A NUDIE DIGEST – August 19, 2014

Relationships Between Nudists and Non-Nudists

When one is clothed and the other is naked . . .When one is clothed and the other is naked . . .

Life sometimes gives us more that we seem to be able to handle. When that happens, we typically retreat into quietness and depression It’s that old “fight or flight” response that is hard-wired into our bodies, not something that we consciously think about. Yet, there are times when we have time to think when faced with something that is stressing us out. When we have the space and time and place to make conscious decisions about how we will respond, we have to consider that this space/time/place is a gift.

I am a naturist or nudist or whatever, that much I know as do a good number of people in my life. It isn’t exactly that I have chosen to be a naturist; it is more like I have opened up enough to the fact of the inner naked person that has lurked inside my head and body. My ego had denied this inner nude self for many years, too many years. But, rather than regret, I am simply relieved to have been able to emerge – come out of the closet? – into life as a more authentic me. I began to think that others were in the same place, that perhaps even most people would be unconsciously hiding their naked self behind a wide variety of belief systems, that if given the opportunity of experiencing the liberation from being clothed all the time, that they would naturally shed their clothing at the appropriate times and places that would present themselves.

However, this isn’t reality. Some people get to experience that liberation and find themselves stressed. Even after several deliberate attempts, they remain uncomfortable when unclothed. Their inner self is as clothed as their outer self. It just is what it is. Something we have to accept and not waste time trying to convert and change others. The last thing the world needs is another two sets of missionaries: missionaries preaching the ethic of being clothed, and missionaries preaching the ethic of being clothes-free with promises of heaven for all who convert. What we need to do is focus on being as authentically ourselves as is humanly possible.

So what about the situation where  both sides are committed to being together in a relationship. The person needing boundaries that are marked by clothing finds him or herself stressed when the other is naked in what is perceived as their space. That invasion of personal space within which a person thrives best creates all sorts of anxiety and stress. Unconsciously, there is then a need to do something to protect that personal space – fight or flight. Strangely, the person who is comfortable, even thriving with being clothing-free has no sense of a personal space being challenged by his or her unclothed partner. That is, unless there is a phobia about wearing clothing, a different issue entirely. So how does this problem get solved?

Does one create nude zones for the partner who finds a need for being clothes free? Such nude zones are only limiting one person in the relationship, the nudist. The give and take could include the creation of a time for nudity as well, a time when the non-nudist feels the least uncomfortable with their partner’s nudity. What emerges through these negotiations is a compromise in which the non-nudist accepts that he or she can’t deny the right of the nudist to clothing-free time; and the nudist accepts the fact that the non-nudist has acknowledged a right to nudity. So far so good. The relationship has made room for differences. Both feel a sense of accomplishment.

But time does strange things to a relationship. The nudist begins to feel more and more comfortable with nudity in the relationship to the point where the boundaries that were set begin to be compromised. Occasions of nudity begin to creep outside of designated times and places. There is an ache to have more time and space where the spirit, mind and body are able to be fully open. With this transgression, there is eventually a push-back by the clothed person who feels betrayed and disrespected. And so tolerance to the other’s nudity lessens. The differences become even more highlighted in the process. Yet, neither wants to have the relationship end, so there is a retreat back to the original position, or perhaps a renegotiation that allows the nudist a bit more time and space. This dynamic continues to reappear until either one or both are tired of the constant tension.

What then? It is hard for a couple, it is perhaps even harder for collectives sharing communities. I would like to have your ideas and experiences added here.

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some time ago

bikershortsI follow the blog of a true naturist in Poland. He’s dedicated and wants to spread his joy.

The blog is in Polish, but there’s a translation that converts the words into English or any of several other languages.

Here’s the translation of this posts. I like his idea. I don’t think I have enough guts to do it though.

“came to my mind a certain idea, which I was able to
realize I was curious .Otoz what opportunities may be
on it to someone, he could np.przejezdzajacy car in August
zmiarkowac including the “shorts” that I had for a
sa When I painted the temperature already at have allowed it
decided to enter the providential plan of action .Namalowalem
the “shorts” and hit the road.
At the mile-long stretch ran over a couple
of cars. None was any reaction.
After that freely gave a ride near the
town in places where the road proceeded
relatively close to built-up because of the distance of a few hundred
meters I doubt that someone was able to distinguish these painted
shorts from the actual “


Check out his blog at:





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These Are What Goddesses Look Like

These Are What Goddesses Look Like:A story about a women’s only nude swim in Oregon, of course.

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Madonna Refuses to Let Instagram Ruin Her Nipple Pic Birthday…

Madonna Refuses to Let Instagram Ruin Her Nipple Pic Birthday Fun | Billboardhttp://www.billboard.com/articles/6221779/madonna-instagram-nipple-pic

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Reblogging my most popular posts of the past few months…

Reblogging my most popular posts of the past few months…

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misskittystryker: San Francisco WinterPhoto by Julia O. Test…


San Francisco Winter

Photo by Julia O. Test Photography

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Please take the time to also follow my backup blog here:

Just in case this one decides to disappear. Thanks!

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The Life & Times of a Nudist Couple, Guy & Carla…

The Life & Times of a Nudist Couple, Guy & Carla Purcella: Nudists are Losing Their Rights, and How YOU can Help http://ournudistlife.blogspot.com/2014/08/nudists-are-losing-their-rights-and-how.html

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This is where society is wrong.


A man can go out topless, showing off his useless nipples.

A woman gets frowned upon breastfeeding her child publicly showing off LESS BOOB than you’d see if she had a bikini on.

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Wow. Wow. That means so much, truly!
As human beings, we are given a beautiful vessel to use during a lifetime and we are taught to dislike it and/or to hide it away. My mom told me she understands why I feel the way I do, but she doesn’t think I’ll change anyone’s opinion. The fact that your vision of women being able to go topless in public as well as men, makes me feel so so good inside, now I can tell her I at least contributed to that 🙂 Thank you so much for this comment. The way that you are leaving behind judgment and accepting this idea with open arms is wonderful to me and makes me so hopeful. I love you! You are a beautiful being.

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Australian Women’s Weekly: Abby Valdes’s nude stance on…

Australian Women’s Weekly:

Abby Valdes’s nude stance on sexualisationThe portraits, snapped by New York based photographer JD Forte, depict the size 14 model in various states of undress from topless to fully nude.

