them in a place of love and beauty. When I am behind the camera, I cannot see using my usual judgments. Everything I see is bathed in light, acceptance and love.

I continue to take pictures to explore things I need to love and accept. I have not found a more fulfilling way to touch the body with absolute love and to connect to the bliss of seeing the hidden beauty in each of us.

– Theresa

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Bali au Naturel at Glance [Update*]

    It’s fully nudist. It’s got huge grounds and nicely landscaped and the pools and gym were great. The staff are all extremely helpful, friendly and polite. I had a very good time. I didn’t bring any clothes apart from what I wore to the airport and I wore the same thing to the […]

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Palm Springs,  CBS TV reported Terra Cotta Inn as the most favorite Palm Springs hotel in the #PalmSprings valley on their news show Eye on the Desert Tuesday. Come join us and see why everyone is skinny dipping here this summer. Call us at 1-800-786-6938 for a fun vacation in the sun!
They now have the link on their site, so you can see it here: http://www.kesq.com/news/eye-on-the-deserts-best-hotel/27131314

Here I am being interviewed by the reporter.  MC

We are very popular in the summer. In the video, you can see all the poolside umbrellas and high pressure poolside cooling system we have. We’re the “coolest” resort in Palm Springs in the Summer. So come join us.

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Watching Naked TV

Watching Naked TV:benadameve:


I encourage TV programming that is honest and open about nudism and living naked. I do not favor programming that is pornographic.

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“Dating Naked”: Welcome to the nude reality-show boom

“Dating Naked”: Welcome to the nude reality-show boom:From the article:

VH1′s “Dating Naked,” which began last night, paradoxically gains little from its conceit — that contestants must choose one of three suitors while they’re all in the altogether. They go on adventuresome, contrived dates. There is boogie boarding. But the nudity is dispensed with so quickly that one begins to forget why this is a show at all. Mention is made, early on, to everyone’s vague discomfort with the situation (no one knows where to look!), but the show takes weirdly little advantage of the fact that it could potentially strip away the rhetoric and pretension around dating shows. The nudity, indeed, turns out to be the least interesting aspect of the show.

Maybe the boredom is an advantage?

This may be the greatest achievement, such as it is, of “Dating Naked” — being so deeply boring that it makes nudity seem normal, not shameful.

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cedorsey: Get Naked; Of Course, It’s A Showerunknown…


Get Naked; Of Course, It’s A Shower
unknown photographer

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A shoot from this time last year: Desert…

A shoot from this time last year: Desert Rain


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Getting Naked For A Day

Happy Bare:

Another convert to nakedness. Less is simply more. Go figure.

Originally posted on Doc Denbow:

Way back in April I published a post called “I’m Happy In My Own Skin….” and the overwhelming numbers of readers of that piece shocked me. There many very positive comments regarding the ideas that I was trying to convey and I was, it’s more than fair to say, delighted with the responses. Following that post I wrote a few pieces about the perception of nudity, especially in the UK, and went as far as expressing my desire to swim naked. I explained that I’d been in touch with a naturist club about visiting for a day and I do believe that from there I wrote nothing more on nudity or naturism. That was in mid May and nothing that I’ve written to here since makes any reference to naturism or nudism apart from the fact that my feet are stripy thanks to wearing Croc flip flops on my otherwise…

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News :: The Wahkiakum County Eagle News

News :: The Wahkiakum County Eagle News:County urged to write ordinance regarding public nudity: The Wahkiakum County Eagle News http://www.waheagle.com/news/article.exm/2014-07-23_county_urged_to_write_ordinance_regarding_public_nudity

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“Minimalist Outdoor Shower”; The Cascade outdoor shower would…

“Minimalist Outdoor Shower”; The Cascade outdoor shower would work just as well in a humbler garden. With its compact design and easy hose hook-up to a garden hose, it could be tucked into the corner of any small urban backyard. The acacia wood frame is set on a couple of nylon gliders so that the shower can easily be moved. The shower tube itself is made of galvanized steel; a simple tap attached to the tube regulates the water pressure.

See more The Best Outdoor Showers with Garden Hoses

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Warwick Rowers 2015 Crowdfunder

download (size: 7 MB )

Crowdfunding is an important part of how we produce our calendars, films and everything else.

