A NUDIE DIGEST – July 30, 2014

Zoe Saldana strips naked for Women’s Health: ‘I feel…

Zoe Saldana strips naked for Women’s Health: ‘I feel beautiful’ – Celebrity News – Digital Spyhttp://www.digitalspy.com/celebrity/news/a587031/zoe-saldana-strips-naked-for-womens-health-i-feel-beautiful.html#~oLpreOh700rbqr

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Spaniards 2nd most likely to go topless on beach

Spaniards 2nd most likely to go topless on beach
The Local.es
Spaniards were also the most approving of nudism after 74 percent of those asked responded they were “very” or “somewhat” comfortable with the practice. SEE ALSO: Spanish naturist paradise bans nudity by mistake. The Japanese, though not too happy …

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Untitled by alecdawsonphoto

Untitled by alecdawsonphoto

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Go Topless Day in Montreal set for Aug. 24

Go Topless Day in Montreal set for Aug. 24
Montreal Gazette (blog)
In truth, though, I have to admit that I don’t see any women baring their breasts in public in Ontario, unless they are in social nudism settings. But they do have the right, I am told — and that’s what is important. Quebec women should have the right

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Jump. #ArchivePicOfTheDay



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The real does not efface itself: Some thoughts about the body…

The real does not efface itself: Some thoughts about the body http://alex-therealdoesnoteffaceitself.blogspot.com/2014/07/some-thoughts-about-body.html

“We talk so much about body image and the way we look or should look, but despite the growth of the fitness industry we do not encourage, by and large, a way to engage with our bodies aiming to have control over our corporeality, especially as we grow older.”

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Naturism criminalised: Why not being able to bare all is a…

Naturism criminalised: Why not being able to bare all is a bummer – BelfastTelegraph.co.ukhttp://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/naturism-criminalised-why-not-being-able-to-bare-all-is-a-bummer-30466025.html

“Today, poor naturists are ghettoised in colonies and designated beaches, lest their bits offend the modest or the law in this era of sexualised nudity. And, problematic sunburn notwithstanding, we are all the poorer for it.

For anyone who has shrugged off their trunks, knows the joy of naked swimming: the silken flow of cold water; the unexpected buoyancy; the freedom!”

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benadameve: No one should be arrested anywhere, anytime for…


No one should be arrested anywhere, anytime for simple nudity!!

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Skinny dipping will get you on the Sex Offenders’ Register?

As you know, most of the staff here are in the UK. That’s the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland to give it its official title. (Great Britain refers to the countries of England, Scotland & Wales).

So this story, from Northern Ireland, has been getting great mileage in the UK media for the past few days. Essentially it was particularly warm in Northern Ireland at the end of last week and two young men went skinny dipping in Belfast Lough. It would appear that there were a large number of people on the beach, the police were called, and the young men given a talking to.

But then it appears to have gone wrong for the Northern Ireland Police, who put on their Facebook profile that they’d take the thing seriously and people could end up on the Sex Offenders’ Register. While the young men involved could be prosecuted under Public Order legislation for ‘offending decency’, the likelihood is they’d get a slap on the wrist, a fine and a caution. And even that might depend. One English judge was recently moved to castigate two young men in court for fighting, and asked them why they couldn’t perhaps indulge in good wholesome activities…like skinny dipping!

The Sex Offenders’ register is seriously bad karma, for those of you reading this from outside the UK. It is intended for those who’ve undertaken the most vile sexual acts, or acts of paedohilia, not a couple of lads who strip off to skinny-dip. And in making what appeared to be threats to place the duo on the register, the internet has kind of gone into overdrive and most of it anti police.

The official organisation of naturism in the UK, British Naturism, are (rightly) livid about the situation, and it’s likely that there will now need to be urgent legislation placed before the Northern Ireland parliament to clarify the situation.

The story is now global. The story is making it into the pages of the UK’s heavyweight press. And most of it looking negatively on the police’s over reaction.

I’ve little sympathy. Facebook, and other social media, on all sorts of levels, appears to be a stopping shop for people to get their information out before checking it, be it on a personal, social level (‘John has split up with Jane’, prior to John telling Jane to her face), a business/professional level (the manager of Spanish football club Atletico Madrid recently posted something about the death of a journalist, only for the journalist’s wife to read it on FB prior to the police calling her to inform her), to the legal….in this case the Northern Ireland police acting in a threatening manner and without actually checking what the proper legal position on it is.

kel ni flag2_001b


Harry’s rounded up a model, obtained a Northern Ireland flag (from the World Peace Flag Garden, no doubt), and she’s showing her support for nudity on the beaches of Northern Ireland (staged at Su Casa, in this instance).