The former Melbournian says the project is intended to be a comment on gender inequality which Valdes says is still rampant in New York City even though it is commonly considered the epicentre of modern civilization. “A man can walk down the street with his chest seen and you wouldn’t blink an eye and say to your friends ‘Well that’s sacred and he should cover up his chest for his partner’. You don’t say that,” she says emphatically. “Women have been objectified and banned, shamed or made to feel like its taboo to show themselves because we are an item to be sexually desired and nothing more.” Passionate about her right to bare her bod in the same manner as any man, Valdes says she wanted create something that would challenge the idea that a woman’s body has been sexualised to the point of perversion. “Men of course have been objectified in their own way but they are still allowed to present themselves. Even if you watch movies or magazines, you can’t show a woman’s breast, even Instagram will delete your photos for showing nipples, no matter how tasteful.”

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Podcast: an Irish reporter goes naturist


Irish reporter Sinead O’Donnell attended a naturist event in south Dublin. She joined Pat in studio to report back. Click the image or this link to go to the site and listen to the 9 minute podcast.

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heartlandnaturists: People often ask – what is it that nudists…


People often ask – what is it that nudists do?  There are lots of activities you can do nude!  For instance, have a nude mud bath!  This is something that you definitely don’t want to wear clothes for, so being nude is the perfect way to fully enjoy it! It’s so fun to walk through, roll around in, and feel on your skin. It will be the most fun you’ve had since you were a little kid.  Many of us were scolded as little kids for playing in the mud in our clothes, so playing in mud seems somehow wrong and forbidden.  But if you’re nude, then go for it and have a blast!

There is a misconception perpetuated by the porn industry that nudists get together to have sex.  But that’s not true.  Nudists get together for house parties, cookouts, volleyball, swimming, hiking, camping, bowling, billiards, watching movies, reading, playing card games, nude flying, and on, and on.  But we don’t get together for sex.

Nudists go without clothes because we are more comfortable physically with having no restraints of clothing on our skin.  And we’re more comfortable psychologically with who we are as people.  We accept others for who they are, not for what they look like.

The Heartland Naturists of Kansas City have been promoting wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation since 1982.


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A Day in the Life of a Naturist | The Naturist Page


A Day in the Life of a Naturist

(Carina: ecstasy of existence)

Uploaded By Peter Berzerker


Written by Petter Hegre, Fly on The Wall Productions created a documentary about Carina who has chosen to live a life as a Naturist in a community in Southern Brazil. The film is entitled, “Carina: ecstasy of existence“. The story is about Carina, a university student who describes her life in a community of Naturists that show no difference between the textile world and the Naturist world; except the sole difference that Naturists are clothes free. Yes, Naturists do get clothed too, Carina would love to go to school naked but as she describes, she has no choice but to get dressed or be thrown in jail. Even if it is hot outside as it is. She blames society for that; she is right. Carina and every other Naturist/Nudist enjoy the freedom of being clothes free just as we were all born without what today’s society likes to think that nudity and sexual-ism are automatically related when in fact that is not true. As a Naturist, sexual-ism and nudism are not related.

You can watch the film here: A Day in the Life of a Naturist (Carina: ecstasy of existence) | Uploaded By Peter Berzerker

Enjoy the film =)

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The annual “Streak for Tigers” happened Thursday…

The annual “Streak for Tigers” happened Thursday night. I haven’t seen anything yet on this year’s event except the above preview and this article.

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This Is My Body and Breakfast Ice Lollies

A quote which I read a few years ago has been playing on my mind recently.

“Good body image is not about looking in a mirror and saying ‘I love my body’, it is about looking in a mirror and saying ‘This is my body’.”

I can’t remember who said this so please let me know if it rings a bell for you too!

Anyhow, I have found accepting my body without prescription to love it very helpful.


Greta holding a sign that says "This Is My Body".Greta holding a sign that says “This Is My Body”.


Last week we veganised a recipe for Breakfast Ice Lollies that we found on pinterest (a mixture of a few actually). We didn’t manage to get any photos of them but they were super delicious, perfect for a summer morning.
We just mixed up a big pot of vegan yoghurt with a handful of blueberries and a handful of raspberries and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Then we froze them in Ice Lolly moulds, but little plastic cups and lolly sticks would work just as well.

Follow us on twitter and facebook, and subscribe to our events mailing list. Fancy submitting a guest post? We would be eternally grateful!

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Tiergarten: perfect park for urban naturism

Originally posted on Active Naturists:

I’m finally updating information on Berlin, the most naturist-friendly city in my opinion, and I’ll start with its main park Tiergarten in the very centre of the city. Given the park’s central location, it is easy to get there from pretty much anywhere around, so you could even come there after work or on a lunch break for some relaxed sunbathing on one of a few known FKK meadows (Freikörperkultur translates as Free Body Culture) south of Straße des 17 Juni. In the first half of the day, you can also refresh in one of those “showers” from sprinklers on the lawns throughout the park,

naturist 0000 Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

but one of the meadows has a proper shower installed.

The lawns of Tiergarten are perfect for frisbee, ball games, badminton and its new faster counterpart, speedminton. By the way, speedminton was invented in Berlin, so playing it in the centre of the city a…

View original 509 more words

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Nudists/Naturists: Go Topless Day plans?

Nudists/Naturists: Go Topless Day plans?
Montreal Gazette (blog)
Yes, the title of this blog is SEO-friendly, not click bait (which I will talk about in another post). It is targeting my many nudism/naturism readers and asking: Do you plan to show your support for women’s equality by attending International Go

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How do you breathe through that little thing?

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thetoplesstour: Take your own path xo #beach #babe #boho…


Take your own path xo
#beach #babe #boho #bohemian #model #TheToplessTour subido por jess_baynes

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Exposing our vulnerabilities to ourselves

CCseins_wuafbaI don’t want anyone to see my dark side or my weaknesses. I want to look my best, perform my best, be nice, please others… all the time. To a fault.

But it gets pretty painful working so hard to meet such unrealistic expectations. It’s a heavy load to carry. It’s so much better if we and can learn to accept ourselves just the way we are.

Drawing myself has helped me to do that. While I’m drawing (and a detailed image like this one requires many hours of looking back and forth between the photograph and my translation of it), I start to see clearly both the beauty and the flaws, the strengths and the weaknesses.

As if only by exposing everything can I embrace who/what I am. Hiding from my faults do not help me appreciate my strengths… whether they be related to character or appearance… I am what I am!

Flowing from within this very simple process of drawing, these little moments of discovery arise… a kind of “so what”? attitude comes in, which is actually the letting go of the perfectionism that usually haunts me.

I soften and accept. I see, for once, without judging.

