A NUDIE DIGEST – July 31, 2014

lichubb: thesoftnessofolderwomen: sultrykinkynasty: Sultry…




Sultry Latina Milf in her Kitchen


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I paid to download the full movie and wasn’t disappointed. You can too here.

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wyrdtor: Photo by T.B.Thorsonswpix.redbubble.com


Photo by T.B.Thorson

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How thin is thin enough?

How many apples?eve-pomme-1

How much tea?

How many calories can I not eat?


How many laxatives will I take?

How much will I allow this needy, greedy hunger?

(This child of pain and anguish)


I can stifle her cries with my lies about how much I eat and when

If I am forced to eat or if I am weak, I can regain this goddess of control, who rules and reigns in a prison of limits, boundaries and loneliness.


Each time I reach out to touch another and be fed by their love, I am disappointed.

Denial and deprivation, this is real.  These are my friends and family.  These “friends” I know and can trust.

How thin is thin enough?


Where does it end?

Who wins?

How do we stop?

How do we surrender to the pain?

How do we love it enough to learn from it and finally let go of it?

Where do we find the gentleness and acceptance we need?


Uh oh another need, so greedy, so needy

How thin is thin enough?


I’ve heard the best anorexic is a dead anorexic.

Why?  Because a skeleton is as thin as you can get.

How can we stop the voice of control long enough, to recognize the hollow ring of a death victory?


Where do we find the love, we feel we are denied, that we deny ourselves?

How do we stop the judgment, control and rejection?

How thin is thin enough?


I’ve heard you can never be too rich or too thin.

What do you believe?


– Theresa

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If you need to get eyes on a show, less is more.

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Wide and green rice’s fields.
Vast expanse of sand and sun beside the sea.
Lonely beach that smells of salt and grass.
That place where nakedness is the brightest dress under the sky.
The auditorium of the waves and the birds.
The end of the land where the sea starts, and the dephts offer their misteries.
My voice and my guitar were scattered through the waves.
A black shark got close to us. The shark was chasing silver’s fishes. The shark was one meter long.
Children played with the waves in a lonely paradise of water and light.
These places are sunk in a big loneliness because people preffer the noises and the neons of a mad world that tries to buy hapiness with its money. This ill world chases an idea that doesn’t exist. What exists is the nature and its gifts. A free nature. A beautiful natures that calls us. Most of people don’t hear nature because they have a headphones on their ears, so that they try to buy the life; but the life does not cost money. This is the deep knowledge that we should learn: life is free. The most beautiful in life is nakedness. The most handsome landscape is the original and natural landscape. To be happy and free we must leave possessions. Happiness is a decision of our mind. It is like a jump; a jump into a cold swimming pool. After the jump we realise that the water is sweet and we feel deeply happy.
This images are images of the Delta de l’Ebre, in Catalonia. There are quilometers and quilometers of free and lonely beaches to enjoy nature.

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German tourists: ‘arrogant, boring and nude’

German tourists: ‘arrogant, boring and nude’
Aggressive nudism is another accusation that might be reasonably levelled at the German holidaymaker. A poll last month suggested that they are the most likely to go naked on the beach, with 28 per cent of them admitting stripping down to their

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” Skinny Dipping threat to all “

Colin H:

An interesting article on the recent incident in Northern Ireland which has caused such outrage.

Originally posted on The Naked Truth:

sunday worldmail online

In the news recently there’s been a story running about two guys in Northern Ireland who have been castigated and threatened with being  placed on the sex offenders register just because they fancied a cool dip in the sea on a hot day and went skinny dipping. The Police Service of Northern Ireland  took to social media in a misguided attempt to warn others in the country not to follow suit in the hot weather and that skinny-dipping was  not a good idea.


The message was clear it said
“We are treating this kind of behaviour extremely seriously and will be continuing to take action against anyone who decides to do the same. The PSNI also said :
“There are young children in these areas too” and went on to say “You could end up with a criminal record and placed on the sex offender register. Please enjoy the weather…

View original 284 more words

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We are pleased to bring you the August 2014 electronic issue of…

We are pleased to bring you the August 2014 electronic issue of of The Bulletin. With hyperlinks and interactive features we hope you enjoy this traditional member favorite.

This is available to AANR members only. To access the Members Area, please click on the link below and log in using your member username and password. Then choose Monthly Bulletin from the sidebar options. Click on the PDF and it will download for your viewing.

You must have Adobe Reader installed to view the file.


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What’s with all the naked people on TV? Reality…

What’s with all the naked people on TV? Reality shows’ switch to nudity is attracting more stares | http://jacksonville.com/breaking-news/2014-07-30/story/whats-all-naked-people-tv-reality-shows-switch-nudity-attracting-more

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nudism-naturism: Recap, photos & videos from NYC Body…


Recap, photos & videos from NYC Body Painting Day 2014!  Hosted by Andy Golub, Craig Tracy & Young Naturists America.

It was amazing.

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The Naked Truth – PAHomepage.com…

The Naked Truth – PAHomepage.com http://www.pahomepage.com/story/d/story/the-naked-truth/24951/6nxocNBuq0W4Xopsx-2d4g

“Sunny Rest Resort is like most camp sites across the country.

