A NUDIE DIGEST – August 31, 2014

Kathy Griffin’s NUDE ALS Ice Bucket Challenge






10 Reasons You Should Go Naked NOW

From: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/10-reasons-you-should-go-naked-now-2/


By Jesse Herman of Powerful PrimatesNudity is natural. We were born that way and as much as possible, we should roam that way. If you live in a northern climate you only get 3 months per year but if you are in the southern region of the United States, your naked time increases. Take advantage of it. Here are 10 reasons why you should go naked right now.

1. Naked People Have More Fun

Seriously, folks, can you really have a bad time when voluntarily nude? No. The more you are naked the more you will be comfortable with your own body. the more you will know your own body. The psychological benefits of living in the nude are enormous.

2. Clothes

This might sound backwards but by increasing skin time you increase the fun of clothes time. It won’t be about hiding bad feature on your body, rather, celebrating the features on your body. It’s not about fitting into the latest style, it’s about enhancing the style that is unique to you.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 12.55.46 AM

3. Penis Size, Breast Size

Males worry about the size of their penises. If you think Aboriginal tribes men walk around worrying about the size of their penises, you are wrong. Women worry about the size of their milk sacs. If you think Aboriginal women walk around worrying about the size of their breasts, you are wrong. These mentalities are a cancer perpetuated by a marketing culture that profits from insecurities. Your penis is awesome. Your boobs are great. Start showing it off.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 12.56.47 AM

4. You will be healthier

Mentally for sure you will be healthier. But the benefits of being physically aware of all aspects of your body should not be lost. I often get a belly. And my ass can balloon to sizes unfitting for my form. By going nude more often, I will notice this before I have to watch a Richard Simmon’s month long marathon. Yes, I like to sweat to the oldies…but not because I HAVE to.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 12.57.38 AM

5. Vitamin D

More than anything else humans are seriously lacking in the amount of Vitamin D our bodies need. We our outdoor creatures, yet spend most of it indoors. We are naked beings, yet spend the little bit of outside time clothed. Take advantage of the sun and your skin and cut down on the vitamin D pills.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 12.58.35 AM


Living in Brazil, I know somebody who actually grew up in the Amazon Rain Forest. His land was taken over by business men of some type and he was displaced. I’ve never seen him wear shoes. I’ve seen him kick broken glass bottles out of his way on the street. His feet seem more flat and much tougher. This is how we should be and we would be healthier for it. Barefoot running helps to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s in adults. Barefoot walking or running helps in vital stimulation of our brain. The stimulation, which is created in the sole of the foot encourages our brain to boost more neuron connections. It also helps to increase brain flexibility.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 12.59.29 AM

7. Be A Kid Again (#freethenipple)

My toddler loves to be nude. She loves to play in the sand nude. She loves to fart my my face, while nude. She just loves to be naked. It breaks my heart to think that soon she will have to cover her nipples because women’s bodies have been exploited as digitized sex toys. The #freethenipple campaign is real and let’s hope women’s nipples can be free again.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 1.00.20 AM

8. Improve Fertility

Many men might be afraid of improved fertility but it is indicative of overall health. Wearing underwear and jeans can reduce sperm count and lead to other issues by killing nerve receptors.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 1.01.12 AM

9. Be Your Own Club

You don’t have to joint a nudist colony. You don’t have to engage in sex orgy’s. You don’t even have to be a hippy. Nudity is not weird. I love clothes. I like privacy. But I also like the option of saying, “Not today!” Start walking around nude and maybe your partner will join in on the fun. And yes, It will lead to more fun.


10. It’s not Perverted

Perversion happens as a result of wearing clothes. Because we don’t see the naked bodies of others, when we do it triggers sexual appetites. If nudity, such as women’s nipples, were more common it would be no big deal. Nudity is the opposite of perversion. It is only through a truly twisted society that the opposite it true.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 1.10.58 AM

Written by guest contributer Jesse Herman of Powerful Primates

Join our community!

– See more at: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/10-reasons-you-should-go-naked-now-2/#sthash.UNikdiFL.dpuf






Ton Dou meets Felicity Jones from TON DOU on Vimeo.