These breasts that were such a disappointment when I was unable to produce enough milk for my babies are no longer a liability. They’re a part of me, imperfect like everything else, and yet perfectly fine just the way they are. As I age and see other women, friends and family, faced with the challenges of cancer, I am humbled and I’ve learned to treasure these breasts I once despised. Drawing has helped my be grateful for this body, my body.     – Colette


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Review: Woodstock: Freedom Festival @ Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch | The Naturist Page


Starting just 3 years ago, Yvonne and Hector established what is known today as Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch. Located in Tamworth, Ontario and recognized by the FCN. I was talking to Hector and Yvonne and they have so many new ideas and things that they are working on to make the place a lot better than it already is. Their property is really huge and have a lot they can do with it, and they are. Freedom Fields is just as the name as it has been given. The freedom within the fields of this beautiful Naturist ranch! The staff and the people here are very welcoming, warm and friendly!


It was my first time visiting Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch and nearly immediately I had a sense of welcoming. It was just like that Cheers show where everybody knows your name. it really felt like one big happy family. They are always looking after it’s members and making sure you got what you needed when and if you need help with something or to better make you feel more comfortable.


At night time, the barn is the place to be where everybody likes to get together and listen to music, dance and socialize! Saturday night we had band that played for us byMetrolandMedia. I meet manager, Sherri Paterson that evening and asked for her card because the band played so well that you would have thought it was a professional band in a major concert! The band is either from Greater Napanee or Kingston, Ontario; I do HIGHLY recommend this band for hire if you are having a party. check them out! they are worth it! (613) 546-8885 x205 or (613) 331-1181


During the day, there is fun things to do, go jogging or hiking through their huge property! in-tune yourself with the nature all around you! Their are so many different wild life around you. from Turkey Vultures, frogs, dragonflies, around you, swim in their new pool, archery, hot tub, and more. Though, they do have a little beach with a body of water… it’s a swim at your own risk, I was told their are snapping turtles in the water! I didn’t wan’t to take that risk! I’d advise you to take the same precaution lol! Hector is a great chef! A friend told me that he comes from a professional chef background and boy does he show it! the dishes he makes was always really really good! you’ll love the food here!

SONY DSCSONY DSCSince it was a Woodstock Theme, they also had mad their own Tie-dye and beading going on as well, these are the 3 i loved the best! Everyone’s tie-dye was great and they really enjoyed doing their very own homemade tie-dye!


I would recommend Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch to my friends and and followers and I would deferentially go back again. Call Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch and book today at (613) 358-9375​​

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Image Gender Imbalance

Anterior_view_of_human_female_and_male,_with_labels-private                                                               Different parts, but both human

I received a comment on my post “Why? (A Question for Non-Naturists)” that sparked some thoughts on nude photos and gender:

“Wouldn’t be too bad if it was a man’s penis on show!!! It seems it’s always the women on show, wonder why?! Want to see more naked men please!!” -The Savvy Senorita

At first glance I thought she was talking about my blog.  I try to post equal amounts of nude male photos and female nude photos.  But as I re-read Savvy Senorita’s comments, she was speaking in more general terms.  Why is it we see more female nudity than male nudity in the media?

I could remember a time when you never saw a male fully naked in movies.  Sure, you saw bare buttocks, but never full frontal nudity.  Showing a penis was an automatic X-Rating, even if it was flaccid.  The only nudity that was acceptable was female nudity.  This has evolved over the years, but you still see more female nudity than male nudity in the movies and photography.

But why is this?  The following are some reasons why female nudity is more prevenient:

  1. 1. Men still call the shots.  Sad but true, most of the movie studios are run by men, most of the media companies are run by men, and most of Silicon Valley is run by men.
  2. 2. Women have a long history of being sex objects.  Western culture is based on exploiting women.  Until recently it was acceptable to sexually harass women in the workplace.  It was all right to demean women sexually and still is.
  3. 3. Art has made female nudity more palpable.  Let’s face it, there is more works of art that portray nude females than nude males.

I’m a naturist and I find both male and female nudity to be equally beautiful.  Nothing is more beautiful than another human being.  The reason why things are the way they are is because of antiquated thought processes.  If we’re to grow and evolve, we must set aside our past conditioning and create a new way of thinking.

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Nudist protest a dramatic failure

Nudist protest a dramatic failure
ABC Local
Eager to organise another more successful protest in the future, Mr Mueckenberger says he needs the three supporting bodies, Free Beaches Australia, The Australian Naturist Federation and Adam and Eve to get onboard. “I wanted people to turn up at the …

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Group objects to nudist beach

Independent Online
Group objects to nudist beach
Independent Online
The KZN Naturist Association has made a formal application for a beach between Port Shepstone and Port Edward to be declared nudist friendly. But many people on the South Coast are against the idea. The portion of beach identified is part of Mpenjati …
KZN South Coast not keen on nudist beach

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Artist in court over images of children in installation | World…

Artist in court over images of children in installation | World news | theguardian.comhttp://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/18/artwork-images-of-child-pornography-paul-yore

“A Melbourne art installation containing images of nude adult bodies with children’s faces attached is a piece of significant artistic merit, according to an art expert.

Artist Paul Yore, 26, has pleaded not guilty to creating and possessing child exploitation material over a piece on display at the Linden Centre for Contemporary Art in St Kilda last year.”

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Mom, your naked body isn’t going to scar your kid for life…

Mom, your naked body isn’t going to scar your kid for lifehttp://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/1047269/mom-your-naked-body-isnt-going-to-scar-your-kid-for-life

“So I won’t hide my body. We were running late the other morning and I streaked across the house to grab a bra. My older son, evidently noticing my weakly bouncing boobs, said “ew.” I stopped in my tracks and told him not to be rude about other people’s bodies. As I put my bra on — more hurriedly than usual, I’ll admit — I told him that my boobs fed him and his little brother, that women’s bodies look different than men’s bodies, and that there’s nothing gross about either.

I doubt he heard much of it, because he’s already training his brain to interpret my words as a dull trumpet sound, but I’m glad I had the chance to tell him. My occasional nudity isn’t a magic bullet that will turn my sons into respectful men with a healthy perspective on naked bodies, but it’s an age-appropriate start and one that I refuse to feel ashamed of.”

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‘Naked Goddess Swim’ Invites Women To Shed Their Mortal Skin For A Causehttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/16/naked-goddess-swim_n_5671883.html?ir=Religion

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” Officially Windy “


Saturday as predicted dawned bright and sunny,surprisingly after the torrential downpour during the night, the camping field showed little sign of the rain, apart from the odd puddle just by the drive. After a couple of cups of coffee we decided as this was going to be the best day weather wise, that we would make a visit the beach, so after a shower we got dressed and headed towards the coast.


