A NUDIE DIGEST – July 24, 2014

mpdrolet: From Body Loud Ryan McGinley At first glance I…


From Body Loud

Ryan McGinley

At first glance I actually through this was a picture of a nebula. Kind of like a more dramatic version of the Horsehead Nebula, with a big dust collum at the front and all the stars behind.

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Where I have taken it all off in AUS!

So I thought I would try to start a topic to remind us Aussies of warmer times and take our minds off the current chill – brrr!My main questions is “Where in Australia have you been nude?” and if you have the time, give us a bit of a write up about your experience at these nudie places.
I’ll get the ball rolling by listing the places that I have been nude in Australia and follow on with future posts about my experiences at these places.

Werrong Nude Beach Kambah Pools Alexandria Bay Maslin Nude Beach Cable Nude Beach
Cobblers Nude Beach ACT Nudist Club Fraser Island
Little Congwong Beach
Scottish Rocks Beach
Samurai Nude Beach
North Belongil Nude Beach /
Grays Lane
River Island Nature Retreat
Kiata Nudist Club
Heritage Nudist Club

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Ladies, Ditch the Bra

I realize it may feel some combination of uncomfortable, unprofessional, or unnecessarily provocative. Societal convention has most of us trussing up before going out.If you are reading this at home, do me a favor and unhook. Then keep reading.
There’s Some Evidence of a Relationship Between Bras and Breast Cancer.

Yes, seriously.

Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras

Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer authored a book called Dressed To Kill. They interviewed 4,000+ women in five major U.S. cities over two years. Half the women had been diagnosed with breast cancer. They found:

75% of women who slept in their bras developed breast cancer
1 in 7 who wore their bras 12+ hours per day developed breast cancer
1 in 168 who did not wear a bra developed breast cancer
Within one month of ditching their bras, women with cysts, breast pain, or tenderness found their symptoms disappeared.

Breast Size, Handedness, and Breast Cancer Risk

A 1991 article in the European Journal of Cancer found that premenopausal women who do not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer compared with bra users. The data also suggest that bra cup size (and breast size) may be a risk factor for breast cancer.

Read more

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Where to get naked in London – Nude London – Naturist London -…

Where to get naked in London – Nude London – Naturist London – Going Out – London Evening Standard http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/attractions/where-to-get-naked-in-london-8711419.html?playVideo=true

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Valalta – Best bare beaches – MSN Travel UK…

Valalta – Best bare beaches – MSN Travel UK http://travel.uk.msn.com/beach-holidays/best-bare-beaches?page=13

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​Naked and Unafraid: Baring Witness at a Christian Nudist…

​Naked and Unafraid: Baring Witness at a Christian Nudist Festival http://gawker.com/naked-and-unafraid-baring-witness-at-christian-nudist-1605355108

“Covering Adam’s and Eve’s bodies was covering what Satan made, and not covering their nakedness. Their failure was disobedience, the first sin,” Perry says. “To atone for that sin, to forgive it, God killed an animal, spilled his blood, and made coats to cover their nakedness.” But an obedient follower of Jesus, while human, need not feel that shame or assume that covering: “As a Christian, I feel that in a way I am restored. Paul said, ‘There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ.’”

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music-is-nude: The wonderful Amanda Palmer (C) Isabelle Adam

music-is-nude: The wonderful Amanda Palmer (C) Isabelle Adam

The wonderful Amanda Palmer

(C) Isabelle Adam

FG_AUTHORS: Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians…

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notashamedtobemen: Czech sauna 1947 – guys getting naked in…


Czech sauna 1947 – guys getting naked in front of each other, no fears, no issues, as it should be. British Pathe newsreel footage. Also see the full videohere.

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Fire Island

I’ve read a lot of conflicting articles on whether or not Fire Island still has clothing optional beaches, doe anyone know what’s up with it?

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Venera by iluha88

Venera by iluha88

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Is Naked Yoga Legal ??!

Is Naked Yoga Legal ??!:I don’t know why anyone would think that it would be any more illegal than communal showering at the gym or getting undressed in the doctor’s office. None the less, Isis over at Asana Exposed answers the question in great detail.

