A NUDIE DIGEST – July 28, 2014

Castles in Spain

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Cast: naturallynakednudes


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Adventure In Freedom 1

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Cast: naturallynakednudes


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The Independent
Now the gloves (and everything else) are off as naturists are criminalised
The Independent
British Naturism has complained to two other police forces over comments that it claims unfairly criminalise nudists. These incidents included The World Naked Bike Ride in Clacton, Essex last month, when organisers came under pressure to abandon the …

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Texas Open Carry Rallies Ruined by Boob-Flashing “Libtard” Ladies

An open-carry group too crazy for Open Carry Texas has been walking around flapping its guns. A group of women who opposes their display of weapons struck on a novel way to perturb the gun-fondlers: Follow them around topless.

Via Raw Story:

Come and Take It Texas, a group affiliated with the open carry movement, is complaining that topless protestors are ruining their monthly walks in support of gun rights.

They are being “trolled by skanky topless libtards,” one post on the group’s Facebook page reads. Another post identifies the counter-protestors as members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA), even though they made no claim to being affiliated with that organization.

The topless counter-protestors carried signs that read, “You realize that everyone thinks you’re overcompensating for your teeny tiny ‘gun’ right?” and “Boobs for peace.” The women confronted the open carry advocates and said that as long as they openly carried their weapons, the counter-protestors would bare their breasts.

Gun-loving ladlers of liberty, having never read Lysistrata, weren’t sure what to make of the counter-protest. Besides, you, know, the usual sexist comebacks:

@DLoesch @izzyjsmom @EricReedGRAA I’m missing the connection that mammaries have with guns. Hey, Grandma-get dressed & start a quilting bee!

— Denise (@westieTX) July 28, 2014

@lonestarmango @LeaSavoy @USMCJuanCarlos @DLoeschpic.twitter.com/5GdZZBzdy6

— Eric Reed (@EricReedGRAA) July 27, 2014

Beyond their inability to resist making grade-school comments about boobies, the firearms enthusiasts appear to be off-target in their charge that the protesters are from Moms Demand Action; the group’s organizer denied involvement and one of the participants made clear she was freelancing.

Nor is it the ladies’ first time protesting in Austin; topless women also organized a counterprotest to open-carry dudes last March during SXSW. “This is not a pro-gun town,” one says. “This is a pro-boobs town”:

In the meantime, none of the blunderbuss-blubberers has managed to articulate why an open display of titties is any more intimidating than their long, hot barrels.

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Comment on Nudism/Naturism: Naked TV reality shows by sassycoupleok

As nudist we find them uneventful. Pretty much a titillating voyeurism moment for the non nudist and will garner some ratings I’m sure. Also sure we will see more of this type of programing. If you are going to portray nudity show full nudity!


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Miley Cyrus Goes Topless In The Desert Because, Why Not

What a view.

Miley Cyrus found an interesting way to stay cool in the desert on July 21, as the 21-year-old stripped down to nothing but a pair of jean shorts. Considering she looks like she’s in the middle of nowhere, this bold move easily could’ve gone unnoticed. But it wouldn’t be Miley if she didn’t share the topless photo with the world:

See photo, and a great slideshow of 76 celebrities who go topless

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Image by Larkhill597

Image by Larkhill597

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” Waste Not “


Leading on from a subject I touched on very briefly in the last post, I now feel it is very important these days, to use the resources we have wisely and at the same time not waste all of the world’s natural resources, making new things that we don’t really need. It is a pleasure for me, that a lot of things now get reused (books, records, furniture etc.) though car boot sales, charity shops and also on the web, on amazon marketplace and ebay. Most of the time I find getting a book or a CD second hand, a lot more satisfying than going out and spending a stack of money on brand new items. If it’s in good condition (which they normally are) you feel you’re getting a bargain and this adds to the experience. It’s the same kind of experience if you manage to use a renewable power source that comes from the sun, wind or wave renewable energy.


Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat. Renewable energy replaces conventional fuels in four distinct areas: electricity generation, hot water/space heating, motor fuels, and rural (off-grid) energy services.About 16% of global final energy consumption presently comes from renewable resources, with 10% of all energy from traditional biomass, mainly used for heating, and 3.4% from hydroelectricity. New renewables (small hydro, modern biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, and biofuels) account for another 3% and are growing rapidly. At the national level, at least 30 nations around the world already have renewable energy contributing more than 20% of energy supply. National renewable energy markets are projected to continue to grow strongly in the coming decade and beyond. Wind power, for example, is growing at the rate of 30% annually, with a worldwide installed capacity of 282,482 megawatts (MW) at the end of 2012.


Renewable energy resources exist over wide geographical areas, in contrast to other energy sources, which are concentrated in a limited number of countries. Rapid deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency is resulting in significant energy security, climate change mitigation, and economic benefits. In international public opinion surveys there is strong support for promoting renewable sources such as solar power and wind power.While many renewable energy projects are large-scale, renewable technologies are also suited to rural and remote areas and developing countries, where energy is often crucial in human development.


I would love to have the funds available, to put all this to the test and have wind turbines, solar panels, eco toilets and the like all over the place; however it’s not possible at this moment in time, so we have to do things on a small scale and this we have. In the still unnamed “Cabinchaletshed” we have solar lights inside and out, run certain devices from a battery, which uses a trickle recharging solar panel to top up its power.There are also things you can do at home which help the environment something’s have forcibly been changed in law, something are voluntary  but all go to help the sustainability and help save the natural resources of the planet.


Here are just a few :-

1.Consider installing solar panels. Although solar heating has been used to warm homes for thousands of years, solar panels are totally modern and very green. They have no moving parts; you sit them out in the sun, perhaps on your rooftop, hook up the wires and collect power without adding any fuel or replacing worn-out parts.

2.Replace all the standard light bulbs in your home with compact fluorescent ones. These energy-smart bulbs use 70-75% less energy than the incandescent kind and last up to ten times longer.

3.Install a motion detector outside home to replace your outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights left on all night waste energy and disturb wildlife. Light fixtures activated by motion sensors or a timer will keep area well lit and save energy and money to boot.


4.Don’t waste water. Check your home carefully for leaks and get them repaired as quickly as possible. Use cold water when laundering clothes and adjust your clean threshold if you possibly can. You could even go without clothes at home like we do in warm weather, then you don’t need to buy as many as they don’t wear out as quickly, also you don’t need to wash them as much saving on detergents, water and electricity to power your washing machine it’s also more comfortable and beneficial to you.

10 12

5.Install low flow showerheads. They are a worthwhile investment (especially if you live in a rented space because you can take them with you). They cut down on water usage and save energy costs.

6.Create a compost pile in your back garden. Find a private spot in your yard to make a compost pile. Mix food wastes with dirt and use a shovel to turn the pile over every week or so to give it some air.

7.Consider investing in and installing an automated thermostat. High tech thermostats are well worth the cost, and what you spend, you will get back over time in lower energy bills.


8.Insulate your home. Doors and windows are two of the most obvious areas of concern when it comes to home energy conservation. Use weather-stripping. Once air leaks have been detected, doors and windows are usually the first areas that need attention.

9.Live by the code of the 3R’s; Refuse, Reuse and Recycle. Keep these three things in mind whenever you buy, use or discard anything.

Most of the time it’s simple, obvious and it also give you the good feeling of knowing you’re doing the right things when it comes to helping the environment.

GPLogoWorldWhiteGreenForWebblog image 16

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Miley Cyrus Goes Topless In The Desert Because, Why Not

What a view.
Miley Cyrus found an interesting way to stay cool in the desert on July 21, as the 21-year-old stripped down to nothing but a pair of jean shorts. Considering she looks like she’s in the middle of nowhere, this bold move easily could’ve gone unnoticed. But it wouldn’t be Miley if she didn’t share the topless photo with the world:

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Comment on Nudism/Naturism: Naked TV reality shows by dave

Hi Jillian.

I have watched a couple….naked and affraid, and buying nude (I think that’s what it’s called…the real estate one).

Frankly, I don’t think they do anything to promote naturism. I think u r right when u say they are doing it for the tittillating factor unfortunately 😦

My friends know we are a nudist couple and enjoy it. They also know I view the body as a transport for the soul, and that is what is important!