Norfolk is host to many fine beaches but only one is designated as an official naturist beach and that is the beach at Holkham. We visited Holkham in 2011 during a stay at a clothed campsite in Wells and enjoyed a glorious naked day in the summer sun. Since then the powers that be at Holkham, the Crown Estate, did in 2012 ban naturism saying that it attracted undesirables.


It said “It became clear that although true naturists do not cause problems, a naturist beach inevitably attracts people who do indecent acts. With the increase in people misusing the naturist beach for this sort of behaviour, the estate felt that there was no option left but to take decisive action and ban all naturism”
The ban was lifted in 2013 but with restrictions placed upon people using that part of the beach.


The 2012 beach sign

We arrived at around 11am and headed for the beach. As with many naturist beaches in the U.K. you have to walk miles to get there,which is a definite non starter for the disabled,added to that to is there is virtually no toilet facilities either, so it shows once again how naturists get a rough deal. Luckily we’re able bodied but even so we needed a rest, when we reached the beach.


We stripped off,set up the windbreak which was difficult with the wind reaching almost gale force, even so it was still pleasant as the air temperature was warm. The sand blew along the beach and had we not had the windbreak we’d probably been sand blasted,we did however lose our newspaper as it made its way along the beach into the distance,after somehow getting itself out of the bag.With us both being responsible people we raced off and managed to retrieve the newspaper which had settled in a pool of water further along the beach.


After a time I decided it was time to go and have a swim and even though we were half way to the sea it still took best part of 10 minutes to reach the waves. The water was surprisingly warm and I swam around for about 15 minutes before deciding to return to the beach. Ginny then took her turn in the sea while I kept watch on the bags and after a hour or two we moved back, looking for shelter from the wind. We moved back knowing that the dunes were out of bounds and settled just in front where it was not half as windy.


Despite this within minutes a very polite warden came along and asked us to cover up or move back to where we’d just come from, saying dodgy characters appear in the dunes and this they want to stop. We covered up reluctantly and within 20 minutes we were on our way back to the car park, possibly never to return.
To be frank, its wrong to persecute naturists if they are doing nothing wrong, seeing people walking along the top of the dunes in their underwear to me is far more pervy than naked people using a naturist beach, in a normal way. Naturists are doing nothing wrong by just being there and being naked, its not sexual, it’s the ‘gawpers’ (people who stare openly in a stupid or rude manner) and the ‘meerkats’ who should be the ones that are asked to leave that part of the beach. This video shows just how windy it is on Holkham beach and why a little bit of shelter from the windy conditions wouldn’t go amiss !

Maybe fencing off the dunes would be a better option. However this maybe just a ruse of course,to rid the beach of all naturists so the estate can build the visitors centre they want to build.
Holkham has been in the news in the past few years for other things too that are non naturist related.

Read the news stories below (Click images) :


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Montreal Go Topless Day and the Raelians

It’s almost upon us:  Go Topless Day, an international event being held locally in Montreal on Sunday, Aug. 24. I mentioned it in an earlier post, and said then that I would write more about it as the date drew nearer. Today, I read an article by Toula Drimonis on a site called Headspace.  Toula […]

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Naked happening ends in fiasco and arrest – News – The…

Naked happening ends in fiasco and arrest – News – The Copenhagen Posthttp://cphpost.dk/news/naked-happening-ends-in-fiasco-and-arrest.10515.html

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Dating Naked: ‘Are Your Balls Okay?’ – The Cut…

Dating Naked: ‘Are Your Balls Okay?’ – The Cut http://nymag.com/thecut/2014/08/dating-naked-are-your-balls-okay.html

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Michelle Rodriguez’s “Free the Nipple” Shirt Is Just One Way Celebs Are Supporting The Movement | Bustle http://www.bustle.com/articles/35911-michelle-rodriguezs-free-the-nipple-shirt-is-just-one-way-celebs-are-supporting-the-movement

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Nude Scribe: Dump Your Duds at the Door…

Nude Scribe: Dump Your Duds at the Door http://nudescribe.blogspot.com/2014/08/dump-your-duds-at-door.html

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Look out for book worms! NAKED Boys Reading let it all hang out…

Look out for book worms! NAKED Boys Reading let it all hang out for Manchester Pride Fringe | Mancunian Matters http://www.mancunianmatters.co.uk/content/150870235-look-out-book-worms-naked-boys-reading-let-it-all-hang-out-manchester-pride-fringe

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Nudists on Facebook – InfoNews.ca…

Nudists on Facebook – InfoNews.ca http://infotel.ca/newsitem/nudists-on-facebook/it12266

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Conservancy says ‘no’ to nudists | South Coast…

Conservancy says ‘no’ to nudists | South Coast Heraldhttp://southcoastherald.co.za/52150/conservancy-against-nudist-beach/

“A nudist beach is inappropriate in the middle of such a family-orientated recreation area. We believe it will attract an undesirable element in terms of observers,”

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Nude lifeguards needed: Pine Tree Associates nudist club in…

Nude lifeguards needed: Pine Tree Associates nudist club in Crownsville is hiring – capitalgazette.com http://www.capitalgazette.com/news/ph-ac-cn-nude-lifeguard0813-20140815,0,4680523.story

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catherinakantee: BIBLIOGRAPHY REFERENCE #2 Marks, Derek….



Marks, Derek. Fabulous Topless Woman Series. Brooklyn.https://www.tumblr.com/search/fabulous%20topless%20woman>

While browsing through the hashtag of #freethenipple on Tumblr I came across a comic strip series by Derek Marks. All four strips demonstrate a sense of irony however adds a touch of humour to lighten up the audience, in attempt to convey the message across. “Fabulous Topless Woman Grocery Shops” is by far my favourite, especially the intended oblivion of referring her nipples to “vintage Pradas” emphasising the old-fashioned conservative values. Through contemporary society, an individual can form their own sense of rebellion from societal acknowledgement.

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I just went on a run and was wearing running shorts and a sports bra.

A shirtless man I passed who was sitting on a bench drinking a beer yelled “Put some clothes on, slut!” as I ran by.

A man. Without a shirt on. Told me to put clothes on.