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Learning To Be Patient And Present

One breath at a timeOne breath at a time

The birthday is done and life continues on as if it never occurred. That is a significant reality that is worthy of a bit more thought. Time, in spite of our best efforts, seems to have no markers, no sense of following a straight line for measuring days, months and years. Now matter how we think and attempt to control time, we are always stuck in the present moment with the past a the future just holding the value of some misty idea in our heads. I can now say I am 65, but that means nothing in terms of my waking up from a sleep world into a world where I continue to experience the simple fact that I am.

I have four of my grandsons staying at my home for a change of experience from their normal experiences of daily life. I get to play, to referee, to sit in the stands encouraging, to tell stories and to be there quietly when both they and I need quietness. There is a constant ebb and flow that is amazingly similar to breathing. It doesn’t matter what I have written, what photos I have taken, or that I consider myself as a Jungian psychotherapist, a Buddhist, and a naturist. All that matters is that I am here, breathing and being, present in these moments that shift with my breath.

Sitting on my back patio with my wife in the early morning while others are still sleeping, letting my body soak in the morning sun; shifts into a state of being clothed and talking with the first of the grandchildren to wake up. As the sun creeps higher into the sky there is a constant shifting of activity and presence, like some sort of dance. My thoughts take me to times decades past before returning to the present where I engage with one of my grandsons who is trying to build a bird house out of old wood. Then my thoughts turn to the future as I check out weather forecasts for the following two days in spite of the fact that weather forecasts are not all that reliable. Then, it is back to the present and being present. We’ll make a final decision on future activities at the last minute based on the then current conditions.

I guess that I am older as I can tolerate this ambiguity of present, past and future much better than in the past. I don’t need to attempt to control the universe. Que sera, sera.

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LIVE: Puppetry of the Penis

LIVE: Puppetry of the Penis
Newcastle Herald
GROWING up in a country homestead with four kids and just one bathroom proved pivotal for Greg ”Nacho” Chivers. Being nude around his siblings soon turned to nudie runs at the footy, a flash or two at the pub and soon he was being paid in beer to …

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The Naked Guy

The Naked Guy:The story of Andrew Martinez, Berkeley’s “Naked Guy:”

It was easy to dismiss his behavior as a silly stunt, but to those who knew him, Martinez was guided by an endearing, if naïve, sort of undergraduate idealism. Raised in a family that refused to buy clothing with designer labels, he now argued that all clothes were a form of repression and that by not wearing them he was making people think about the coercive nature of convention.

I had a friend who went to Berkeley at that time and I asked her about Martinez. All she could tell me was “He had a nice cock.” Maybe the point wasn’t quite made.

Martinez story didn’t end well, and he succumbed to mental illness. In the article, friends point out that he was most sane when he was nude.

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nudist-nudist: asian nudist couple


asian nudist couple

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The law is too hard on sexting teenagers

The Independent
The law is too hard on sexting teenagers
The Independent
The long and the short of it is, if you’re under-18 and send a ‘sext’ to your boyfriend or girlfriend, like any kind of nudie pic, of your own body, you could be placed on the sex offenders register. I see a few hands up. Yes, you’d be on the same list 

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nupublic-groupe: Vous méritez votre couronne de fleurs pour une…


Vous méritez votre couronne de fleurs pour une si belle biroute

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livinginthenude: Garden naked…now that’s organic living…. 


Garden naked…now that’s organic living….

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Shelby-Erin Nude Interview Preview

download (size: 11 MB )


Dannii conducts a nude interview with Shelby-Erin. This is just a preview for the interview.
To see the full length nude interview go to Nude-Muse Magazinenude-muse.com
more of Shelby-Erin here nude-muse.com/models/Shelby-Erin_stats.html

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Shelby-Erininterviewnudemusemodelblondecuteprettysitchattalk and beauty

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Dannii coming this week 22-07-2014

download (size: 2 MB )


What’s happen this week (starting 22nd July 2014) at Nude-Muse Magazine?
Dannii and Nicole, will tell you about the models that are coming up this week as well as a peek at the the Nude-News.
All this and more only at nude-muse.com

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Danniicomingthis weeknude musemodeltv and celebrity

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Topless Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, so that means topless Tuesday.