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Pasco County’s nudist community on TLC

Realty Today
Pasco County’s nudist community on TLC
Tampa Bay Business Journal (blog)
A real estate reality show titled “Buying Naked” premiered its first full season on TLC on Saturday, putting Pasco County’s clothing-optional communities in the spotlight. The eight-episode season will follow homebuyers looking to move into nudist
Nudists mostly OK with naked reality TV trend
TLC’s ‘Buying Naked’ Gives Insight into Nudist Lifestyles (VIDEO)

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We have just arrived from Platja del Torn

We have just arrived from Platja del Torn, where we have spent some familiar and naturist days.
I like very much that beach. I like it the way the people have a rest, lying on the sand, reading, swimming or having a sunbath… Here, the nakedness is like a handsome and nice dress that makes people bright and natural. I like it very much that families spend the time without any clothes discovering the life under the sea and forgetting the fact that they are naked. In this situations, there isn’t any sort of morbidness. Here, the nude body, hasn’t any sort of eroticism. Here, all is tenderness and freedom. And when children will grow and become adult men and women they will have learnt to treat people not as palatable bodies but as persons that have inside a heart, a consciousness, a mind, a whole universe.
Nakedness is the book where children can learn to know the real people, without fetishism. And It is better to know the real body of the people in a familiar environment full of sanity than in forbidden magazines or marginal situations. There’s no anything sinful in human body; all is natural and bright, and persons need to discover and to know the natural image of human person from the born time, and so learning to watch the consciousness behind the body. If we discover a soul, a deep and lovely soul, behind a nice and naked body, we will discover a soul behind any person we find in our life’s path.
So… Where is the bad pedagogy? Where is the scandal? Where is the eroticism? Where is the clumsy strategy that presses human mind because hides the real body as if it was the box of Pandora?  This bad pedagogy is not the pedagogy of the free nude body but the hard morality that for centuries has been deforming human image as if our material reality was the devil’s work. This conservative moral that hates the nakedness is the cause of so many erotic desires that dominate men’s mind. This conservative and arcaic moral that attacks the nakedness really achieves something very different to the idea that it fights. This conservative morality turns men and women into pansexual and obsessive beings that feel excitation only from seeing naked men or women.
 On the other hand, the familiar pedagogy that treats nakedness as a normal situation in some moments of the life (without any strange ocultation nor morbidness) is a pedagogy that turns children into men and women that live their bodies with sanity, with freedom, in a natural way. They don’t feel upset or nervous or excited when they see a naked girl or a naked boy… They are stronger to decide their acts not by the desires they feel but by the aims they decide to achieve. People have born to be free, to be self consciousness, to be happy, to be natural, to be satisfied with their own reality, to love nature and to love all that nature has made on us. People feel a deep and marvellous freedom’s sensation when they join to the  landscape with the whole skin, as an only sense, as a part of the natural landscape.
Too many people mix up nakedness with sexuality, and it happens because they have been educated in a bad pedagogy, the pedagogy of the ocultation. We can be free if we accept and know our reality as a good reality, as a worthy reality, as a sacred reality, as a natural reality. We will be strange people if someone convinces us that we are really strange people. Our educations have been made with all the subtile missages that many people have been repeating for years without our awareness. These messages enter in our subconscious and separate us from the nature. These messages convince to a lot of people on a big lie. The messages say that naked body is ugly, sinful, pansexual, morbid… We need change the pace of the world and explain that the nakedness is the way to discover our own image and the book where children can learn that their bodies are nice, that their bodies are not obsessively sexuals, that always there is a person behind a body, a mind, a consciousness, a heart… and that the love is more than a body, more than a desire, more than an animal impulse. We must reconquered the human body for the life of spirituality and humanity. Our bodies are the icones of our persons.
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NATURISTA.CZ – A Font of Information

NATURISTA.CZ – A Font of Information

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Montreal’s World Naked Bike Ride, Part 2

The nighttime edition of the Montreal World Naked Bike Ride takes place on Aug. 2. I’ve done a post on my Gazette blog about the event, with a lengthy excerpt from WNBR’s Wiki page. You can read about it there. It starts at 10 p.m. at Dorchester Square in downtown Montreal. Scott RedCloud, one of […]