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I really didn’t do it to be considered pretty at all I did it because it’s comfortable for me.
Personally I have extremely hairy underarms and I get a lot of comments about it being gross and disgusting but I don’t care because it’s comfortable for me so all I have to say is be comfortable with whatever you are

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Nudists are Losing Their Rights, and How YOU can Help

We know that the majority of the readers of our blog are nudists, and that we are reaching very few new people.  But we will continue to try to reach the people who have thought about nudism, or are just curious about it anyway, to show that nudists are just normal people who have gotten over our body shame, learned body acceptance of others, and chose to live a more comfortable lifestyle without clothes.

BUT, for those of you who already enjoy nudism, we are calling on you to ‘Come Out of The proverbial Nudist Closet‘.  Why?  Because our rights as nudists are being eroded slowly by the ultra conservative minority who think it’s their god given job to protect society from all us crazy, weird, sinful nude people.  I believe it really is a minority of people who think this way, but they are willing to work hard to take away our rights, and they carry a lot of weight, especially when the majority of us are hiding in our safety closets.

I know, I know, SOME of you can’t come out, and I understand.  But I believe MOST of you can, but you are afraid to take the chance to stand up for something you believe in.  The fear of repercussions is Mostly in your head.  Seldom does any of those fears actually happen.  And if they do, you can almost always deal with them and they usually go away once you explain why you are a nudist.

Let me give you an example.  I used to live in fear that others would find out and ostracize me, look down on me or something similar.  I feared that everyone would just think I was a pervert, or total weirdo, so I never told anyone.  Then one day I got caught by my parents, and 2 nieces and it was no big deal.  They just made a joke of it.  So I then started telling everyone if they were coming by my place, just call first and I’d get dressed.  Didn’t have any problems with anyone.  Most acted like it was nothing.  Then I married my current wife, who was also a nudist and we decided to host ‘World Naked Gardening Day’ in our backyard and announced it on Craigslist to try and attract new members for our local nudist group.

Well the media got wind of it and wanted to interview us, so we decided, what the heck, we’ll put out a press release.  Sure enough, we ended up on the front cover of the local paper (http://www.gjsentinel.com/news/articles/pair_to_host_event_for_celebra) and on TV 4 times, nude every time.  All articles were well written and positive overall.  My wife worked for a large

Photo that appeared on Front page of our local newspaper

corporation and the next day there were some jokes made about it, but nothing else.  She didn’t get fired over it, or disciplined, or anything.  The only issues have been that the next day the HOA called us concerned about their kids seeing us naked, but after a 15 minute phone call their concerns were laid to rest, with a caveat of ‘ok, as long as you keep it private I guess we can’t say anything’.  Soon that blew over and we never heard anything else about it.  And my brother asked me to no longer contact my niece via Facebook because he feels I’m only out to show my genitals to everyone.  But he doesn’t talk to most of my family, so it’s not just me.  My wife also had one sister upset about it, but she still talks to her sister and just never mentions nudism at all.  So overall, very little has happened since we came out of the closet.

If most of us remain in the closet, society will see us as a closet society, hiding something.  And if we are hiding something, it must be because there’s something wrong with it, so it’s probably sinful or immoral.  And if most remain hidden, it appears our numbers are MUCH lower than they really are so we are seen as this little group of people who like to run around naked together and have orgies.

How can we change this?  I have several ideas.  Here’s a few of them-

  1. We come out on places like Facebook.  The way to do that is to start gradually by doing things like sharing nudist articles about nude beaches, or nudist resorts, etc.  Others will start to understand what you are trying to say.  Then just answer their questions, and start posting now and then about how you’ve come to learn sunbathing nude in private, skinnydipping, etc.
  2. Become a member of groups like TNS, The Naturist Society, or AANR.  This shows solidarity and gives us a larger voice.  By having a large support group like this, it shows there’s more than a few of us that enjoy this lifestyle.
  3. Talk about it with your family and friends.  Again, you can bring it up slowly.  Here’s an example.  Tell your friends who are coming over one day not to come over until after 3pm (for example) because you’re going to be sunbathing in the backyard and don’t want tan lines so won’t be wearing anything.  Or if you have a hot tub, say you prefer not swimsuits in the hot tub because the soaps and chemicals in your suits messes up the tub chemistry, (true).  Or maybe you have always wanted to check out the nude beach in your area.  Ideas like this.
  4. ‘Accidentally’ leave some literature laying out on your coffee table regarding a nudist resort, a nudist publication or your book about the worlds best nude beaches.
  5. Mention it to your hair stylist.  We do it all the time.  We just talk about how nice the weather is and say we can’t wait to lay out in the back yard and get rid of all these tan lines, or something like that.  If they bite, we explain, if not, we don’t push it.
  6. Wear a T-shirt, hat, etc from a nudist resort, TNS, etc.  Even a bumper sticker will tell people you support the nudist lifestyle.  We have the “Life is short play naked” sign on vehicle back windows.
  7. Invite friends or family to go to a nude hot springs, nudist resort, etc.  Many people have done this with great success.
  8. Put a sign up by your hot tub or pool saying something about clothing optional, or no swimsuits required.  You can buy these on Amazon.com
  9. Run an ad in Craigslist telling others what nudism is all about and mention you are looking for other nudist friends.  Also put a link to a site such as AANR telling them they can learn more about nudism there.
  10. Put a sign by your doorbell like we have saying “nudist zone”.  The sign on the right is what everyone sees when they enter our house.  Most laugh, or think it’s cool.  Quite a few actually ring the doorbell twice meaning we can answer nude if we choose.

Back in the days when gays were thought of as being defective, freaks, and all that other crap, it took one man to create an uprising.  That man was Harvey Milk.  He stood up publicly for gay rights and created a movement that encouraged all the gay people out there to come out of the closet and announce that “hey, I’m a normal person who happens to be gay, and I have rights”.  If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Milk’, rent it and see what an impact that can make.  We as nudists need to form a grassroots uprising.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be one person, maybe it can be a lot of us coming out together, en mass, and announcing on Facebook, to our friends, with our window stickers, etc that “Yes, we happen to live the nudist lifestyle, and we are just normal, everyday people who live a lifestyle you don’t understand, but we are not a bunch of weirdos.  We’re cooks, policemen, clergy, CPAs and all the other walks of life and we have rights“.

These are just a few ideas I have.  If you have more, feel free to post them in the comments section.

In the meantime, remember, the nudist community will continue to be seen as a fringe society and often seen as a bunch of freaks, or weirdos, perverts or sexual nuts if we don’t stand up and tell others we are NOT ASHAMED TO BE A NUDIST.
The pic below, by the way, is my current Facebook profile picture.

Until next time, stay nude and comfortable.