And this topless Tuesday, I’ve decided that it’s an opportune time to introduce you to a new SLN writer, for at least the duration of the summer.

The model/writer in the photos is Apricot, and she’s going to help fill in during Ella’s summer off.

apricot tt3_001bapricot tt5_001bapricot tt6_001bapricot tt8_001bapricot tt14_001b

apricot tt14 with kurt2_001b

Because we’re SL Naturist, we did have to pop a little full nudity in the last photo 🙂





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BEHIND THE SCENES: Return to Moro Bay So we had a number of fun…

BEHIND THE SCENES: Return to Moro Bay

So we had a number of fun things happen at this shoot.  Before anything though, we had to let it get dark.  So the girls wandered up and down the beach catching tiny animals and setting them free.  We were treated to some light rain which made a lovely rainbow and a breathtaking sunset.  After it was dark and the lone sodium light kicked in we took photos, being twice interrupted: once by a family on a late night walk (the girls crouched behind a rock and put on their sweaters, only to stand up later wearing nothing but them, which made me laugh), and then again when a “party boat” went by in the bay, close enough to see on to the shore.

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BBC radio report on St. Osyth nude beach, which is under threat…

BBC radio report on St. Osyth nude beach, which is under threat of closure due to sexual activity.

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​Naked and Unafraid: Baring Witness at a Christian Nudist Festival

​Naked and Unafraid: Baring Witness at a Christian Nudist Festival
The first thing everybody at Lake Como Nudist Resort seems to want to tell me is they’re not like those creeps over at Caliente, the resort up the street. “They’re not even nudists,” says a nurse in her late 40s, with a red sarong around her waist and 

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Kriss at the Beach 3 by spudboy4498

Kriss at the Beach 3 by spudboy4498

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(via Nudism vs Pornography – a dilemma?- Murdoch…

(via Nudism vs Pornography – a dilemma?- Murdoch Independent)

Posted by andrewporter in Arts & Entertainment, Investigative Reports, News 2, News Features on September 24th, 2012 | no responses
–by Alexandra Mollo

“A tragic story about a society that has lost the ability to distinguish between pornography and art, between purity and perversion; a place where the human spirit is encaged without any hope to emerge.”

These are the first lines you will read in the very first page of Guido Nigro’s book Raped by Clothing
Artistic Nude & Landscape Photography Photo: Alexandra Mollo
: The Nudophobic Society, a breathtaking story where spiritualism and purity are expressed through the means of nudity and in which lust and sexual instincts are left by side.

Raped by Clothing is the author’s way to bring society out of the confusion on the symbolic meanings and representations of nudity – an approach to clarify society’s perceptions about nudism and establish the existing differences between nudism and pornography.

Although some might be able to distinguish between both terms, many of us still tend to relate nudism to pornography as a practice where people just ‘take their clothes off’. We unconsciously start linking nudity with sexuality mostly because of the highly sexualised content we get from the media. This causes people to associate social nudity with immorality and gain preconceived notions of nudism as wrong or perverted.

In my search for answers about such dilemma, I met Guido, a 52-year-old Italian born who migrated to Perth in 1981 and was raised in an era where nudism was accepted and only judged by few.

“When I was young nudity was much easier, we had a lot of movies where nudity was seen as a beautiful thing,” he says.

Being a nudist from the early age of 13, Guido has first-hand experience not only about the implications of nudism, but also about how the media has gradually manipulated the concept of ‘nakedness’ and turned into some sort of ‘sexual commodity’.

“Unfortunately, society today has been bombarded by pornography. It’s everywhere, from television to magazines, everywhere you look in the media you’re quite likely to find some nudity linked with sex,” he says.

“The moment when your psyche starts to associate nudity only with sex, you become slave of your own instinct, and that is the problem of today’s society.”