They offer residents an opportunity to soak up the sun by the pool, take a stroll on a nature trail, or play a number of games the whole family can enjoy.

While the fun is in abundance, the clothes are not.

“It’s just a natural way of life,” says a stripped down Halsie Shoemaker.

She’s the general manager at Sunny Rest Resort, and she oversees the 190-acre Carbon County campground that’s covered with cabins, courts, and not much else.”

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Naked Goddess Swim…

Naked Goddess Swim https://www.facebook.com/pages/Naked-Goddess-Swim/260719894121240

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Instagram deletes Amanda Byram’s nude fit photo for…

Instagram deletes Amanda Byram’s nude fit photo for ‘policy violation’ – Independent.iehttp://www.independent.ie/style/celebrity/celebrity-news/instagram-deletes-amanda-byrams-nude-fit-photo-for-policy-violation-30474327.html

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Chelsea 19 by stanjan257

Chelsea 19 by stanjan257

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Aromatic by UniqueNudes

Aromatic by UniqueNudes

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Andre de Dienes

Andre de Dienes

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Re: Who can tell me about Spain?

Formentera is my absolute favorite. Avoid August (as mentioned before), as it will get too crowded. Especially with a lot of Italians that are not into nudism. Early July is great and so is September. Try and spend at least a night there. Ferries from Ibiza take about 30 minutes, and there is a shuttle service from the airport to the harbor. At Formentera, rent a bicycle or scooter. Great way to explore the island and its beautiful beaches. You’ll find white sandy beaches with water so blue, that it feels like the Caribbean.On Ibiza, my favorite beach is Aqua Blanca, in the north east part of the island. There are some other great nudist beaches as well. And the island is truly magical. Once visited, you want to go back… (is my experience)

For a two week holiday, I’d recommend to visit Barcelona and surroundings and then take the plane to Ibiza. Do 1-2 nights at Formentera and the remaining nights on Ibiza.

Feel free to PM if you want specific advise or suggestions. 🙂

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Bon Voyage

20140729_162529Two of the international travelers in our group — one hailing from Australia, one commencing a research project in Saudi Arabia — are heading off next week. They’ll be back…New York has a siren song that calls its daughters home (especially ones who like to get naked in public and are spending an extended period in Saudi Arabia)…but not before this summer is a memory, so to celebrate their departure and see them off in style we gathered on our favorite rooftop sundeck and got naked in the fading rays of the late afternoon. Eight women and two men, a selection of scones and muffins, copies of Heidegger and Under the Dome, two classic film cameras and some cell phones for selfie-snapping…it was as fine an impromptu to-do as we’ve ever had, half Irish wake, half lazy cats lying contentedly in a patch of sun.


Apologies to the two pairs of strangers who wandered onto the roof while we were there — an adorable couple of boys we peeked at through the shrubbery and then startled by saying hello; a mother and daughter who may not have been expecting the full-frontal view they got. But everyone was well behaved and took the sights in stride, confirming us in our suspicion that NYC is in some ways the most civilized spot in the world.


Our thanks to the good souls at the Colonial House Inn for letting us indulge our inner nudists (and outer too, we suppose). Especially with a week of rain forecast and our numbers reduced by the departures, we are grateful for every moment in the sun.


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“Modern Man” – An artistic nude retrospect by Brent Ray Fraser

download (size: 64 MB )

An artistic homage to…

Jørgen Leth “The Perfect Human”:

Andy Warhol “Eating a Hamurger”:

Lars von Trier “The Five Obstructions”:

To view more explicit videos of Brent Ray Fraser’s please check out his site:


Thank you for supporting the arts!

To keep up to date on all my artistic adventures please follow my twitter @brentrayfraser

Cast: Brent Fraser

Tags: Jørgen Leth “The Perfect Human”, Brent Ray Fraser, Naked Artist, Naked Performance Art,Performance Art, BRF, Modern Man, Vancouver Seawall, Stanley Park, East Hastings Street,Canadian Artist, Nude Art, Vancouver Law Courts, Robson Street, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Public Library, Sunset Beach Vancouver and Penis

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SgNudClub Gathering

download (size: 26 MB )

SgNudClub had a small nude gathering to host Ms.Chew from Malaysia.

Music: If You Think I Won’t Do This… by lo-fi is sci-fi (lofiisscifi.com)

Cast: 알버트

Tags: nude, nudism, naturism, naturist, naked, meditation andlifestyle

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Smile in public

I dimly recall Ella once did a post about whether SLN was ahead of the pulse, on the pulse or ever so slightly behind the pulse. I can’t find it, but I’m sure she blogged to that effect.

Earlier in the week we did our ‘Topless Tuesday’ posting featuring a Turkish model who used it as an opportunity to educate and enlighten us into the tension that might exist for and against Muslim headwear, and also to go topless as message of her support for Iranian women who don’t have the choice to go without a headscarf and have resorted to Facebook with their ‘Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women‘ campaign, in which they post photos of themselves without headwear.