Every summer we come up with great deals and unique offers that make it possible for us to cover our production costs and get the best value from our suppliers, so that as much money as possible can go to good causes.

This year, we have more to offer than ever before. There are designer t-shirts and hoodies, more bonus downloads, a film in Ultra HD, and a new format calendar that we think you are going to love! Plus so much more, including the opportunity to come and meet us in person!

And for the first time, you can pick and choose items from three categories – Historic, WR15 and Festive Season Specials – to come up with the personal Crowdfunder package that’s absolutely right for you.

If you haven’t got our previous content, now is the chance to catch up at a low price with our Historic packages. These are ones we’ve made earlier, so the content will be made available to you immediately.

You can get ahead of the game by pre-ordering our entire new 2015 range at unbeatable prices. You will be the first to get your hands on all the new stuff through our download service and our professional fulfillment centre when we launch the range in October.

Festive Season Specials
Save money and avoid the queues! Buy cool gifts for family, friends and colleagues and have everything delivered in plenty of time to beat the rush.

Cast: Sport Media Productions

Tags: naked, nude, rowers, sportsmen, athletes, calendar, crowd funding, crowdfunder, Warwick,nudity and films

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Top 10 Most Naked Music Videos in the History of Nudity | Music…

Top 10 Most Naked Music Videos in the History of Nudity | Music News | VH1 Music


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(Warning: contains nudity) Sonya Lennon poses nude for positive…

(Warning: contains nudity) Sonya Lennon poses nude for positive body image message – Independent.ie http://www.independent.ie/style/beauty/body/warning-contains-nudity-sonya-lennon-poses-nude-for-positive-body-image-message-30456303.html

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Cool virtual tour and etiquette video from Cypress Cove Nudist Resort. Apologies if it has already been posted.

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort – Virtual Tour & Etiquete on Vimeo

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Breastfeeding Is Beautiful: Models, Bloggers And Instagrammers…

Breastfeeding Is Beautiful: Models, Bloggers And Instagrammers Share Their Nursing Snaps – Yahoo Lifestyle UK https://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/breastfeeding-is-beautiful—models—bloggers-and-instagrammers-share-their-nursing-snaps-102332858.html

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The Merits Of “Nakationing”

Happy Naked Wednesday!  Happy Nakation to me!  I love summer!  I love being nude!  They go together just like peanut butter and jelly!   With a VERY small “carry-on bag” I left on a jet plane this past Saturday to begin my Nakation.  Nakations are obviously the most “clothes free” holiday you can take, but also the most “stress free!”  Literally, I packed one clean pair of clothes for my return trip and wore one set to my destination – Avalon Resort.  Woo hoo!  It doesn’t get much easier than that!  Packing was a complete breeze!  Plus, NO EXTRA baggage fees when you pack so efficiently and with a very small duffle!

Usually, clothes are a big requirement for personal holidays!  Not this one!  Not mine!  I spent more time collecting LOTS of sunscreen, personal toiletries, reading material, sunglasses, hats, flip flops, my tablet, and various chargers.  If you’ve never been on a Nakation, you will need a towel and I would suggest packing at least two.  Hygiene requires you to always sit on a towel wherever you go.  Luckily, my host lives within the resort and can provide me towels, so I didn’t even have to pack those!  OK, don’t forget some ID, any attendant travel documents, etc. for your Nakation travel!  And don’t forget your AANR card for some great deals / discounts!

Once your Nakation commences – still easy!  Along with your clothes DON’T pack any judgements – refrain from any crude or lewd remarks about anyone’s appearance.  Social nudity has NO place for such baggage (no pun intended!).  Remember, personally or generally, you are a guest, so observe and respect all the “house rules” – if a facility designates that clothing must be worn (luckily mine does NOT) in certain areas or at certain times, please comply.  The “nude rule” – while “clothing optional” rules differ from resort to resort, often there is a “mandatory nude” rule (no problem!) at pools and jacuzzis in order to put everyone on the same level.  Lastly, and most importantly, relax, enjoy, and have FUN – many nudists say a week at a clothes free resort is as restful as a traditional vacation; the point is to become comfortable with your body no matter what shape you’re in and to view it “tummy rolls and all” with acceptance!