Pam and Darren
: RT “: ” What lies beneath”





One of my favorite sayings is “Body Shame, like prejudice, is not natural, it is learned from others and benefits No One”.

It makes me sad sometimes how freaked out the US is about simple nakedness, while many other countries are much more comfortable with our bodies which god gave us and are so amazing. It kind of makes me sad that I have to worry so much about whether or not the wrong person will see me without clothes. I just want to live without having to worry about putting on clothes to be around others as I’m just so much more comfortable and happy without clothes.

Why is that so hard for the people here in the US to understand about all nudists, and why do naked bodies freak out so many people in the US?

So I just wanted to post this poster, and encourage others to pass it on as well.

Body Shame, like prejuduce, is not natural.  It is learned from others and benefits no one.
Nudism motivational poster

boudoirboudoir: erica & vinny (by vk photography)


erica & vinny (by vk photography)

nudistsims: An article featured on H&E in the 1980s on the…


An article featured on H&E in the 1980s on the classic “Educating Julie”.


Today I went fully topless at work while weeding beets and fennel and holy shit it felt good to have the sun all over while feeding cows. Now I’m freezing kale pesto for the winter and making leek risotto while watching the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Life is better than it has been in months (with the exception of weekends with Maja, of course)






Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go bare, share & visit the archives.





Nakedness means freedom, and although dancing on a sun-kissed…

Nakedness means freedom, and although dancing on a sun-kissed hillside with shorts on seems pretty similar to dancing with shorts off, there is all the difference in the world. It is as if your clothes take on the weight of your worries and concerns – they come to embody your defences against the world, and if you can feel confident enough and safe enough, then taking them off evokes a powerful sense of liberation, of joy and freedom; and more than that – of innocence and of openness to the world.


Interview with Claudia Kellersch

download (size: 55 MB )

Sunsport Gardens Family Nudist Resort sponsors an annual Youth Summer Camp. On July 16, 2014, the youths visited Haulover Nude Beach to enjoy a day of sand and surf. Claudia Kellersch, a long time naturist activist and mother was one of the chaperons on this field trip along with her husband. I got a chance to ask her some questions about kids and naturism.

Cast: Nude Beach News

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The Person Inside of You .. Inside of Us

Appreciating the things we share in common, both physically and spiritually, is the best way to connect with each other.  We all have hearts and souls, we all have brains and lungs, and we all travel the same path from birth to death; so why not embrace our similarities and love each other for the shared journey we take together?

Your parents once feared the exact same things you do, and then they confronted those fears and survived.  Your parents were nervous the time they kissed and the first time they saw each other naked (probably); life is all about repeating cycles of exposure to the same challenges, fears and obstacles!

If we can discover an ability to set aside the things we fear the most and celebrate our commonality, then we have truly come to know each other – each others experience in this life!  Nudity does not hurt our relationships, it helps them, but only as long as we recognize the true beauty in each other – the heart, the soul, the brain and the shared journey.

~ Centauri4, Naturism as a Way of Living (8/28/14)

This image most recently appeared on: hammonrye: “Nudist family”

More Bad PR for Nudists/Naturists

More Bad PR for Nudists/Naturists Filed under: ALL-NUDIST.com shared articles…

paintedfemales: Diana body painted outfit in public


Diana body painted outfit in public

Another Ice Bucket Challenge pose

Earlier in the week I pointed you at an Ice Bucket Challenge pose at Fashowl.

And now another one has turned up at Toby’s Juke Joint, so no excuse not to join the ‘fun’. I think it’s moronic myself. If you want to give, give. No need to indulge in stupid social media memes.

Here’s Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, the main architect of the Scottish independence bid, indulging in it.

Alex Salmond takes the ice bucket challenge – crouching while two people pour water over him


Serious politician? Buffoon? Remember, this is the man who, earlier this week, argued about independence affording Scotland the opportunity to make its own budget on health care. And yet, here he is, effectively acknowledging that, while being in control of that budget he is supporting cash for Motor Neurone Disease (MND – the UK equivalent of the USA’s ALS charity) because it’s…..underfunded? Go figure.