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Nudists are Losing Their Rights, and How YOU can Help

We know that the majority of the readers of our blog are nudists, and that we are reaching very few new people.  But we will continue to try to reach the people who have thought about nudism, or are just curious about it anyway, to show that nudists are just normal people who have gotten over our body shame, learned body acceptance of others,…

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A Perspective of AANR and Social Nudism

By Bill Schroer, AANR Executive Director-AANR

In a recent issue of the NUSA Sun, a nudist publication widely distributed in the Southeast, a staff columnist wrote a two-page critique of AANR and its direction. The author, who is not an AANR member, is entitled to her opinion. However, we felt the column deserved a reply and the publisher of NUSA Sun graciously accepted our offer of a response. See the original article online at http://nudistusa.com/news.php?date=20140715 (Pages 6 & 7). NUSA Sun is printing our view (below) in an upcoming issue of its publication.

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) has an 80 year history of standing for social nudism as a philosophy of living that is healthy, positive and family friendly. We also believe we are worthy of inclusion at the table of mainstream society. That, however, is a work in progress.We recognize the bias regarding social nudism in this country and have worked carefully  to change perceptions. While columns in this and other nudist publications routinely discuss nudism as if it were an everyday practice those conversations are the “inside baseball” of nudists talking to each other. The greatest part of the American public know little or have never heard of social nudism. When awareness does exist it is clouded with misperceptions of  what we do and how we behave with some still believing us cloistered in “colonies.” A significant part of our (AANR) charge is to “introduce” social nudism to an American public that is (still) largely unaware of our existence.

It has, in fact,  been a long road from 1930 and the American Sunbathing Association (former name of AANR).  Those who brought social nudism to America from Germany selected the strategy of “bathing in the sun’s rays” with the entire body as plausible reason for societal tolerance (if not acceptance). The approach was critical, for conservative as American society is now, in the 1930s we were immersed in a post-Victorian puritanical hysteria…the echoes of which are still with us. Any suggestion nudism was accompanied by even a hint of sensuality (it actually feels good to be or live nude) let alone any sexual overtones would have led to an outlawing of the practice if not a few lynchings to boot.

Nudists today feel secure in the comfort of their nudist resort or club or on one of the (very few) public nude beaches but police raids on private nudist facilities were common until the 1950s. A court case which helped turn the tide occurred in Battle Creek, Michigan at Sunshine Gardens Nudist Resort.  A police raid there in 1955 led to an (unusual) appeal from the nudists resulting in “Hildabridle vs. State of Michigan”. The resulting win for nudists was based on the State Supreme Court’s interpretation of the statute:

 “that the statute is vague. indefinite, fails to define “open” or “indecent” exposure, is not sufficiently explicit to inform persons as to what conduct will render them liable to its penalties, and that it is, for these reasons, repugnant to the due process clause of the 14th Amendment and void; that it does not, by its terms, apply to the organized practice of nudism; that it is not violated by nakedness on private property; that nudity, per se, is not obscene and every exposure of the person not indecent, particularly when the exposure does not offend the morals or sense of decency of those present and there are no other overt acts of indecency or obscenity aside from the bare fact of nudity.”

Without dragging us through other cases and opinions, I will note this case reversed an earlier case (People vs.Ring) and demonstrates an open and thoughtful view of protection under the 14th Amendment (unreasonable search and seizure) and the notion simply being nude is not indecent in and of itself.

AANR has the experience and understanding of history to recognize the progress we have made in the courts and with some legislators is neither complete nor “carved in stone.” To presume we are free to demonstrate nudism is an accepted way of life with attendant sensual and sexual components suggests a level of understanding among the American public we believe is not now present.

We have a clear view of the goal…acceptance of social nudism as a mainstream choice among ways to live in this country. This vision includes the ability to be nude in your home and on your property..even within view of others. It includes the ability to drive in your car nude, take your family to a nude beach or even to a grocery store nude. While everyone may have a different idea of what the future vision of nudism in America looks like we certainly want the “tent” to be large enough to include the full spectrum of living and recreating nude.  The question of the strategy we use to get there is often the debate.  Some accuse us of not moving fast enough, or of not recognizing that sensuality or sexuality are a part of nudism. Believe me, we recognize those realities. When and how we choose to overtly advocate for these elements to be accepted today by a public still largely unaware or understanding of our cause calls for intentionality and thoughtfulness.

We at AANR have the long view. Do we need to go faster, place ads in the New York Times, sponsor body painting contests or engage in any of the many tactics to heighten awareness and acceptance of social nudism in America?  Moving forward to increase societal acceptance while minimizing the risk to hard fought gains is a delicate and important part of our work. Healthy debate regarding how and how quickly we get there is an important part of the democratic process and we invite more robust discussion on this very topic.

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The only covering they need. There might be some drips, though.

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How to use sand to freak people out

Imagine if some guy was tripping and saw the woman, runs up to help her and she just crumbles apart in his hands. That’s gonna take the trip south.

Oh dear hahaha that comment

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Chinese Grandpa – Joykill

download (size: 19 MB )

Music Video for Chinese Grandpa for their song ” Joykill ”

Cast: Ashes Wednesday

Tags: sasha knox, chinese grandpa, goth, sad, nude and pretty

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Just say No to clothesShare this if you Love Being…

Just say No to clothes
Share this if you Love Being Naked!


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Island Rab Kandarola beach

Hey iyno girls and boys,
i stayed 1 week in croatia and visited 2 nude beaches on island Rab. First we tried sahara beach but with a 1 year old child it´s very hard to arrive because you have to walk 2 cilometres through the mountains to stay on the beach and only on small roads. So you have to carry your child and for food and drink you have to carry everything by yourself too. But by the way it´s also a very beautiful beach. But even not for families with young children.
After it we decided to stay on kandarola beach…and what should I say >> WOW

here the description for you on the offical facebooksite.