Nakations just don’t get any better – you can spend your entire vacation naked and in a clothes free environment.  The pure joy of waking up naked and being able to walk outside without having to worry about putting something on – there simply are NO words to describe the freedom.  You have to experience it for yourself!  I cannot imagine NOT spending my vacation naked!  If you are looking for an enlightening experience (the best you can ever have), take a Nakation!  Lots of people are looking for a different perspective / experience when booking personal holidays.  Removing ones clothes can DEFINITELY offer that!

Once you experience a Nakation, I’d bet money, that the appeal of living without the false shield of clothes is the personal freedom and feeling of oneness with nature.  Those feelings are amplified when shared with others at nudist communities, resorts, beaches, venues, etc.

Five Myths About Nakations:

1) Vacation nudists are just a bunch of perverts.  False.  Hardly.  In fact , nudists are everyday people, and there are more of them out there than you think!

2) Clothing optional resorts are seedy.  False.  Not!  We’re talking about mainstream, professionally run properties offering a wide range of wholesome activities.

3) You have to take your clothes off at a nudist resort.  False.  Not necessarily.  There’s a difference between a clothing optional club and clothes free resort.  You decide which best suits your needs – especially newbie.  However, I promise, “once you wade in,” you aren’t going to want to wear clothes – clothed when practical (if it’s cool), but nude when possible is my motto!

4) Nudists are mostly senior citizens.  False.  Actually, most clothing optional and nudist resorts are extremely friendly with everyone / anyone!  Nudism is for “every”body!

5) Nudists are exhibitionists who want to seduce you.  False.  Trust me, for most people, the odds of getting a date are greatly improved if they keep their clothes on.  Visitors with false or criminal intentions at a nudist resort do NOT last very long if at ALL!

It’s summer!  Get out there and go naked!  Relax!  Enjoy yourself!  Have fun!  Meet some new friends!  Sorry about the formatting.  Hope this posts ok; difficult to blog from iPad!  Hope everyone has a great naked day!

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Nudism/Naturism: Sunward Naturist Park

Nudism/Naturism: Sunward Naturist Park:Our fave nudist reporter Jillian Page visits an Ontario nudist resort. Spoiler alert: she gets sunburned.

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Getting Naked For A Day

Way back in April I published a post called “I’m Happy In My Own Skin….” and the overwhelming numbers of readers of that piece shocked me. There many very positive comments regarding the ideas that I was trying to convey and I was, it’s more than fair to say, delighted with the responses. Following that post I wrote a few pieces about the perception of nudity, especially in the UK, and went as far as expressing my desire to swim naked. I explained that I’d been in touch with a naturist club about visiting for a day and I do believe that from there I wrote nothing more on nudity or naturism. That was in mid May and nothing that I’ve written to here since makes any reference to naturism or nudism apart from the fact that my feet are stripy thanks to wearing Croc flip flops on my otherwise bare feet in the sun. I’m now sitting at my laptop typing out my thoughts whilst my back, shoulders and chest are itching not through insect bites but because of sunburn.

Before I go much further I have mentioned to a few friends (hello Gaz!) that getting naked for a day intrigued and interested me, I’m pretty sure that he thought that it was just another of my manic whims which have manifested themselves in an “all talk and  no action” type scenario. Well, sorry Gaz, this was talk but it was also action and as a result of that I’m seriously thinking of deactivating my Facebook account so that I won’t be tagged in any “humorous” posts that may end up embarrassing and upsetting my family. (They know all about it though.) However, once I’ve completed this I’ll read it back and then decide.

wreck beach 087(Photo credit: Ðariusz)

Anyway to get back to the point I spent the biggest part of a week staying with my Mom in the Midlands and had arranged to visit a club on Saturday 19th July. All through the week the weather was good and I was really looking forward to the trip. However, the weather took a horrendous turn for the worse with thunderstorms and torrential rain beating down in the early hours. Just my luck, it was definitely an omen and this day trip just was not meant to be. I made arrangements to go on the Sunday provided that the weather was ok and set off from my Moms at about 10:30 on a warm yet overcast day. The closer I got to this club the less certain I was that this whole enterprise was a good idea. I was about 3 miles away and pulled the car over into a lay-by and took in the weather. I was almost hoping for rain so that I would have an excuse for turning the car around and going back to my Mom’s. However, it was plain to see that the clouds were clearing and the West Midlands was going to get a beautiful sunny day.