Salmond did it to highlight ‘Gordon’s Fightback’ , a website highlighting one man’s fight against MND, and on that website Gordon Aikman, who is involved in the ‘Better Together’ campaign (that’s the people in Scotland opposed to Scottish independence). You can, as I have, donated via the JustGiving website. No need to faff around with buckets of ice.

roberta ice bucket1_001broberta ice bucket2_001b


This latest Ice Bucket Challenge pose comes courtesy of Toby’s Juke Joint (you can also pick up free T-shirts, the female one being modelled by Roberta, above). Once again, a post that has precisely zero to do with naturism, and while I persist in the notion that the Ice Bucket Challenge is humans determined to show themselves as sheep incapable of thinking for themselves and displaying an enormous herd instinct, I also think we need to be asking bigger questions of our politicians about why we’re having to indulge in this to raise awareness, on both sides of the Atlantic (and elsewhere). Funding for MND/ALS is quite obviously underfunded if we need to do this to raise cash for it. Perhaps those in the Scottish (and UK) governments need to be asked questions about the pitiful levels of funding for what appears to be a killer disease.


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“Over and Gone “


Monday came and suddenly our holiday was over,typically the sun was out and shining brightly,although it has to be said that the north wind was still blowing,so it wasn’t exactly hot. With new gear to put away ,as we packed the van, we had too organise in such away that we got it all in and with a bit of juggling it all fitted. I went to the office returned the gate pass key said how much we’d enjoyed ourselves despite the weather then returned to the van.On the way home we visited Diss and Thetford in the hope we could find a nice pub in a nice town,unfortunately both were very disappointing and we ended up at a McDonalds on a retail park in Thetford.


After a period in slowing moving traffic and another 90 minutes of time we were back at home.
Naturist Camping in poor weather ? Not that bad providing the temperature is reasonable and the facilities are good. You have to have a tent that doesn’t leak of course and a itinerary that allows you to do other things if the weathers to bad to stay naked.

220px-UK_Diss_(SideB) DSCF1465 UK_Thetford_(Norfolk)_(SideA)

What of Broadlands as a venue ?
Excellent and worth a visit, as with most naturist clubs run by committees,volunteers and the odd member of staff, some bits  look a little dated but everything worked and all the showers and toilet facilities were modern and clean. Would I recommend it to others….of course.
The only shame is we couldn’t stay longer and that generally we don’t get much chance to camp for longer that a weekend.



I love places I can completely be myself. Only a few other women were topless at this beach, which was okay because the statement of unity was shared across the shore. // #100daysofhappiness / day 20 #shotbythehart #Chioggia #embraceyournakedness

La España naturista en los años 70

Originally posted on Info Nudismo:

En la España de la democracia recién estrenada, el verano de 1978 iba a marcar un gran hito en el proceso de liberalización individual. Aquel verano se impuso en las playas mediterráneas la moda del “monobikini”. En Tossa, en Benidorm, en Torremolinos el panorama de mujeres sin sujetador ofrecía un plebiscito abrumador. En más de una ocasión, señoras maduras con senos estrepitosamente desparramados, ofrecían su desnudez de cintura para arriba, llevadas por el imperativo de la moda con la que nos poníamos en cabeza de los países más “progres”, un bandazo muy propio de nuestra idiosincrasia, tras años de haber sido la reserva espiritual de Occidente.

La innovación no estuvo privada de sobresaltos. En una playa, unos jóvenes al parecer chapados a la antigua, decidieron desnudarse y se negaron a volver a cubrirse con sus ropas hasta que algunas chicas que tomaban el sol a pecho descubierto, no se taparan…

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Croatian Church Relents, Allows ‘Thrones’ Nudie Run

Pedestrian TV
Croatian Church Relents, Allows ‘Thrones’ Nudie Run
Pedestrian TV
The scene, known as Cersei’s ‘walk of penance’, is crucial to the plot, and as of today, it seems as if the Thrones producers have struck a compromise with Croatian authorities, allowing Joffrey’s mum the chance to have her nudie run after all. TMZ

Just because I’m naked doesn’t mean you have to be

Just because I’m naked doesn’t mean you have to be. Aurhor: Richard Foley

The post Just because I’m naked doesn’t mean you have to be appeared first on .