Through the book, Guido aims to encourage people to embrace nudity as a way of life. Not an act of exhibitionism or indecency, rather as a manifestation of love and respect to the human body as a fine piece of art.

Guido also says the confusion in regards to nudity and sex has triggered a lot of misconceptions about the real definitions surrounding nudism and naturism.

“The real nudist or naturist is someone who leaves sex by side and takes his or her clothes off just to feel the freedom and beauty of being in touch with nature,” he says.

After Raped by Clothing was published, Guido continued his journey as an advocate for private and social nudity. Hence, he decided to launch conferences and public lectures of ‘Nude Education’.

“What I want to teach society is that they must look at themselves so that they can reconnect with their spiritual-self and discover the real sense of nudity,” he says.

As expected, not many people seemed very interested in attending Guido’s lecture. However, a small group of eight people have became attracted to the controversy of Guido’s discussion.

Consequently, what surprised Guido was not only that these people attended his lecture. But the fact that he was for the first time, able to engage with people and promote his views about nudism and how society should link it to purity rather than mainly sex.

“A couple said to me, ‘If I knew this would be so interesting, I could have brought my 15 year-old daughter’,“ he says.

“When I finished my presentation, everyone wanted to ask questions. Half an hour after my lecture I was still answering questions.”
Guido Nigro holds his creation Photo: Alexandra Mollo
On the other hand, Guido is not the only one who advocates for nudity as a moral and beneficial practice.

Twenty-four year old Felicity Jones has been the co-founder of the organization Young Naturists America since 2010. The entity aims to interact with the naturist community of the USA by promoting nudism as a harmonious lifestyle in touch with nature and the spirit.

“We do the same things other young people do. We go to the beach, sunbathe, swim, play sports, body paint, and have a good time all while in the nude,” she says.

“Non-nudists wonder how anyone could walk around in public dressed in nothing but their ‘birthday suit’. They may view nude bodies as awkward, immodest or erotic.”

Felicity also highlights that nudism is not only about not wearing clothes, but about feeling comfortable in your skin and being able to show it with pride. She believes in naturism as a practice based on respect for self, others and the environment.

From Felicity’s explanations, I understood that self-confidence is also what nudism is all about, it is about not worrying about how others will judge us and start loving ourselves regardless the shape of our bodies.

“Young naturists are more comfortable with their bodies than most, and they tend to judge others’ character based on who they are, not what they look like,” she says.

In quite different ways, both Guido and Felicity have worked towards their goal to clarify society’s misconceptions about nudism. They identify nudism as a practice that enables individuals to interact with people of the opposite sex without engaging in erotic or sexual activities.

“The difference between naturism and indecency stands between a guy walking around nude and a guy walking around nude displaying erection,” says Felicity.
Body painted Felicity Jones in New York. Photo supplied.
Undoubtedly, nudism and pornography are far from being alike. This is what Society should realize before judging something they know nothing about.

Being a naturist should not be subject to criticism and misinterpretations. Rather, we should avoid thinking of nudism and pornography as related terms. As demonstrated by Guido and Felicity, there are other ways to be nude. This is indeed, what society needs to understand once and for all.

Take a look at www.youngnaturistsamerica.com

Guido’s book Raped by Clothing: The Nudophobic Society can be purchased viawww.amazon.com.au

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syntheticpubes: by Shae DeTar


by Shae DeTar

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How brave are we? Gulp! (Part 2)

I’ve just said bye-bye to Ella and her family. They set off back to the UK tomorrow, while Mr Pookes and I are in residence for a few more days.


So here’s a few photos, as close as you’re going to get to a ‘full reveal’, of the two of us chatting by the pool, unknowingly captured by Mr.Keng. Look carefully and you’ll catch Mr. Pookes’ head in the pool 🙂

I have to say I’ve enjoyed our time together, and it was great to put a face to a name after all this time. I hope we can do it again some time.

Ella & her family are absolutely lovely, and she’s as sweet as she comes across in SL. If you’ve met her in SL you’ll know what I mean. Safe home, Ella, and we’ll speak next week!