I drove on and stopped within about 50 yards of the main gates flicked on the hazard warning lights and reached under my seat where there’s a little drawer and pull out a packet of cigarettes. Feeling not unlike a condemned man I opened the pack and lit my first cigarette in 10 months. I can clearly recall thinking “is this really a good idea” quickly followed by “you’ll regret it if you don’t go in.” this was followed by me saying to myself “you said you wanted to get naked so come on.”

I drove the last couple of yards and rang at the main gate and was quickly invited inside and pointed to a little car park. I grabbed my little bag and went to fill in a form to show who I was. I was asked to show id with my address on and I provided photo card driver’s licence. The chap also took a quick peek at my debit card, cash card and whatever else I offered him. I paid my £7 for a day membership and that’s it I was a temporary member of a naturist club. The chap who signed me in got up from behind his desk dropped his towelling robe over the back of his chair and told me he’d show me around. So we began, me in a tee shirt, shorts and my beloved Croc flip flops and him totally naked. He showed me into the the clubhouse where there was food on offer and a fully licensed bar. He pointed out where the outdoor swimming pool was and then showed me where the toilets and showers were. There was also a sauna and he said that it was not in use; the reason why went straight over my head. He pointed out where I’d be able to find the paths to go into a wooded area for a walk should that take my fancy. My mini tour was over, it probably took about 10 minutes but I really couldn’t tell you the exact time. As we’d strolled around there were several people milling about near their caravans, sitting in the sun or just at a table having a drink.

My guide asked me if there’s anything else that I wanted to know and I said that I couldn’t think of anything. He reassured me that there was no pressure to take my clothes off if I was nervous. Any nervousness I had felt when I was outside of the gate had gone. Besides he said that I went wandering around the site wearing shorts then people would look at me because I’d stand out as not being naked like everyone else. I then realised had forgotten where the swimming pool was so I asked him to point it out to me again and before he could tell me of the “swimming pool rule” I said to him that I knew that if I wanted to use the pool then I’d have to be naked and that I’d looked the club’s website. He left me at this point and I strolled across to a bench took my towels from my bag (one for sitting on and one to use as a towel) kicked off my flip flops, pulled my tee shirt over my head, took off my shorts and that was that – one naked Denbow. I then walked, not run with my hands cupped around my tackle, walked normally to a low gate and onto the paved area that surrounded the swimming pool. It’s only 4 feet deep so jumping in is not really a good idea so I walked down the steps and was in. I had the pool to myself for about 5 minutes then a few people also decided that going into the pool was a good idea. At least I’d had the pool to myself for a few minutes and had got in a few lengths of the pool so I’d achieved my little ambition of swimming naked and it feels so much better to be in the water like that than when wearing a pair of Speedos.

Al bebe nirvana le creció la barba(Photo credit: dwaynemac)

I leaned back at the edge of the pool and watched these people playing some bizarre game the object of which seemed to be to to hit someone with a mini plastic football when they weren’t looking. To be honest I wouldn’t have minded joining in and was about to ask when out of nowhere came one of those wretched balls and smacked me across the face. The girl who’d thrown it was aiming for someone else and he had taken evasive action. That was it revenge was to be mine and suddenly I was in the game. Daft as it may sound it was great fun and everyone including me had enjoyed it. I left the pool first and head back to my bag for a drink of flavoured water that I’d brought me and seeing ashtrays on the tables decided that I’d grab my vapes and my cigarettes. My car was parked some distance away so I grabbed my car keys and set off to grab them. It took 2 or 3 minutes to get to the car park and being a bit dim actually find my car. I pressed the beeper to unlock the car open the door and sat down on the driver’s seat. It was warm, very warm and it was only then that I’d walked across the site naked apart from my croc flip flop and I hadn’t noticed or given it a second thought.