Yesterday, almost right on the pulse in terms of SL reaction to the real, screwed up world, another avatar sent Ella a photo and a notecard which Ella has passed onto me.

It appears that the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Bulent Arinc, declared that Turkish women should not laugh in public. Further reports on this comment, which also included remarks on sexuality, sexual behaviour, and even the use of mobile phones, can be foundhere, here and here.

And I guess it’s the use of mobile phones (cellphones) that has accelerated a sudden and maybe unexpected backlash against Mr. Arinc wh0 -surprise, surprise- appears to have an election in the autumn.

Because Turkish women have immediately responded, using their mobile phones and the social media apps on them, to post photos of themselves…..smiling and laughing!

And this has already gone all the way to SL, with one reader sending a smiling photo of herself and asking us to publish and promote it in order to highlight yet another attack on the freedoms of women in the Middle East.

turkish smile

A Turkish SL avatar asks us to add her defiance of the ‘smile ban’ (her words).

Turkish Women laugh on twitter


RL Turkish women take to Twitter and Facebook to also defy the Deputy PM’s advice.

You can read about these acts of defiance here, and here.

Our old friends Femen have also got in on the act with their Turkish Twitter page…


If there’s any other Turkish avatars out there who would like to add their smiling photographs, send a photograph to me, Eva Pookes, and I’ll post them here on SLN.


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After a month, Facebook added an appeal notice to my unpublished…

After a month, Facebook added an appeal notice to my unpublished page “The Nudism and Naturism Daily News”, which had accumulated over 6300 “likes” over a period of two years. Also, a specific reason was give for their action, stating that “Facebook has a strict policy against sharing pornographic content”. How ridiculous is that? The only nudity that I had on that page was in the form of fine art paintings and sculpture, by great masters such as Renoir, Dali, Manet and others. Should the appeal be denied, the page will be “deleted permanently”. I still have a remote hope that common sense will prevail and the page will be reinstated, but I’m not counting on it. Thanks to everyone who expressed support and contacted Facebook on my behalf. Don’t forget that you can still get all the latest nudist and naturist daily news on my other sites as follows:

The Nudism and Naturism Daily News on paper.li –https://paper.li/nudiarist/1322001662

The Nudism Daily News on The Tweeted Times –http://tweetedtimes.com/#!/ChetKresiak/the-nudism-daily-news

Google+ – https://plus.google.com/u/1/112799436928706385668/posts

Twitter – https://twitter.com/nudiarist

Tumblr – http://nudiarist.tumblr.com/

Pinterest – http://www.pinterest.com/chetkresiak/fine-art-nudes/

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xxxelasetchbook: NN – imagefap – All mixed up! Unassorted…


NN – imagefap – All mixed up! Unassorted torture, bondage and softcore (26)

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Le Topless Tour tente de libérer les tétons des réseaux sociaux

« Sortez les tétons, et lâchez vous un peu ! » Tandis que les réseaux sociaux pullulent d’images violentes (quasiment jamais sourcées au passage), on peut trouver, au milieu de cette sauvagerie, un petit brin de fraîcheur : le Topless Tour.

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wyrdtor: Statues that used to be in a park on the outskirts of…


Statues that used to be in a park on the outskirts of Sedona, Arizona. Taken in 2003  They are no longer there…

Photo by Thorson

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yesimnakedtoo: Me, always naked at home!


Me, always naked at home!

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37967 by RHP17

37967 by RHP17

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Picking Apples

Like Adam before me, I found myself picking apples off a tree wearing nothing but sunshine.Like Adam before me, I found myself picking apples off a tree wearing nothing but sunshine.

It’s another hot day here on the prairies. After our morning walk I was given a few tasks for the afternoon and evening while my wife went off to work. One of those tasks was to pick some of the apples off the low-hanging branches as they were getting in the way of mowing the lawn. Naturally, I, being who I am, decided to pick the apples skyclad. And no, I wasn’t worried about being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. I wasn’t ashamed of my nakedness like Adam and Eve. And, I am sure that the Creator would have appreciated my being comfortable just how she/he made me. I filled the pail and found that the branches, lighter due to my efforts, took their normal position above our heads so that we could mow the lawn without ducking.

There is no question that passers by on the street which I was facing, could have seen me, but not necessarily my nakedness. After all, there was a fence in the way and an open space between the two houses that stood between myself and the street. I only take reasonable risks as I really have no intention of upsetting people in our little community with my nudity.

When the apples were picked, it was time to pick some rhubarb which my wife will make into some delicious jams and fruit. Later, when it cools off, I will be watering the vegetable garden which is verdant and showing signs of being bountiful this year. Gardening is a traditional prairie past-time in small towns, however it is not so common in larger towns and cities. Gone are the times when people raised or hunted for their food.

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naturistelyon: Photo de famille Family photo


Photo de famille

Family photo

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Go Topless Day in Montreal set for Aug. 24

Go Topless Day in Montreal set for Aug. 24
Montreal Gazette (blog)
In truth, though, I have to admit that I don’t see any women baring their breasts in public in Ontario, unless they are in social nudism settings. But they do have the right, I am told — and that’s what is important. Quebec women should have the right

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