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Nudism in Television

Nudism in Television:Lauren Cusimano of True Nudists reviews Naked and Afraid and Buying Naked.

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Sometimes, when I’m feeding my fishes and I want to get a good photo with the fish surfacing, I can wait for a long time and they won’t make an appearance. Usually, they appear just before or after the self-timer snaps a pic. Of course I can cheat. I can take a video of me feeding the fish and I screen save still shots as pics. That’s what I did in the last post I made on this blog on fish feeding. But this morning, I wanted to take real photographs with my self timer. And this is what I got – I poured the fish food into the water but the fishes evaded my camera.

But patience is everything. I waited a bit more and here’s a perfect shot with my bright orange koi surfacing for food. The trick is to stay perfectly still like a statue. If I’m not deathly still, none of the fishes will go to the surface.

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Mandy: Circles II by tom2001

Mandy: Circles II by tom2001

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A day for skinnydipping

It’s a great day to be a naturist — and be on vacation — in this part of the world: there is a high heat and humidity warning in Quebec. Maggie and are in the Laurentians by a lake, so skinnydipping is on the agenda. Clothes probably won’t be in the picture at all today. […]

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At the drive-in. #ArchivePicOfTheDay

At the drive-in.


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Untitled2 8 by Envy-Graphix

Untitled2 8 by Envy-Graphix

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Yep! They’re just boobies every girl’s got them! Pretty much every European woman sunbathes topless on the beach so we thought we may as well get into the swing of things. And I’m not a fan of tan lines haha!

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streakers: Roskilde Festival Streaking 4 Fun


Roskilde Festival

Streaking 4 Fun

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nudemuse: This is what clothing optional looks like. Anyone one…


This is what clothing optional looks like. Anyone one who wants to be nude can be nude, and the others are ok with that. Nudity is normal.

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Nudist ranch marks 75th, offers own type of heat buffer -…

Nudist ranch marks 75th, offers own type of heat buffer – Spokesman.com – July 19, 2014 http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/jul/19/nudist-ranch-marks-75th-offers-own-type-of-heat/

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Skinny Dipping In Regents Canal And 11 Other Pictures Of…

Skinny Dipping In Regents Canal And 11 Other Pictures Of London’s 1911 #Heatwavehttp://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/07/17/1911-heatwave-pictures_n_5594843.html

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The Human Body Project: The Human Body Project at the 2014…

The Human Body Project: The Human Body Project at the 2014 Victoria and Vancouver Fringes http://www.humanbodyproject.org/2014/07/the-human-body-project-at-2014-victoria.html

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The naked truth about lifeguarding Toronto’s nude beach |…

The naked truth about lifeguarding Toronto’s nude beach | Toronto Starhttp://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/07/19/the_naked_truth_about_lifeguarding_torontos_nude_beach.html

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Spotlight on: ‘Free The Nipple’ – Independent.ie…

Spotlight on: ‘Free The Nipple’ – Independent.iehttp://www.independent.ie/style/beauty/body/spotlight-on-free-the-nipple-30434543.html

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It’s the naked truth for Stuart Haywood, 77: The feeling…

It’s the naked truth for Stuart Haywood, 77: The feeling of freedom is fantastic | Derby Telegraph http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/naked-truth-Stuart-Haywood-77-feeling-freedom/story-21658614-detail/story.html

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Fun Facts & Information about Nudism & Naturism

Here’s Some Fun Facts & Information about Nudism & Naturism
Courtesy of the Grand Junction Nudist & Naturist Group – http://www.gjnaturist.com
Feel free to share this page, print these out or email us for a PDF version of it.
Fun Facts:
¨ According to a January 17, 2003 Wall Street Journal article, nude recreation is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry.  It is a booming niche market with over $400 million in annual revenues.
Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa has one of the highest repeat guest rates in the travel industry at just over 75%. http://www.sunnyfun.com
¨ Since 1991 Bare Necessities Travel has chartered over 40 Nude Cruises on large cruise ships such as Holland, Carnival, and smaller ships as well.  Thousands of people gather on these ships for a fully nude cruise where nudity is permitted on all areas of the ship.
¨ There are two main organizations in the US dedicated to supporting nudists, nudist activities, resorts & the lifestyle.  The Naturist Society, (TNS) and The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).  AANR alone has over 50,000 members, and not all nudists are members.  There is also an International Naturist Federation which is the Global naturist group.
Why do people choose nude recreation?