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shoo-bop: Mercedes



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Naturist alert! Would you do this?

Naturist alert! Would you do this?
Cape Town – Naturists alert! This sweet video of people dancing naked in downtown Los Angeles will charm the pants off you. Made to promote a new reality TV series, we’re just so blown-away by the guts and courage it must have taken – and it certainly …

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Nudism/Naturism: Naked TV reality shows

(As posted to my Gazette blog, Turning the Page) Nudity without the nudity . . . That seems to be the formula for some — if not all — the naked reality TV shows that are popping up these days. I haven’t actually watched any of these shows, but I did see a report on […]

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I haven’t abandoned you

fefeaf nude sit2_001pixmate1


fefeaf nude sit2_001pixlmate2


Just to let you know that, although I’m not going to be posting regularly, I’m still undertaking SLN-related stuff in the background. I’m currently working and experimenting with a programme called ‘Pixelmator’ which has several different tools which should hopefully improve the finish to the photography. On the basis of my taking it up, Harry is also experimenting with it. Early experiments are with tools that have allowed me to slightly improve photographs, as with the above ‘before and after’ shots. Using ‘Pixelmator’ I’ve been able to lose awkward shadowing. In this photo, the bottom photo has lost shading from the model’s chest, knee and groin area to create a more realistic look. And this is how my summer’s going to play out, undertaking behind the scenes work -not just with photography either-to improved the overall quality of SLN for you, our readers.


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One Direction’s Liam Payne shares naked selfie – fans scream!
Alongside the nudie snap, Liam joked that he’d lost his pants, saying: “Damn that was my last pair!” Aboard a luxury yacht, the megastar can be seen faking a surprised look on his face as he holds his hands out to his sides in a shocked manner. Liam

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The Province
‘I’ve seen them walk up to kids wangin’ their dangs’: Nudists get a rise out
The Province
Dustin Wolchina, a naturist who has been speaking for beach users, says he and other nude-beach regulars were surprised when they were denied access. “They’re really, really disheartened — it’s ridiculous,” he says. Wolchina acknowledges that it’s

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Bottoms up for pub nude night

Bottoms up for pub nude night
For David and Debbie, who have been running the resort near Swan Reach for 20 years in November, nudism is a more “friendly” way of life. “Once you remove your clothes, you remove a lot of barriers between people,” David says. “People accept you for …

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nudelifestyle: nudist beach boy classic


nudist beach boy classic

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Photographing my “different” body

Meli_1_wuafba  I have multiple sclerosis (diagnosed over 12 years ago) and my mobility has been reduced over the past few years. I’ve gone from using crutches, to a walker, to a wheelchair to get around. The first few years following the diagnosis were very difficult, but pushed me to begin an inner process during which I was invited to experiment with photography and drawing. I was not someone who had ever even dared to draw before, nor could I imagine myself doing photography, especially not nude! Self-judgment is so strong! I always tried to hide from cameras, even when I was fully dressed. But bit by bit, I tried – I dared – hoping to at least breach a gap in the prison in which I lived; a prison built by years of self-criticism, of feeling lesser than others, of old psychological wounds…

So after hesitating for a long time, I took the plunge and did a first photo session, then another. I came to see that my body had been judged for so long by my own mind that SO wanted my body to be different, more attractive, slimmer…and it was a huge step forward, accepting to reveal it, not only to the camera lens, but also to the person behind the camera! Little by little, the gesture of undressing became less difficult and took on a sense of lightness, like a return to innocence, to the truth, to the very root of being human!


My desire to participate in nude photography was based much more on this deep need to open up from within rather than any pleasure derived from posing nude. I felt, and still feel, a very strong need to see myself in a gentler way, and especially the most vulnerable aspects of me. I’m also learning this by photographing others, starting with the friend who photographed me! Being on the other side of the camera brought a whole other dimension.

It helped me to soften my usual perceptions, and to start seeing the body like a small child needing to be treated with care, and also allowed me to get in contact with the more vulnerable parts that are often ignored and hidden, both in myself and in the other. You must admit that vulnerability is not terribly fashionable in a world that worships strength and beauty, youth, performance and efficiency, not to mention our most sacred expectations of complete independence!