Kandarola nudist beach is officially the oldest nudist beach in Croatia. It all began in 1936 with first nudist on beach, prince Edward VIII. and his wife Lady Simpson. They were given a permission from town of Rab to be naked in Kandarola shore.
Popular and well appointed naturist Kandalora beach (sometimes refereed as English Beach or Engleska Plaza) is located on the southern side of the Frkanj peninsula (part of larger Kalifront peninsula), which is overlooking Palit, modern suburb of the town of Rab and can be reached by taxi-boats leaving from Palit’s promenade or from city’s harbour. If you’re coming by car, you can park your car at the Suha Punta tourist complex from where FKK Frkanj (Kandarola) is just a short walk away.
On the beach there are two restaurants, beach bar, sports facilities, showers etc. Lot of trees to provide shade. The beach is about 1,5 km long and it is mostly rocky terrain with three pebble coves. There is a small fee to enter the beach.
In the vicinity of the Kandalora beach, in the Matovica bay, Suha Punta textile hotel complex is located with the beautiful seaside hotels Eva and Carolina. The hotel complex is sheltered from cold winds by a thick pine forest.

for some pictures only follow this facebook link

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Happy naked weekend.  Since it’s the weekend, it’s a happy thing!  Yeah!  However, I am a little bit under the weather with a “summer cold” that I think I probably picked up on public transportation or around the proverbial “water cooler” at my day job!  Ugh!  I think it’s more miserable to have a cold in the Summer than it is the Winter!  One expects to get a cold in the Winter when the weather is crummy!  Oh well, I am laying low, drinking lots of water, taking it easy, and catching up on some reading.

Recently, someone asked me, “How do you talk to non-nudists about social nudity?”  It can be a slippery slope, but I’ve always felt that no topic should be “taboo” if it is discussed in an informed, educated, and well articulated manner.  Perhaps you want to discuss social nudity with friends, family, reluctant spouses / partners, someone you are dating, or even fellow nudists.

I came up with a list of my “Top Ten” ideas / rules that I personally employ when speaking with non-nudists and thought I would share them.  They aren’t listed in any particular order, so depending on who you are talking with, you might want to reorder or tailor to your own conversation.  After approximately 30 years of adopting a nudist lifestyle and learning to discuss it with non-nudists, these are the points I have found most salient.  These are general the points / ideas, that I personally try to get across and believe that a non-nudist must understand / appreciate about the lifestyle.  When you have an important conversation like this, you may only have one opportunity (similar to the “elevator pitch”) to make your points, so take your time, go slow, never push anyone into something they clearly aren’t comfortable with, and quite simply speak very honestly and openly.

Over the years, I think / hope, I have been able to help non-nudists understand the lifestyle and in some cases even give it a try!  Some times, I’ve discovered, there is a “nudist” just waiting to be born when they are given the right information without the “snickers” and usual “jokes,” that some people make when they hear the simple word “nudist.”  I have to admit, I am NOT out to convert anyone.  Like most of life’s choices, it is a personal one.  However, I feel pure delight seeing a non-nudist experience going socially nude for the first time and hearing HOW MUCH they liked it!

(1) Ask them how they feel about nudity.  Every”body” has a feeling on how they feel about nudity.  Some are shy.  Some are extroverted.  Some are introverted.  Some have poor body acceptance.  Some have low or high self-esteem.  Some do or don’t equate nudity to sexuality.  It’s an IMPORTANT question.  I think once you know how someone feels about nudity, then you have a good basis on where to proceed with your conversation.  A person’s answer will help you determine if you are working with misconceptions or simply pure, wholesome curiosity of WHAT is it like to be a nudist and participate socially nude!  I’ve had a lot of interesting and surprising answers, that have generally led to very positive, interesting, and frankly fun conversations!

(2) Tell them and explain to them why you like being nude at home and / or going socially nude with others.  While I do believe that nudism is for every”body,’ some can’t / won’t like it.  If a non-nudist doesn’t want to practice the lifestyle, that’s perfectly within their rights to be WHO they are.  In any friendship / relationship, each participant is their OWN person.  For friendships / relationships to continue, you should work to understand each other’s choices.  It’s never a one-way street.  Expressing your feelings of “why” though helps others understand your choice.  Just be prepared to either accept their choice or to have additional questions about your choice of being a nudist.

(3) Explain the difference between a true nudist and a swinger.  I condemn no one for their lifestyle or  choices.  It’s pretty simple, there are nudist venues (for people who enjoy living without clothes) and yes there are swinger venues.  Two different destinations and two different purposes.  Both, are OK, but it’s very important to note, that being a nudist does not equate to being a swinger; however, sure there are nudist swingers too.  All you have to do is find the right venue / resort for you!

(4) If you are comfortable with the person, explain, yes, you enjoy being nude and yes, you enjoy sex (gasp!), but the true nudist appreciates that they are TWO separate things.

(5) Never pressure anyone.  In your conversations, it’s very import an to remember to be a GOOD listener!  Spend as much time listening to a non-nudist as you do talking to them.  If they voice concerns or fears, repeat them back to them in a way that reassures them that you understand.  Do not make fun of or downplay their feelings / apprehensions.

(6) Always answer any question they may have honestly.  Honesty remains the truest and best policy!  Over the years of dating, I have learned to be upfront and honest about being a nudist and that I hoped they would be accepting of the lifestyle.  I would enjoy / like a nudist mate, but it has never been the sole definition of “love.”  But, if you are hopeful (like I have always been), the sooner you get it out there in the open, the better the chances of them understanding / accepting/ joining in the lifestyle.  I don’t think it’s a good surprise for potential mates to discover you are a nudist years later!  Plus, I’ve also experienced telling people, only to be surprised by the words like “really, me too!” or “I love being naked!”  True relationships and friendships, in my humble opinion, are built on honesty and openness.

(7) Invite them to try being nude in any way that they are comfortable, be it at home alone, with you, or at a “clothing optional” venue where they can stay dressed any way they like.  I laugh, because I think of one of my closest friends who I introduced to social nudity, wasn’t really sure, but very much wanted to try it.  So, I took the friend to a local resort, and said friend ditched the clothes quicker than a blink of eye and took to it like flies on you know what!  Ha!  It was just the funniest thing, which we laugh about so much today, because there was tremendous reluctance!  It was a joy to share this experience.  It’s very true, some times, the FIRST step is the hardest!

(8) Make SURE they understand the way they look means NOTHING at a nudist resort – fat, thin, tall, short, scars, sags, young, or old – they must understand that NONE of this means anything to a nudist.

(9) That AANR-affiliated resorts (and other nudist destinations), there will NEVER be anything sexual happen and that they will be safe.  And, moreover, if they did encounter that type of inappropriate behavior, to report it immediately and Management will take care of the offenders.

(10) Nudists are normal, every day people – the only difference is they are comfortable in their skin.  Several resorts that I visit, periodically have “Open Houses” on selected dates.  It’s a great way for people to experience / see the lifestyle first-hand.  Visitors can go and not be expected to be nude.  Often, seeing is believing.  This can go a long way to making a “newbie” feel welcome!