I walked back to where my bag was and decided to have a cigarette. A woman who’d I’d guess was in her late 30s asked me if I was thinking of joining this club and I explained that because I lived so far away then a full membership wouldn’t be worthwhile. She then asked me where I normally went and I told her nowhere and that this was my first visit to a naturist club. She seemed a bit surprised as did her husband when he turned up. They’d been going there about 10 years and absolutely loved the place and when she explained to him that it was my first visit anywhere he was interested to know what I thought.

So I told him what I’d noticed. What I did notice was the fact that I didn’t notice. What I mean is that I didn’t really see masses of naked bodies I saw people and that the people I had spoken with all made eye contact. They didn’t look you up and down, they talked to you, your face and not your body. I couldn’t help but see that there were people of all shapes and sizes front fat to skinny. There were people of all ages from a little boy of about 3 you took great in squirting me with a water pistol to a lady who possibly in her 60s or 70s and every point in-between.

I asked this couple the best route to get to the paths into the woodlands to have a little explore. The husband began to tell me when she got up from her seat and said she wanted to look at my back. I had 2 red marks on my back, fairly raised, and were a bit itchy. She announced almost with pride that they were insect bites and I said I’d been attacked by flying ants. She asked for second a second opinion and I ended up with second, third and fourth opinion that some flying blighters had bitten me. One of them advised me to steer clear of the woods as I be eaten alive because the hot dry weather had brought all manner of little malevolent little beasties. They also reckoned that because I was so pale I’d be the proverbial sitting duck. With that I plonked myself down and then decided to have a cold drink so I headed into the bar I search of alcohol free drink. I decided on a Becks Blue which was served to me by a naked barman!

I had a long chat with a chap who had been a member there for years and he told me about his trips abroad to Spain, The Canary Islands and Croatia and the different attitudes to naturism and nudity on the continent. He asked me where I lived and he explained that there is a decent club closer to home that may be worth checking out. He also said that a naturist day in a water park is brilliant and I can really believe that!

Becks consumed along with 2 pints of water I needed to pee so I headed off to the toilets and shower block building. I wasn’t until I was in there that I realised that I was barefoot so pee completed I thought a quick rinse under the shower was in order. I was only there a matter of seconds when a thought occurred to me. There was a men’s toilet, I never noticed the ladies, but there was only one lot of showers and they were all communal. Makes sense I suppose.

I decided on a last little dip in the pool another Becks Blue and as time was going on I’d have to leave although I really didn’t want to. The atmosphere was so relaxed and the people so friendly that I felt I could’ve stayed there for a lot longer if I could. I grabbed another beer and spoke to a chap in the bar for a bit before I took my drink back into the sun for a final cigarette before dragging my reluctant self away from the best day I’ve had in ages.

As a footnote let’s tell you this. On Sunday’s my Mom normally goes to my Auntie’s for luch and stays until the early evening. I chose not to tell that I was going to spend the biggest part of a day naked with a bunch of strangers as I thought as an 86 year old she’d be disgusted. I came up with some cock and bull story that I was off into the countryside to use my good camera to take some photographs. I also insisted that I was going alone. When I had parked the car I had switched my BlackBerry off and left it in the car. When I was driving back the phone rang and I pulled over into a lay-by to take the call. It was my Mom who said she’d been ringing me all afternoon and was worried that her 55 year old son was lying dead in a ditch somewhere. I told her I’d be with in 15 or 20 minutes which I was. My Mom then subjected me to an intensive questioning session (cue I never expected the Spanish Inquisition) asking me where I’d been etc etc. Initially I told her that I had no intention of telling her but she then asked me if I’d met up with an ex-girlfriend of 35 years ago. I explained patiently that I hadn’t and decided to just tell her exactly where I’d been. When I told her that I had taken day pass to go to a naturist club she looked confused for a moment and asked whether I meant nudist. I said yes except them British tend to say naturism whereas other countries say nudism. She then enquired as to why I didn’t tell her. I gently explained that I thought I’d upset her if I’d told her of my plans. She then said she didn’t mind and asked if I’d enjoyed myself and I told her that it was a great day, the best day I’d had in years.Then came the hammer blow, she looked at me and said,

“I wish you’d told me because then I could have gone down to my sister’s and you could have stayed there as long as you like.”