Meli_2_wuafbaIt’s amazing to be able to recognize and admire the beauty, the magnanimity, of a nude body, and to finally make peace, at least a little bit, with my own body, just the way it is. It feels good! And so much more so, because I am living in a body that is weakening, that suffers, responds differently to movements once taken for granted, and is becomes, for now and  maybe forever, more limited. It’s a real challenge.

Like others with physical limitations, I find it even more important to do this inner work to liberate the body from everything that keeps it imprisoned, and simply accept to reveal it, to honour it, to recognize its beauty and it’s greatness, which coexist at the very heart of the fragility that is so scary to us and to those around us.

Nude photography definitely contributes to this process of acceptance… and I’ve discovered that drawing is also an incredible practice that has changed my life! It has also become a better window through which to see the body, but also through which to see the whole world, and my life!

– MeliMeli_4_wuafba

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lichubb: softissexy:



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(via ‘The Topless Tour’: What You Need To Know About It; Is Being Topless Addicting? Bold Movement To Visit Countries Like Italy, Sweden And Croatia This Summer? : Trending News : KDramaStars)

‘The Topless Tour’: What You Need To Know About It; Is Being Topless Addicting? Bold Movement To Visit Countries Like Italy, Sweden And Croatia This Summer?

By Staff Writer | May 29, 2014 11:23 PM EDT

(Photo : Instagram, the_topless_tour)
No. “The Topless Tour” is neither something initiated by Playboy, nor a spin-off of “Girls Gone Wild”.

“The Topless Tour” is an initiative started by three women. Brits Olivia Edginton, 20, Lydia Buckler, 21, and Norwegian Ingvild Marstein Olsen, 20, started the bold move a few years back. But, it was only of late that they got massive internet attention.

In an interview on the Huffington Post, Olivia explained what “The Topless Tour” is all about. “The Topless Tour is the opening of your bare chest and heart to the world.”

“It sounds really cheesy on paper, but it really connects you with the people you love. The experience is a whirlwind of different emotions and it is so nice to share it with others.”

She added: “Our family and friends are really supportive. Most of them have even taken part themselves. Everyone is very proud of the message, our parents think it’s really refreshing for young women to be embracing who they are and love for their body. It is something we don’t hear enough about these days.”

The group already has 4k followers on Instagram and thousands more on Facebook. Girls around the globe are starting to follow suit as hundreds of photos have already been received.
“The Topless Tour” started in Christmas in 2012 when the group visited Lake Mjøsa in Norway.

“We had been for a walk around the lake and very spontaneously decided to see how cold we could really feel – it was then we lost our topless virginity. It was surprising to see how much your body adjusted to the temperature, it felt so natural, so free. We soon became addicted,” explained Ingvild.

It’s surprising that even though the girls are doing something quite appalling and offensive to some, they haven’t gotten into trouble.
“So far we haven’t got in too much trouble, we get the occasional tut and shake of the head, but generally the response is surprisingly more positive. We still always seem make people smile and laugh – especially when we’re on skis,” Ingvild said.

Lydia further added: “The Topless Tour isn’t just our story anymore, it’s becoming a part of so many adventures and lives.
“It is so humbling to know that we are in someway responsible. We are very excited about its future as it has so much potential and can’t wait to see what is in store.

“Some people are a bit apprehensive when we ask them to join the tour but when it’s all over they say they absolutely love it. It’s one of those moments where time just stands still. It is so addictive.”

The Topless Tour is now planning to visit various countries including Italy, Croatia and Sweden this summer.

Follow The Topless Tour on Instagram: the_topless-tour, and on

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thettour

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bodypositivemama: My friend asked if she could make a meme out…


My friend asked if she could make a meme out of this picture and I was so surprised when she showed it to me!

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IMG_6493When we chose the location for this weekend’s get-together — the far west end of 55th Street, where a tree-shaded, grassy lawn slopes down to the edge of the Hudson River — we had no idea that we would be next door to the world’s largest convention of sneaker enthusiasts, “Sneaker Con.” But when we arrived, laden with books and towels and tasty things to eat, we found a line of people carrying cardboard shoeboxes and wearing the most striking footwear. What was at first a short queue soon snaked around the entire perimeter of the lawn, encircling us to the tune of at least two hundred eager souls – most of whom, for lack of anything better to do while waiting to be let in, seemed to be watching us and speculating on the question of who we were and why we had no shirts on.