Maybe my humble thoughts will help you talk with non-nudists if in addition to getting your clothes off you need to get something off your chest!  You never know – they might go “head over heels” for the lifestyle!  We can only hope!  But, truly, as nudists, the best thing we can do is to give people quality information and help them form their own opinions on wholesome, social nudity!  Have a great naked week!

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AL 20 by ESLB-Photography

AL 20 by ESLB-Photography

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Swell by 3feathers

Swell by 3feathers

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Colors and Curves by jetskierworld

Colors and Curves by jetskierworld

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11 Nudist Resorts You Kinda Have To Visit

11 Nudist Resorts You Kinda Have To Visit
Huffington Post
A nudist, or naturist, lifestyle is certainly not for everyone, but those who practice it swear it’s liberating practice. So, if stripping down and skinny-dipping is your cup of tea, check out these eleven resorts where you can feel free to bare it all

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AUG 17

Tumblr Page-Marked as “Adult Content”

My Tumblr page has been marked as “Adult Content.”  Which means you must have a Tumblr account and be logged in order to view my page.  I only post pictures of non-sexual nudity and images that exemplify the naturist lifestyle.

Killing access to my Tumblr page, only to Tumblr users, hurts non-sexual nudity.  And as I’ve said before, people NEED to see non-sexual nudity.  Making nudity obscene, extra ordinary, or censored causes more harm than good.  Problems with body image, sexual deviancy, and abuse can all be traced to people’s issues with nudity.

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Part 2/3 – Helenen See bei Frankfurt Oder

download (size: 11 MB )

Part 2/3 nackte Freuden am Helenen See mit Kriss Stahl und seinen Freunden.

you may follow me on Facebook: facebook.com/marcelbruckmann

Cast: Marcel Bruckmann

Tags: kriss stahl, see, fkk, nackt, grillen, bbq, schwimmen, gay,helenen See, nude, xy and studios

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” Overcast in Overstrand “

 DSC_2417 DSC_2420

As I mentioned in ‘Rain or Shine’ the weather for the weekend period was not generally going to be that good and Friday dawned dark and gloomy so we decided to head out and visit parts of the coast we’d not yet been to. During the springtime I managed to get to Caister, California and Sea Palling so we decided to head to the stretch south of Cromer, firstly going through North Walsham then on to Overstrand. Unlike the areas I visited in the spring the North East coast of Norfolk has high cliffs and not all of it is easily accessible. At Overstrand there’s are high cliffs from which you can see Cromer pier but also a wonderfully sandy beach which stretches for miles.


Overstrand is a village (population 1,101) on the north coast of Norfolk in England, two miles east of Cromer. It was once a modest fishing station, with all or part of the fishing station being known as Beck Hythe. In the latter part of the 19th century it was catapulted into prominence, and became known as “the village of millionaires”.As with much of the Norfolk coast, erosion was and continues to be a major problem. Clifton Way is an experimental site, of which sea defences include; riprap (at £1,300 a boulder, predominantly shipped from Norway), wooden groynes, revetments, gabions, offshore reef, and they have tried to replant trees on the slumped cliff, but in an act of controversy they were stolen and nothing has since been done.


The soft boulder clay cliffs slump because of the water running through the clay, and the resulting material on the beach is removed by the succeeding high tides. And so the process continues over the years. In the neighbouring village of Sidestrand, the whole church was moved back from the cliff edge in the 19th century, though the tower of the church was left standing on the cliff top.


We had a rather nice ice cream took lots of photos from the cliffs and the beach,walked about a mile, before returning to the car park just as the rain began.We attempted to visit other villages on the way back but decided as time was getting on we’d head back on put the barbie on. As we got halfway home Ginny said it would be nice to go on a boat trip on the Norfolk Broads during the five days and as we approached Wroxham at around 2.30pm, we decided to see if they had any trips that afternoon to save time having to come back on a different day.


Luckily the last trip of the day happened to be at 4pm so we booked two tickets on it. With time to kill we got some chips and then headed off to the quayside. As it was the last trip of the day and not such a bright day, there was only 3 parties book on the hour long trip. Unfortunately one party were from a chavvy part of Essex and they never stopped spouting an amazing amount drivel throughout the entire trip. We managed to get some great photos from the boat of both wildlife and countryside.


We had a big chuckle when we spotted our friends from the day before going the other way on our outward journey. On the way back to the van we stop in at an art gallery before heading back to Broadlands. Once back off came our clothes and we then spent time trying to light the disposable barbecue. After  dinner which was pork steaks and vegetable  kebabs we settled down for the evening and awaiting the rains which appeared with vengeance at around 3.30am.


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Going Barefoot, Going Nude


I have no data to support my claim, only observation and experience. But I’ve noticed that people who like to walk around barefoot were open to nude recreation.

I once knew young woman who liked to walk around barefoot. She would walk around the mall barefoot or around town barefoot. She liked to skinny dip and hang around the house naked. She even played pool nude with her friends.

Every naturist I’ve met does not like to wear shoes. Does not liking to wear shoes mean you’re a budding naturist? Maybe not. But all the people I’ve met who were naturists first started out going barefoot.

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Årets Ø-tur 2014

download (size: 65 MB )

Danske Naturisters 5. årlige ø-tur gik til Ærø. Her samledes over 80 medlemmer af foreningen på Søby Camping, som i samme anledning blev omdannet til naturistcampingplads. Dette er en lille stemningsfilm fra 3 dage på øen. Film & redigering: Martin Duekilde.

Cast: Danske Naturister

Tags: naturisme, naturism, nøgenhed, ø-tur, nøgenbadning andærø

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Stand. by CreativeInMotion

Stand. by CreativeInMotion

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Nudity ban on Fire Island begrudgingly accepted by…

Nudity ban on Fire Island begrudgingly accepted by ‘naturalists’ – Newsdayhttp://www.newsday.com/long-island/suffolk/nudity-ban-on-fire-island-begrudgingly-accepted-by-naturalists-1.9077993

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The Nude Surfer: Coco Ho

nude surfer-coco

Inspiring Coco Ho, surfing nude for ESPN’s Body Issue.
More photos of this free-spirited athlete can be found on the Nudi Asanas website:

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preferlifenaked: So I’m naked. What’s it to you?


So I’m naked. What’s it to you?

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The Paris University rugby team takes a postgame jog around the field. Great camaraderie, boyishly playful but still real men.

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dowluck61: My Favorite…


My Favorite Naturist


Only my pics.


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dowluck61: My Favorite…


My Favorite Naturist


Only my pics.


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mamakushe: Shower in Woodstock


Shower in Woodstock

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