A NUDIE DIGEST – July 27, 2014


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Editor’s Note: I am attempting to repost content that is pro-naturism and definitely not pornography.  I do not write most of what appears here.  I receive this content via newsfeed from many excellent naturist/nudist resources and I always link back to the original posts.  I urge you to visit those posts and add those content producers to your personal newsfeeds, tumblr, wordpress twitter etc. accounts.




Bodypainting in the Streets | The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp…

Bodypainting in the Streets | The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Societyhttp://coedtoplesspulpfiction.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/bodypainting-in-the-streets/

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There are some great images and video coming out of the “New York Body Painting Day” event. Check out the #NYBPD hash tag on Twitter and Instagram.
Looks like such a great event. Well done to all involved!

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Friends of Blind Creek Beach

download (size: 120 MB )

On June 8, 2014, the supporters of Blind Creek Beach had their first social get together on the beach with about 30 participants enjoying perfect naked weather. Interviewed for the episode is Nelson Jones of Friends of Blind Creek Beach (BlindCreekBeach.net) and Bill Schroer of American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR.com)

Cast: Nude Beach News

Tags: nude, nudist, nudism, naked, nude beach, naturist, naturist beach, naked beach, haulover beach, blind creek beach and naturism

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July has been good!

Well, apart from a few cooler cloudy days and 2 terrific thunderstorms this month has been good for the Clothes-free lifestyle! 
Indoors and out, it makes perfect sense to wear nothing,people complaining how hot and sweaty they are,sleeping difficult,well JUST WEAR YOUR SKIN, no sweat!
I’ve esp enjoyed being in the garden naturally nude, my upstairs neighbour Sandra, a 60+ Mancunian Jamaican, told me she doesn’t mind as she is nude in her apt and we have had a few chats with her leaning out of the window and me in my 1button suit!
Oh well, a few pictures of my garden and me,staying bare in this warm air,cheers!

****Just click on the pic for a larger version if you dare!!

 That’s me and my garden,hope you like it you are welcome anytime!

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My Body is a Cage by lovelizzie

My Body is a Cage by lovelizzie

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Adelaide’s inaugural nude pub night at Land of Promise Hotel
The Australian
The nudist resort is hosting Adelaide’s very first nude pub night at Hindmarsh’s Land of Promise Hotel in October and organisers are tickled, er, pink about it. “There’s been quite a bit of interest on social media,” says David Pillar, 51, who runs

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the fairy queen by imagesse

the fairy queen by imagesse

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Craig-Lindsey 5470 by neatfrek

Craig-Lindsey 5470 by neatfrek

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Chiti by pedrovictoraf

Chiti by pedrovictoraf

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Bodypainting in the Streets

IMG_6715Today, thanks to Andy Golub, was New York City Bodypainting Day, a celebration of art and the  naked body. While normally only toplessness is legal on the streets of Manhattan, full nudity is legal if it’s in the service of an artistic production, and there’s no question that this gathering of a few dozen of the nation’s finest body painters was an artistic production. Working with a common color palette and a mandate to incorporate eyes into their designs, the painters attacked the problem with relish, producing human canvases that were imaginative and beautiful.


And it was wonderful to see so many people boldly and proudly naked in the sun, on the street at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park. Spectators watched, remarkably politely, and the moral fabric of the city was not rent asunder despite the presence of dozens of bared penises, unclothed vaginas, and breasts of every shape, size, age and gender. (Not to mention the handling of same, in full view of onlookers of every shape, size, age and gender.)


Which begs the question, of course, why it’s okay for people to see this once a year when paint is involved but the other 364 it’s grounds for arrest. But one step at a time.


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A Few Private Moments In Time

Cleaning up after an noon meal on the patio.Cleaning up after an noon meal on the patio.

The wind is still blowing and my allergies are having their own private festival. Since it is quite cool and overcast, most of the time, I don’t feel guilty for hiding in the house seeking some relief however fleeting that relief might be. In spite of the sneezing, runny nose, stuffed and achy head, I do take time to play games outside with my grandchildren. As I sit in my office and write up this post, my grandchildren are off to the swimming pool with their dad, and my wife and our daughter are off to get a few more groceries to feed all, I have a rare luxury of being alone and cleaning up the lunch mess on our patio table. This time alone is treasured and chores don’t intrude on this alone time. If anything, I am able to do a better job of it because of no distractions. As well, I get to do them skyclad.