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Naked Kansas man raises eyebrows, but not the attention of police – www.ktnv.com:nudiarist2:

Naked Kansas man raises eyebrows, but not the attention of police –www.ktnv.com http://www.jrn.com/ktnv/now-trending/Naked-Kansas-man-raises-eyebrows-but-not-the-attention-of-police-273214581.htmlwww.ktnv.comhttp://www.jrn.com/ktnv/now-trending/Naked-Kansas-man-raises-eyebrows-but-not-the-attention-of-police-273214581.html

“That has some folks more than upset. Topeka resident Natasha Shamblin says she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw this man. “I realized he was butt naked!” she says. She tells WIBW Channel 13 News in Topeka, “The fact that kids could be outside playing, or in their classrooms, he walked past schools, past churches. It’s really really disturbing and makes me wonder how many people are going to catch wind of this and think its okay to do that.””

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Family Nudity: Views Explored

Family Nudity: Views Explored:Two or so very well written opinions.

Families should be able to talk about everything, because these are the “Full Trust” relationships in life! Protect them!

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Nude-Friendly Cities.

Everyone should have a right to be nude when and where they please. The idea that the human body is offensive and will harm children is baseless and irrational. The only reason people cling to that out-dated belief is that they were brought up that way.

But there is no reason for it. People are harming themselves, killing themselves because they don’t like who they are. Is it because they saw nude people when they were younger?


It is because they are constantly bombarded with sexually charged images of imaginary human bodies wearing ridiculous clothing (swimsuits or less)  pushing the notion that a one-size fits all culture is the only way to gain success and happiness. No wonder people are screwed up. Maybe if there were more real bodies people could relate to, they would be able to appreciate themselves and really make the world a better place.

Take back control of your body!

Text by me. Photo from: vetusdesoleil

Photo retrieved from: No Clothes

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Finding God in a Hot Spring

Finding God in a Hot Spring:This place is a day’s drive from my house and I have no excuse not to go.

There were shades of stone and shades of leaves and shades of sun that I had never seen before. And although I was completely fascinated and silenced by all of this, those miraculous shades did not care whether or not I marveled at them. They do not exist to be beautiful, they exist for the sake of existing.

People began to join us, and not once did I question my nakedness because I was not naked, I was simply myself—I was the Earth’s and the Earth was mine.

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All Nudist is Under Attack Once More! | The Naturist Page

all nudist under attack


Click the image above to enlarge.


Here we go again! All Nudist Facebook page has been disabled to the point where the page is no longer visible. However so far it is still find-able via the search but when you click the page your own profile will substitute instead.

Last week they were blocked for 24hours This was the post he did for Facebook to block his page is found here. Here’s what All Nudist has to say from his post onall-nudist.com This time they suspect it was a troll that they warned to calm down or be banned, then a couple minutes later, the Page was gone.

Yeah, back in the doghouse again!  This time for posting an article about AANR’s participation at The National Conference of State Legislatures!  Fully dressed and nothing ‘obscene’ about any of it.

Someone reported it and FB’s robots took over, as usual.  This happens on a regular basis to those of us attempting to follow FB’s impossible rules, while pronography runs rampant and ignored.

All Nudist’s Facebook page has 7,621 followers and his back-up page has 1,503. For those of you who were on his main page, Please see his back-up page if you were following them. Follow “All-Nudist Friends” for updates.

Since this topic has come to attention, we too have a back-up page and would like to encourage you to follow our back-up page as well. Please also Like “The Naturist Page – Back-Up Site” as well in case this happens to us as well.

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orphanwork: Jeunes filles Sara jouant au push-ball à…


Jeunes filles Sara jouant au push-ball à Fort-Archambault le 1er janvier 1926 © Marc Allégret

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Sunday Noon Nudist

A swim in nature, the natural way.

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

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Go Topless Day, Vancouver. From Ed Wong’s Twitter.