I guess honesty is the best policy

Ciao For Now



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We Were Taught That Growing Older Is Ugly And It’s Time…

We Were Taught That Growing Older Is Ugly And It’s Time To Relearn The Truth: Growing Wise Is Beautiful

I have been noticing for quite some time that images I often see in both media and in local photographer’s work alike of older women are missing something gorgeous: truthfulness.

As if the truth of what miraculously happens to our sweet and tender bodies is not worthy of being photographed without erasing away with photoshop the lines on our face and neck and arms, the possible darkening under our sage eyes or whatever else sacred all of which are filled with laughter and heartbreak and possible birthing or loosing a child and maybe divorce and lovemaking.  We have agreed to call our wise skin ‘saggy’ and ‘wrinkly’ and many other disempowering words.  We have been convinced we need creams and magic potions and plastic surgery and most always photoshop to feel worthy of seeing ourselves as beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I love my special face cream and scented body oil that I put on day and night.  However, I indulge in those pleasantries for my body because it brings me pleasure and it smells like the desert after rain and I love anointing my body with loveliness, not because I think I need them to be beautiful ‘one day’ or because I need to look like the “after” photo of an untruthful infomercial.

I am 35 years old.  I look 35 years old, some people tell me I look older.  That does not offend me!  In some cultures that would be a tremendous honor, to be thought of as an elder.  In our culture, however, we tell our Wise Women that they need to change, and try and look like our granddaughters.  You see in most of our older women magazines of women over 50 we might see images of celebrities like my beloved Madonna with animation looking pore-less skin and women smiling without a trace of crows feet or heaven forbid some age spots or veins or a soft under-chin.

I am here to remind us all:  The tribal like markings on our well-lived skin is beautiful.  They tell the story of our sacred life.  They are ours and ours alone.  May we not let anyone take them away or erase them in our next photo shoot.  Praise your precious body and show our younger women there is nothing to be ashamed of to be in a Wise Woman Body to go with a Wise Woman Soul.  And furthermore, let’s celebrate this older skin that we are in!  It is glorious!  It is alive!  It is worthy!

These photos I took of Heather and Cheryl are gorgeous.  We took these images to celebrate Heather’s 50th birthday and the women’s friendship and sisterhood.  Cheryl is 61 years wise.  When I finally sent them the photos, I had to also remind them that in many of the images I lit them in a way that brought out the texture of their skin because I want to celebrate that which we have been trained to not want to see in photographs.  They had to look at the final images through fresh eyes of truth, and they had to trust me when I said that the images were breathtaking.  I suggested that we must learn to see ourselves, in all wonderful ways of lighting and smile at this rendition of ourselves instead of the learned cringing.

It takes practice, to love ourselves in all of our glory!  I encourage us to love ourselves, inside and out, and model that for our young girls and boys who think that only thin photoshopped bodies and pore-less skin are something to strive for instead of loving the precious skin they are in and creating powerful lives with a heart filled with self confidence and self love.  We must have more photos of truthful beauty in all of the sacred variations we come in.  Thank you Heather and Cheryl for trusting me and for sharing these photos we took with our sisters in the name of celebrating all the stages in which we meet life!








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nudiarist: Julia Fullerton-Batten Unadorned 2012 Agonistica…


Julia Fullerton-Batten Unadorned 2012 Agonistica http://agonistica.com/julia-fullerton-batten-unadorned-2012/

Another look at one of my most popular posts of the past few months…

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Nude News Preview 24-07-2014

download (size: 6 MB )

A preview video of the latest edition (24th July 2014) of the Nude-News for Nude-Muse Magazine. This week Angela explains why it is important to walk your dog. She does it nude. Maya does a naked rant about social media censoring nudity. Nicole brings you nude dating reality TV shows and Erin brings you the latest in nude sport.
Join Dannii, Erin, Angela, Nicole and Maya at nude-muse.com/join.html

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: dannii, nude, news, naked, model, angela, erin, nicole, tv show, nudism and celebrity

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Meeting people naked for the first time.

Originally posted on Nicky’s World:
http://vimeo.com/88891960 This is a great video in France on how people meet other people for the first time in the Nude and without any clothes. It’s very interesting and it reminds me of how I react when I meet other people in the nude and clothes free.

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