Nude recreation embraces the joy of living and experiencing nature in the most natural way possible. To relax and be nude is to let yourself be totally free. Although we enjoy clothing-free activities in appropriate settings, we also choose to wear clothes when practical. Nudists respect each other’s individuality. Our own self-esteem is enhanced by our ability to accept ourselves as we really are. We find it easy to accept others regardless of physical size, shape, or body condition. Moreover, social class distinctions, often indicated by clothing, disappear.
Nudists also enjoy the freedom of not having binding, irritating clothing that doesn’t allow perspiration to evaporate naturally and quickly.  When swimming, nudists don’t have to deal with wet, baggy swimsuits that chafe & bind.  The feeling of the sun on our entire bodies is an amazing, freeing feeling that most people find incredibly liberating the first time they try it.
Relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, and increasing self-esteem are just a few of the reasons people choose the nudist lifestyle.

What are the benefits of nude recreation? Self-esteem is enhanced in the nudist world, where body acceptance is the norm. Conversation seems to come easier. Many report the “time warp” phenomenon. A one day respite spent clothes-free seems to relax people more than an entire weekend elsewhere. Without clothes, stress seems to melt away.
Is nude recreation an accepted mainstream activity?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES!
As reported in USA TODAY, The Yankelovich National Travel Monitor is one of the most respected polls in the travel industry. The 2006 edition of that poll found that 15% of adult Americans would consider a resort that offers a nude recreation experience or a clothing-optional beach experience either extremely or a very desirable part of a vacation.

According to an American Association for Nude Recreation national survey, people are becoming more comfortable with their bodies and nude recreation. It found that 19% of Americans have skinny-dipped in mixed company, and 18% would consider visiting a clothing-optional resort or nude beach.
What kinds of people choose a nudist lifestyle?
Nudists are a cross section of society, with people representing all colors, religions, occupations, body types, age groups, and income brackets. Without clothes, however, it’s less likely you’ll know a bank president from a bus driver.  It’s a common misconception that in order to be a nudist, you must have a ‘fit’ body.  The truth is that the majority of nudists do not have a ‘fit’ body, just like in the clothed society.
Isn’t being a Nudist just about sex?
NO, to often society automatically equates nudity with sex.  But nudism is about the wholesome enjoyment of being able to do activities in the nude with like minded friends and there is nothing sexual about being at a nudist function.  We recognize that nudist are sexual beings, but we can separate nudity from sexuality.  Again, most of our functions are family friendly and many choose to bring their children to nudist functions and get togethers.  Children are natural nudists and grow up with a wholesome view of naked bodies in a nudist household.
The top ten reasons to Vacation at a Nudist resort are:

10) No funny tan lines
9) No need to take a vitamin D supplement
8) No Laundry when you return from vacation
7) Waves don’t knock off swim suit
6) The natural look takes on a whole new meaning
5) No luggage to check at airport
4) No shoes, no shirt, no problem
3) No sand in swimsuit
2) Everyday is really casual Friday
1) Clothing optional resorts are just plain fun!

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Some naturist clothing 😉 (A naturist accessory post)

Last day in Spain today with Ella and her family, although I’m here until the weekend. Another idyllic day beckons, and we’ve -Ella, my husband and I, Ella’s husband having got babysitting duties- already been down tot he sea for a glorious sea swim.

And now our (still naked) editor is looking over the naked acting editor’s shoulder to show me some of the ‘tools’ available for blogging. You’ll have noticed a few mistakes in recent posts, I’m sure, as I get to grips with wordpress mechanics.

So there’s some things backing up, needing to be published, and this is the first of them.