Go Topless Day, Vancouver. From Ed Wong’s Twitter.

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GET OUT: Equal exposure in the Equality State – Planet Jackson Holehttp://planetjh.com/2014/08/27/get-out-equal-exposure-in-the-equality-state/

“Mandatory covering of breasts sends a clear message to girls that their bodies are not their own property. How can she protect, love and enjoy her life if she doesn’t even think she’s entitled to own it? Boys receive the message that if a girl’s body is devalued and not even under her own control, then maybe he can control it. These laws and perceptions enforcing the gender binary breed a culture of sexual inequality and disconnection.

I unveil my breasts because through constant exposure my pectorals become as garden-variety as ankles – once considered wholly indecent in Victorian times. I unveil my skin for I am so much more than a body assigned female at birth. Sovereignty over one’s mind and body is the most basic human right one can practice having. But it does takes practice.”

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thetoplesstour: HiiOP! #tbt #thetoplesstour #tmnt #summer…


HiiOP! #tbt #thetoplesstour #tmnt #summer #TheToplessTour subido por pajulanlaura

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In conjunction with the recent launch of the trade, business and lifestyle promotion organization NACORBA.org, I want to let all tumblr Followers and those who may see this content only once know I am available to assist withcontent creation.  I will be happy to:

  • Compose new copy based on a current website or Facebook presence.
  • Compose a slogan or caption to accompany an image (one you submit).
  • Interview owners regarding the history or vision for their business.
  • Interview members regarding their adoption of social Nudism, life as a Nudist, best experiences while nude or even WORST experiences(because even these present an opportunity to learn and grow).
  • Travel to Nudist or Naturist venues and compose body-positive, lifestyle positive photographic images and assist with printing or print layout tasks (I use simple, free tools to edit and compose images for tumblr).
  • Assist in the recording of social Nudist video, audio clips, radio commercials, soundbites, MP3 files, etc. (each item should have the opinion of five to seven people NOT participating in its production to get an idea of how it will be received).

If you have enjoyed the content of Naturism as a Way of Living either in its entirety or partially, I invite you to contact me and tell which Posts have been the most meaningful to you!  Please tell your friends, neighbors, fellow nudists and anyone curious about nude recreation or nudist living about this tumblog.  Since NaaWoL‘s creation I have worked to assemble the best images the Internet has to offer, created a few of my very own (featuring myself), or modified other images in what I believe has been a “lifestyle complimentary”manner.

There is a little humor meant to be in my images occasionally, and as with all things this is meant to convey the idea that “if we can’t laugh at ourselves, something is definitely wrong.” and I hope this also comes through in the blog.  Thank you, ~ Centauri4, May 8th, 2014

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News Irish News

News Irish News
Irish Independent
It’s only a matter of weeks before the movers and shakers of the nudist world descend upon Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim for the 2014 InternationalNaturist Congress. Delegates from 30 naturist associations will take part in the four-day festival, visiting an

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Nude News Preview 28-08-2014

download (size: 24 MB )

A preview video of the latest edition (28th August 2014) of the Nude-News for Nude-Muse Magazine. This week Ariana brings the Nude world news, Angela and Celeste go to the Go topless day event in Byron Bay, Erin brings nudity in Hollywood and Darcy-Mei does the naked rant.
Join Dannii, Erin, Angela, Celeste, Darcy-Mei and Ariana at nude-muse.com/join.html

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: dannii, nude, news, naked, model, angela, erin, ariana, darcy-mei, celeste, tv show, nudismand celebrity

The Swimming Pool

download (size: 5 MB )

A day in a swimming pool with Miele and Franz

Special Thanks to Giancarla Mori and Mario Angelillo for the beautyful location

Località il Torrazzo di momeliano, Piacenza, Italy

Miele Rancido

Franz Soprani

Cast: Koioutloud

Tags: swimming, pool, miele, rancido, franz, soprani, tattoo, pink, hair, naked, girl, water, nude,glamour, fashion, art, photo, photography, gopro and boobs

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Naturism as a Way of Living:  Advice on one page, easy reading.