Just out of curiousity, I did a web search to see if there was any way that naturism was useful as a way to relieve allergy symptoms. The first thing that popped up was a book called Beat Your Allergies, in which the author Rob Hicks includes the suggestion of including indoor naturism (Why getting naked might be just what the doctor ordered) as one strategy. I don’t have the book, so I have little to say about the book or exactly what the author is advocating. That left me with doing the usual routine of nasal spray (Dristan), headache pills (Advil) and allergy meds (Reactine)  so that I could return to some semblance of being a sociable person.

With my nasal passages again open, I am ready to rejoin my grandchildren for a few hours of bonding time.

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Europe gets it @freethenipple They’re just boobs!!!! #freethenippleimage

— BridgetPhetasy (@BridgetPhetasy)

May 29, 2014

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shoo-bop: La pelota de Melvin


La pelota de Melvin

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andwhatdoyousee: homemade miniature studio for model train set,…

andwhatdoyousee: homemade miniature studio for model train set,...

homemade miniature studio for model train set, approx. 1980


FG_AUTHORS: Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians…

allthisartandskin: theblackcatzon: christian coigny Of…

allthisartandskin: theblackcatzon: christian coigny Of...


christian coigny

Of course! Love, Janet

FG_AUTHORS: Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians…

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allthisartandskin: Janet: Let’s draw!

allthisartandskin: Janet: Let’s draw!

Janet: Let’s draw!

FG_AUTHORS: Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians…

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Avrae romantique by sunboys

Avrae romantique by sunboys

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Bodies of Water – Trailer

download (size: 7 MB )

Cast: Naked Club


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Anastasia and I were roommates for only a few months, but a close friendship grew from sharing about our food and weight issues. We breached a huge taboo by admitting that we both turned compulsively to food when we felt overwhelmed by the stress in our lives, and that authenticity created an instant bond between us.

Anastasia_1_wuafbaShe felt like she was carrying a lot of extra weight then, and even though I was quite slim, I felt just as uncomfortable in my body as what she described, and I’d always felt that bad about myself, as long as I could remember. I told her how fighting for the cause of improving body image was helping me work on my own issues. I told her about photographing and drawing the nude body, including my own. She liked the idea of doing a photo shoot with me, but it didn’t happen right away. As I well knew from my own experiences, a lot of inner resistance came up in the meantime.

But the photo session did happen, about a year later. Anastasia had been through major life changes and had just about finished a course to become an esthetician. She told me about her studies, in particular how the practice periods required intimate contact with other students’ bodies, and how this made her a lot more relaxed about everything body-related, so she felt ready to be photographed nude.

She was challenging herself to do it in order to change the negative opinion she held towards her body.

This photo session with Anastasia taught me how uniquely each person reacts in front of the camera. We made a date, and she arrived mentally prepared for just about anything, but when the time came to undress, she started to feel uncomfortable and wasn’t sure if she could go on. I reminded her that it was totally her call and I left the room to give her a few moments to herself. When I came back, she was sitting on the floor wearing a camisole and underwear and still unsure about what she wanted to do. Since we were in a room with a camera set up just for that purpose, I proposed to take a few photos of her anyways like that, but as soon as I disappeared behind the camera she made up her mind and removed the last pieces of clothing.

Anastasia_2_wuafbaWhat happened next really surprised me. I didn’t tell her what to do or how to pose, I only suggested she try to feel her way into different positions according to how she was feeling. Once the ice was broken, she seemed incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, in fact, her poses were creative and natural and clearly she was having fun playing the game of shifting positions to expose her body from different angles. I was quite touched by how easily she was able to move around while I took the pictures. She did not look like someone who was ashamed of her curves. What I was seeing was someone who lived fully in her body from the inside out.Anastasia_3_wuafba

Anastasia_4_wuafbaWe took at least a hundred photographs, then sat down together at my computer to go through them. We agreed that these images belonged to her, and would never be shared with anyone else, but she was okay with me making drawings based on some of them. We sorted through, and she left me about 30 images – those that did not clearly show her face – and the rest were copied onto a key for her and erased from my camera’s memory card. 