Faboo has some nice clothing items that fit right into a naturist’s wardrobe.

fanny m pareo_001b

We particularly like the pareo (above) and the open front, tied shirt (below) as being two of the group gifts (free to join) that fit right into a naturist wardrobe.



You can find Faboo here.



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Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau

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On driving naked

You may have heard of it before; people who driving along all over the place without wearing clothes. True nudists will perhaps know how it feels or know someone who’s done it (and/or still does). Last year I posted about this already, it’s time for another one.

Driving nakedDriving naked. If you’ve never done it you have no idea how liberating it is. Some things to keep in mind and know (and this is from experience):

  • Have a towel. Because you sweat, and once that gets into the chair’s fabric that’s not going to smell nice after a while.
  • Relax. Driving is something that requires attention, getting uptight and nervous about being naked isn’t safe.
  • Don’t worry about being seen. If you worry about that, don’t drive naked. The thing is that just about all people won’t look at you, they’re occupied with traffic, their phone, themselves, whatever.
  • Don’t think that others expect you to be naked in your car. The others usually are non-nudists and it won’t even cross their mind that someone would do that.
  • If someone sees you, act naturally. After all, you’re all natural when you’re naked. You can ignore them if they try to attract attention or just look at them once and ignore them then. Giving them a lot of attention makes them pay less attention to the road (and you too). You’re naked because YOU want that, not for others to see you. Being behind windows brings the chance to be seen but it’s very small. I drove home naked 6 times in 2 weeks, each trip being over 130km / 80 miles and I’m convinced that no one saw me.


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July 14 was National Nude Day, so I have to post this. WHO WILL…

July 14 was National Nude Day, so I have to post this. WHO WILL READ THIS?http://ournudistlife.blogspot.com/2014/07/july-14-was-national-nude-day-so-i-have.html

“Why is America so hung up on Naked Bodies as being ugly or shameful? Why do we consider our god given bodies to be something we should hide or if seen be ashamed of? Makes no sense to me. I just spent 4 days at a nudist resort here in Colorado around probably a hundred or so naked people of ALL ages from little babies to senior citizens with ALL body types, and no one was ugly to me, or anyone else there. Nudists have realized that we can’t change the body we were given and even if we could, why? Why do we have to have this ‘Perfect’ body? Does the way our bodies look actually change who we are? NO! Who we are comes from within, and how we treat others. ”

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Police forces ill prepared to deal with nudity, say Naturists -…

Police forces ill prepared to deal with nudity, say Naturists – Press Releases – Articles – British Naturism http://www.bn.org.uk/articles.php/_/news/pressreleases/police-forces-ill-prepared-to-deal-with-nudity-r297

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“Dating Naked”: Welcome to the nude reality-show boom -…

“Dating Naked”: Welcome to the nude reality-show boom – Salon.comhttp://www.salon.com/2014/07/18/dating_naked_welcome_to_the_nude_reality_show_boom/

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Nudism/Naturism: Sunward Naturist Park | Montreal Gazette…

Nudism/Naturism: Sunward Naturist Park | Montreal Gazettehttp://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2014/07/20/nudismnaturism-sunward-naturist-park/

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Coventry naked protest: Modern day Lady Godiva in naked…

Coventry naked protest: Modern day Lady Godiva in naked Broadgate tax protest – Coventry Telegraph http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/coventry-naked-protest-modern-day-7461672

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Flaunt it or cover up? The great public breastfeeding debate…

Flaunt it or cover up? The great public breastfeeding debate continueshttp://www.renewamerica.com/columns/huntwork/140720

“If your attitude is that you can just whip your boob out whenever and wherever you want because you happen to have an infant in the general vicinity instead of perhaps using a bit more discretion or taking a couple of minutes out of your day to find a more secluded and less trafficked public space (or completely private area for that matter), then you probably deserve to be called out for your attitude and behavior by others once in a while.”

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Volunteers Wanted! | Welcome to Wreck Beach!…

Volunteers Wanted! | Welcome to Wreck Beach!http://wreckbeach.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/volanteers-wanted/

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