This is important stuff, but as I wrote above these are only my opinions.  Feel free to add to them, take away from them, re-write them, save them and reprint them anywhere you want and in whatever format you wish.  They are opinions but they may help SOME in thinking through the issue and coming to their own understanding of the social environment and how it applies to their own family situation.

If YOU are planning on appearing in a bikini, being partly naked or fully naked in a digital photograph, offline or online, this article is not meant to preach the value of one truth or another to you, but it is offered as an aid to helping think about it.

Nudists believe all bodies are beautiful and should be respected.  Looking at someone while they are nude is not wrong, but treating them differently because they enjoy being nude definitely would be!

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Love On the Rocks

IMG_7436Who says summer is packed and on its way to the Departures gate? Not us, not after spending an afternoon under the 90-degree sun in Central Park this past Wednesday. It was like an outdoor sauna, and just what we needed as a prophylactic against the end-of-summer blues.

We hit two spots in the park that we’d never been to before (and isn’t it wonderful that after four summers Central Park still has spots we haven’t been to?): the luxurious, edenic East Green…


…and the blessedly private “Dene,” a little grassy nook up a flight of stone steps from the main body of the park, tucked away between giant boulders. Thank you, Olmsted and Vaux!


There were 15 of us in all, though people came and went as the afternoon wore on. Reading material ranged from Italo Calvino’s If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler to a Preacher graphic novel


to an advance copy of Naomi Novik’s amazing amazing amazing new fantasy novel, Uprooted.


We had two documentary filmmakers with us, and two screenwriters, and one person just back from the Cannes Film Festival…so it was sort of a Hollywood-themed event, accidentally. But other luminaries from other fields included a professional dogwalker and a food-stylist in training. We contain multitudes. 🙂

And there’s still more to come. As always, if you’re interested in participating and are a body-positive New York woman (or planning a visit to NYC from somewhere else), drop us a note at toplesspulpfiction@gmail.com — we’d love to hear from you.


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Travel In The Raw Scarlett-Morgan Season 1 Episode 3 Preview

download (size: 13 MB )

The Third episode of Travel In the Raw with Eden/ Scarlett-Morgan, as she goes for boat ride up the tweed river. On the way she stops for some fishing and exploring a deserted island. All done totally nude.
Got to Nude-Muse Magazine nude-muse.com to see the full version

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Eden, travel, river, boat, fishing, raw, nude, muse, model, nudism, nudity, naked, tv show andcelebrity

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Re: If public nudity was made legal.

Yes, if there were a few other nude people.
But when you think about it, if nudity was legalised, usually there would be some means behind a law change. Which would mean the population probably wouldn’t be surprised or offended if they saw people nude in public areas.  So if that were the case, weather permitting, I would eventually never wear clothes again  .
But what’s the likelihood of that happening (one can dream  )Also @Ed  , that made me laugh

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TrueNudists.com Review | The Naturist Page

Originally posted on The Naturist Page:

After many years going on TrueNudists.com all I can say is that it has gotten worse than the past. It’s no wonder ANNR revoked AANR status on this page. I went in chat to evaluate the chat and all i got was a clan of trolls who only want to put one and other down and step on peoples faces because from what it seems as they only have a one track mind when it comes to new people when i’m not new to this chat but have a new handle. When i entered the chat and told them I was there to evaluate the chat all they had was negative feedback and only wanted to bash me because in their eyes I was new with a bank profile. even if you have a bank profile they are too hostile with you and just want to troll you. My advice…

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Sima bog near Moscow


Initially you wouldn’t think of a bog to spent your day but it really looks like fun.