Anastasia_5_wuafbaI didn’t get around to actually drawing this series until 5 years later. I haven’t seen Anastasia since the photo shoot, but we’ve maintained in contact. I’m not sure where she’s at with her body image or her weight, but she has continued to work on herself and grow stronger. I know that life is not always easy for her, but she is tenacious. Drawing her was a wonderful process for me, mostly because I’d gained weight since I last saw her, and for the first time in my life I was able to identify with curvier women, and in drawing her, I clearly saw the beauty above and beyond the extra weight.


My drawing process is very simple; there is nothing original about it. I print the photograph on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, and then trace the contours onto a sheet of white paper using a light table. With the photograph next to my drawing, I then work on the shadows and highlights to bring it to life. I don’t invent anything new or try to improve what I see; it’s more like a translation of a photograph into an illustration to better see things as they truly are.

Anastasia_7_wuafbaFinding myself behind a camera with a nude model is always a series of gentle, tender moments. I feel humbled to be invited into the vulnerable space of someone’s nudity, and because I have also experienced the model side of the equation, I want to make sure they feel comfortable. I believe that by facing up to our fears and discomforts about our bodies, we can get past them, but sometimes it helps to meet up with our own judgments in front of a camera lens or another person (who is NOT there to judge!) that the shift can really take place. Most people only undress in front of their lovers or perhaps a family doctor, so it is different to purposefully do so in order to see oneself differently.


For me, drawing the nude body, whether it’s mine or someone else’s; man or woman, of whatever age or condition, is an act of respect towards the miracle that we are as human beings. We don’t always appreciate the complex intelligence of this envelope that allows us to experience life on earth. When we don’t become conscious of it and we don’t take care of it, we can find ourselves at war with our own bodies; as many anorexics, bulimics, drug addicts and alcoholics know too well. Aside from these extremes, there are still a large number of people insulting themselves in front of the mirror daily. Drawing the nude body is more like a celebration of the body in every form it takes; a moment of contemplation in front of this miracle; a tender caress of a crayon upon paper translating the simple beauty of the body.


Thanks again, my dear friend Anastasia, for sharing your body for “the cause”. I am always deeply touched by these images and I trust that they will make their way out into the world to help other women on their body-acceptance path as well. xoxo Colette

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Default & Natural State

Nudity is our default and natural state. We all entered the world in that state and we felt no shame or embarrassment as we saw our first light and took our first breath. As we grew older we learned how to feel shame and embarrassment about our bodies from our parents, our teaches, our churches, our media, and from our culture in general.

There is, however, a place deep inside each of us where we remember our innocence, our freedom, our natural state. In this place we intuitively know that any alteration to our natural state (i.e., clothing) is an aberration. Unless the addition of garments is a necessity for warmth or for protection from the elements and hazards, the choice to cover our natural state is likely either a compromise or vanity (satisfaction of the ego).

Our natural unclothed bodies are not, in and of themselves, in any way offensive, shameful, sinful, repulsive, or degrading. These adjectives are applicable only to behavior and reflect our own fears, inadequacies, and insecurities. Using them to shame or degrade a fellow human being is an attempt to project our fears, insecurities, inadequacies, prejudices, and our ignorance upon others. The shaming of others is a reflection of the shame we feel toward ourselves.

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Why I prefer Naga Yoga

Some reasons why I prefer Naga Yoga as my practice:

  • Comfort. I feel more comfortable nude. I accept my body as it is which gives me a foundation for change.
  • Awareness. I tend to be more aware of the wholeness of my body rather than a collection of parts. I’m better able to visualize my alignment and the effects of the asanas.
  • Connectedness. I feel more connected with the body as it moves through the asanas and with the Atman, the Divine, and my surroundings.
  • Freedom. I feel free from restrictions. Without clothing, I have more freedom of movement and the flow of prana and energy has fewer restrictions.

Clothing can be a veil, hiding what we don’t wish to see and separating us from our true selves and from others. The attachment to the idea that we always need to cover our bodies, or certain parts, contributes to the illusion of separateness from one another, the world, the Universe, the Divine, ourselves.

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WATCHING PENNY by alan1828

WATCHING PENNY by alan1828

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