But — and this is why we love New York so — the speculation was good natured and polite, and aside from a very few nervous visits from inquisitive teenage boys, nominally asking us this or that but actually just angling for a close-up view, we were left to read in peace. (One of our number did comment at one point, “I think we’ve jump-started puberty for several people on line.” She wasn’t necessarily referring to the chronologically young, either.)


Our attendees this time included two representatives of the Feminist Press, who came bearing gifts, samples of their line of female-authored pulp fiction, and a French journalist working on a magazine article about America’s top-freedom movement; all three cast inhibition aside and joined us in bare-breasted relaxation. Other attendees hailed from as far away as Australia, Israel, and Barcelona and as near as the Upper West Side. One of us had to leave halfway through for a dog-walking gig; one arrived late after a long evening bartending. We also had not one but two physicists and a brief discussion of molecular dynamics. Alongside our customary stash of pulp fiction (including, hot off the presses, a new paperback edition of Lawrence Block’s amazing A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES, basis for the forthcoming Liam Neeson movie), we read Sartre and BULLFINCH’S MYTHOLOGY. We ate chili-laced popcorn and coconut chips, fresh lychees and blueberries, petits fours from Maison Kayser, and some utterly delectable homemade tollhouse cookies. (One of our members brought her boyfriend, and her boyfriend brought the cookies. Good boyfriend.)


At one point, one of us, demonstrating considerable dexterity and upper-body strength, clambered up the nearest tree and deposited herself in the crook of two branches and proceeded to read Truman Capote from her perch.


At another point, we found ourselves discussing nipple piercings (one of us had just gotten hers done the day before).


At yet another, we communed with the gaggle of geese that frequent the lawn.


Was the afternoon perfect? Almost. It did drizzle at one point, and more substantial rain threatened. But we defied the threat and, improbably, the skies cleared. Neither we nor the geese were forced to fly, and our feathers remained blissfully unruffled.


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ENY Youth Rally at Solaris Croatia

Youth Meeting

28 Jul – 8 Aug 2014

Where: Solaris Naturist Resort near Porec, Croatia

The event at the Adriatic resort offers a wide range of social and sporting activities for young naturists, including body painting, beach Olympics, football, volleyball, barbecues and discos.

ENY Youth Rally at Solaris Croatia for young people between 14 and 27. €250 for 12 days including entry to Solaris Breakfast and Dinner in the restaurant and tourist tax.

You could bring your own tent.
Please note there is a limited number of participants for this event.

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Bravo 2 by rokarobi70

Bravo 2 by rokarobi70

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Naturist friends

Naturist is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, public nudity, sunning and clothes- free.

“Naturist” in United Kingdom and (in much of the United States) “nudist”.

People interested in social nudity can attend nude beach and other types  nudist events.

naturistNaturist friends

Naturist are nudists?  Naturism and nudism have the same meaning  in the United States,but  there is a clear distinction in United Kingdom. Nudism is the act of being naked, while naturism is a lifestyle which at various times embraced nature, environment, respect for others, self-respect, healthy eating, vegetarianism, teetotalism, non-smoking, yoga, physical exercise and pacifism as well as nudity. So Naturism ranges much aspect than nudism.

Naturism is practised in many ways:  individual naturism, naturism within family,  social nudism.

Naturism in Europe

Naturism is more acceptable than Northern America or Asia. it is so popular in Portugal, German, France and Crotia. Many nude beaches and clothing optional beaches  are available.


Naturism in United Kingdom

Nudist dating in UK is easy for you? I recommend http://nudistdatinguk.com to you. Search nudist in UK like you

Naturism in United States.