Originally posted on Active Naturists:


naturist 0000 Sima, Moscow oblast, Russia

There is a very pretty bog not too far from Moscow, and it was one of the most interesting places where I’ve enjoyed outdoors the natural way, naked. It is a peat bog called Sima at the Zvenigorod Biological Station of Moscow State University, where I spent quite a lot of time during summer practices in my student year. It was so nice to come back there a few years later. Student excursions aside, it’s an ideal place to find oneself at peace with nature.

view 0000 Sima, Moscow oblast, Russia

Sima is a relatively small peat moss bog surrounded by fir-tree forest.
view 0001 Sima, Moscow oblast, Russia

The bog is outlined by a stretch of smaller-than-usual birches and pines, as well as blueberries and rhododendron. There were no berries of course, when I visited in May, but rhododendron bush was in full bloom.
Rhododendron 0000 Sima, Moscow oblast, Russia

Though transition between the forest and the bog appears relatively smooth, there’s no transition between…

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maxwell-d: Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse Lui Magazine #10…


Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse
Lui Magazine #10 September/2014
«Free The Nipple»
photographed by Maciek Kobielski

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This is how to wake up in the morning: read the paper, have some breakfast, start on work, ease into the day.

What about putting on clothes?

Why? They get in the way and are not part of a relaxing morning.

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benudetoday: Like & ReBlog if you agree!Be…


Like & ReBlog if you agree!

Be Nudewww.nudistescapes.com

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Being Responsive To The Weather – S.A.D.

There are clouds and shadows in the early morning.There are clouds and shadows in the early morning.

I woke up at 5:15 this morning, the same as yesterday morning, in order to put the coffee on. My wife goes to work today and starts at 6:30. It was still dark outside as we sat in our living room drinking our coffee staring out the window waiting for dawn’s light to approach. Finally it was time for her to leave. She has a short walk to work, so she leaves at 6:15, the same time as I took today’s photos. This is the view our our living room window. As I am entering this text, thunder is filling the air waves and the skies are getting darker. This is not the weather that local farmers want as they struggle to get their crops off the fields now that it is harvest time on the Canadian prairies.

window into darknessLooking out, hoping that somewhere a break in the clouds will give sunshine.

S.A.D., or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is a real part of many people’s lives. Some people are almost not affected at all by the diminishing of light, at least not until there is a long stretch of time when the sun’s rays are absent. For others, there is a quick response to overcast skies leading to a sadness of spirit. I fall somewhere in the middle but it does seem to be getting worse for me, especially when I would be able to spend time outdoors basking in the sunlight while nude. I guess that makes it a psychological response as I respond differently in the winter when going outside while nude is more than impractical.

The skies are now weeping as their tears are blurring my vision out of the window. I can almost feel the anxiety and fear of my farming neighbours. Maybe the sun will peek through later today..

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Dusk #sunset #moon #tree #cypress #cypresscove #dusk #nudist #nudistresort (at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa)

Apart from the “standard stuff”, what can a Nudist Resort do differently in the area of Hospitality?

I mean, hospitality is tending to a guest needs and making them comfortable to such a degree they want to return and receive MORE of the same treatment.  This is my very simple definition and one intended to highlight my lack of formal training in the restaurant and hotel business, so I hope I have accomplished that goal.

A few things I could think of that WOULD be awesome if I ever encountered them are:

  • 1). Having FREE hygienic, disposable wipes in restrooms (in support of clean bottoms).
  • 2). Supplying guest rooms with assorted FREE samples of sunscreens and tanning lotions (possibly by contacting manufacturers and getting single application sized marketing samples).  The front office then needs to be sure to carry larger sized bottles or containers of the same products so that if a guest tries and in-room sample and loves it, they know where to go for more![/list]
  • 3). Incorporating ANY other service normally requiring an ‘extra’ fee into the guest stay (such as 1 or more pre-paid massages by an onsite masseur, or including a introductory Yoga lesson).
  • 4). Including ANY sort of pre-paid option MOST guests require, request or typically add to their “Tab” while staying at a Resort (such as a FREE breakfast – or priority serving if there is a buffet, or a FREE pre-paid movie).
  • 5). In case nobody thought of this feature: Providing “Premier” guests with a better Class (higher speed) of Internet access reserved exclusively for the ones renting a room or RV space (versus Day visitors of those only renting a camping spot).
  • 6). Having an onsite “Business Center” staffed with a Receptionist and Office Specialist where guests could arrange to have business calls forwarded, documents typed or organized, PowerPoint presentations created, or other business services (in such a way that business professionals have an onsite “value added” service enabling them to better enjoy their “Free time” while at the resort).
  • 7).  FREE child care services – as provided by a professional staff Nanny (so parents and couples with children actually get a ‘Break’ from some or all of their child-rearing responsibilities).