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New York City hosts first ever NY Body Painting Day


Photos by JM Denaut

It was a beautiful day in New York City on Saturday, July 26th. The weather was overcast but that is not what I am referring to as beautiful. What I am talking about, is the display that took place beginning in Columbus Circle at Central Park. 30 artists from throughout the country gathered under the organizational efforts of even hosts Andy Golub (local NYer) and Craig Tracy (of New Orleans, LA) to create something truly remarkable. It’s called NY Body Painting Day, the first of what is to be an annual event.


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Birthing & Breastfeeding 4 Children: Kiersten’s Story…

Birthing & Breastfeeding 4 Children: Kiersten’s Story Of Becoming A Mother At 17 Years Old http://www.abeautifulbodyproject.com/birthing_and_breastfeeding

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Comment on Nudism/Naturism: Naked TV reality shows by Steve Mann

Nude acceptance may take another generation or two in the USA. There’s just too many faux Christians running things, and the sight of a breast, let alone a penis is cause for a panic attack.

I recently posted on a business forum a link to a video about Net Neutrality that I found through “The Daily Kos” blog. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjOxNiHUsZw)
The video showed various actors representing random businesses on the web, including a nude couple, VERY heavily pixellated.

The first response to the post was: “How about a video that doesn’t try to force me to watch porn? I AM NOT INTERESTED IN OR AMUSED BY PORN!! Clean it up, and maybe I’ll see what you have to say.”

I can’t add anything to that.


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2015: The Year for Scottish Naturism?

This is currently just a piece of idle speculation but on 19th September 2014 the people of Scotland will be voting in a referendum in which they have the choice between independence or stick with the rest of us and the United Kingdom. What if the people of Scotland decided for independence, how would it […]

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First shoot of today.

First shoot of today.

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Northern Ireland Police under fire over nude swimming warning
The Voice of Russia
The Police Service of Northern Ireland face criticism from naturists after arresting two men for swimming in the nude. They later warned that people engaging in public nudity could risk being placed on the Sex Offenders Register. VoR’s Tim Ecott spoke

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Woman goes skinny dipping at police station

The Sudbury Star
Woman goes skinny dipping at police station
The Sudbury Star
Eventually, she relented and identified herself as a 49-year-old Ottawa woman who claimed she was visiting a friend across the road. She wasn’t charged, but will be mailed a $200 ticket for indecent exposure, and perhaps a map to naturist facilities.

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‘Like’ nude Devon Air Ambulance calendar group and see more pics | Tiverton Mid Devon Gazette http://www.middevongazette.co.uk/Like-nude-Devon-Air-Ambulance-calendar-group-pics/story-21993605-detail/story.html

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Going topless on the beach was never really about women’s…

Going topless on the beach was never really about women’s liberation | Deborah Orr | Comment is free | The Guardianhttp://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/28/topless-womens-liberation-elle-covering-up

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Nudity is reality TV’s latest trend, and viewers are…

Nudity is reality TV’s latest trend, and viewers are tuning in | PoconoRecord.comhttp://www.poconorecord.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=%2F20140728%2FNEWS90%2F140729827%2F-1%2FNEWS01

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The real reason French women have stopped sunbathing topless |…

The real reason French women have stopped sunbathing topless | Fashion | theguardian.com http://www.theguardian.com/fashion/fashion-blog/2014/jul/28/real-reason-french-women-have-stopped-sunbathing-topless

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The naked truth about Morocco’s traditional public baths |…

The naked truth about Morocco’s traditional public baths | Travel | Travel News and Holiday Deals | | Perth Now http://www.perthnow.com.au/travel/the-naked-truth-about-moroccos-traditional-public-baths/story-fnjjuxwg-1227001840638?nk=73d6cdc2b1084be59ce604c3984d223c

“On my left is a woman in her mid-fifties, hennaing her hair with great concentration. On my right is a young woman, undies down to her knees and legs wide, shaving every single public hair, like a very focused contortionist. You don’t see that every day.”

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Oh La La! The Nude Models Of Paris Go On Strike – The Daily…

Oh La La! The Nude Models Of Paris Go On Strike – The Daily Beasthttp://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/07/29/oh-la-la-paris-nude-models-go-on-strike.html

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