Naturists in  Germany and the United States and came to the conclusion that in Germany the racial aspects were important for the breakthrough (e.g. the Commanding General of the Army served as patron for nudists events), while in the U.S. nudism was far more commercial and had thus more difficulties

Make naturist friends on nudistfriendfinder.org


Nudist in Australia? The island is far from other lands, but they enjoy nudism.  Nudists in Australia is also active and nice. Here is niche nudist dating site for Australian nudist singles–  http://nudistsingles.com.au

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Hi, guys and girls of SL and SLN!

I’m Anne, and I’m joining the team for…however long you’re interested in reading my stuff. I’m gonna show great offence now with something Pookes has already said, and that is that I’m SLN’s first American writer. I’m not, I’m Canadian…biiiiiiig difference. 🙂 And I’m French-Canadian, originally from Montreal. I moved just across the border to the US about ten years back, to the shores of Lake Champlain on the US side, and I guess that’s where Pookes gets the idea I’m American. An honorary American, for sure, but still a proud Canuck! Enough about me though.

I’ve been given a little bit of a portfolio of things to cover for SLN, but before I get to that later this week, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m still getting to know the rest of the staff, and as we’re on different time zones that’s gonna take a while before I can say that I know ‘em well. But I’m heading out later today in SL to bring you my first report from the grid. I hope you stick around to read my stuff.

anneigma intro1


anneigma intro2



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wakacje 1998r by OFF-PHOTOS

wakacje 1998r by OFF-PHOTOS

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Nude Tanning

Nude TanningHave you ever tanned nude before while laying out in your yard or even at a nudist resort?

I know I haven’t until recently when I decided to try laying out in my yard to tan because I wanted to tan but wanted to avoid the costs to go to a tanning salon.

Now, you might be wondering where I live that I can get away with laying in my yard nude and that’s a good question. Fact is where I live, it isn’t legal to be nude outside nor in your yard but it doesn’t stop me from doing it even though I live in town. I just try to find an area out of others direct eyesight and then strip down and try to tan.

I have only tried tanning twice now, though I didn’t exactly tan nor did I burn I have been trying to partake in this activity every Sunday which has been proven difficult recently since we have people living with us who aren’t family and may question this activity.


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maleinstructor: Chile. Valparaiso student exhibits against…


Chile. Valparaiso student exhibits against ESWL.

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Here’s a good example of the larger kitchen sized rooms at Terra Cotta Inn. They’re 500 sq ft. Very comfortable for staying from 1 week to over a month. this is one of the many reasons we are Palm Springs most popular #hotel We hope to see everyone in sunny Palm Springs. MC

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noiredesire: emile otto hoppé, bouleau et cie.


emile otto hoppé, bouleau et cie.

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Coming from a girl that used to pose nude every day


I miss it. Making art with your body…. Acting in forms, almost performance art at every shoot. There are some hours where I wish I still did it. The transition to painting full time isn’t as easy as it may seem…

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Vacations mostly over?

How is your summer going? Already had your holidays, or are they still ahead of you in August?

Ella & I, as you know, concluded ours on different days last week, Harry’s never been away, preferring to spend his summer in the company of his dog and his sketchbook & camera in different parts of England, Barbara appears to be active behind the scenes, her two weeks in Italy already concluded, and only Diane seems to remain ‘missing in action’, as we were aware she would, touring parts of eastern Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, as far as I’m aware).



English Fenland No.3 (©2014 Harry Leistone)

We’ve two new writers lined up, one a temporary replacement for Ella, an arrangement that works well for both parties as it helps pick up the slack left by Ella’s temporary withdrawal from SL to study various elements of SL & web design to improve the long-term look of SLN, while the new writer we’ll introduce you to returns to university at the end of September and won’t have time for blogging. Apricot appeared in SLN for the first time last week in our Topless Tuesday post. A couple more shots of her are below.


apricot2_001 copyb


Our other new writer is potentially a longer term prospect, depending on the reaction to her contributions. And she’s our first American writer! 🙂 More of her in the next few days.

The daunting task of editing SLN just got a little more daunting as the inbox begins to fill with contributions, photos, and the task of me having to assemble them into a cohesive whole rather than simply write my bit, pose for a few photos and head off to the RL pub with my husband, job done.

Wish me luck. I think I need it for the next 6 weeks or so. (As far as I’m aware Ella resumes editorial duties on September 7th).


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