Aside from the items I listed here, I can also think of learning special dates in frequent guests lives such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations (imagine a college or university graduate inviting close friends to a Nudist Resort for a party and them saying/think: ‘Wow! I had no idea X was a Nudist!’ and other important occasions where a post card or customized e-mail invitation could be sent to the guest inviting them to celebrate their occasion at the resort.

All of these things are quite doable and I do not believe I have ever encountered anything like them.

Idea submitted for consideration August 30th, 2014.  ~ Centauri4

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Topless Protect for equal rights for women 2014

Topless Protect for equal rights for women 2014:Flickr album pictures of Denver’s GoTopless Day.

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Quote from Abraham Lincoln

Originally posted on The Naturist Page:
Originally posted on The Naturist Page: View original

23 Female Cartoonists On Drawing Their Bodies

Originally posted on Look at Both Sides Now:
What happens when women draw their own bodies in a medium that has represented them so poorly? Female Cartoonists On Drawing Their Bodies Kristen Radtke, a BuzzFeed Contributo, looks at this issue at: 23 Female Cartoonists On Drawing Their Bodies.

Barry Lewis: Why are there so many naked people on TV?

Barry Lewis: Why are there so many naked people on TV?:Yep, another smart-alec columnist with a “naked people are icky” column.

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GoTopless.org – Interview with Donna Newman

download (size: 100 MB )

Go Topless Day (GoTopless.org) was celebrated on August 24, 2014 in location all around the world by the Raelian (rael.org) movement. The South Florida event was held at Haulover Nude Beach and I got a chance to speak with Donna Newman, the event organizer.

Cast: Nude Beach News

Tags: nude, nude beach, topless, topless beach, topfree, topfree beach, naked, naked beach,nudist, nudist beach, nudism, naturist and naturist beach

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GoTopless.org – Entrevista con Raquel Vergara y Jesus Rojas

download (size: 72 MB )

GoTopless.org ha promovido Ir Día Topless desde hace varios años y la movimiento está creciendo! Este año no fue la excepción con celebraciones que tienen lugar en todo el mundo. El evento local del Sur de la Florida se celebró en Haulover Playa Nudista el 24 de agosto de 2014. Dos de los organizadores del evento, Raquel Vergara y Jesus Rojas nos dicen todo sobre el movimiento y más …..

Cast: Nude Beach News

Tags: nude, nude beach, naked, naked beach, topless, topless beach, topfree, topfree beach,nudist, nudist beach, nudism, naturism, Naturist and naturist beach

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Facebook: “Your account has been disabled” | The Naturist Page

Happy Bare:

This happened to me!

Originally posted on The Naturist Page:

A friend of mine had his account disabled and removed from Facebook. According to Facebook, his account was disabled for, “Uploading sexually explicit photos”, “Sharing content that contains sexually explicit language” and “Engaging in sexual solicitation” Well now.. I had a view of his screenshot of the message (below) and It does not even contain ANY of the above.

account disabled

I’d be careful who you friend on your account. don’t just friend anyone. friend only trusted people so this does not happen to any of you and make sure your posts are to friends only and not public posts. An example of what I mean is below.



If you have your posts Public, everyone who is not on your friends list can see your profile postings. When someone reports your photo, it’s not a human that reviews the report. its all automated. They get so much reports to process they…

View original 79 more words

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runningbare711: Freda Kalo

runningbare711: Freda Kalo

Freda Kalo

FG_AUTHORS: Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians…

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Feeling A Bit S.A.D.

Back at home waiting for the day to warm up.Back at home waiting for the day to warm up.

It is cold out, only 7 degrees Celsius. However, the skies are clear and the forecast is for twenty degrees by this afternoon. I have a few tasks ahead of me for later this morning. I will be hanging out the bedding from our camping trip, mowing the lawn, and a few touch ups to our camper in order to get it ready for another journey, this time into the deep country, far from towns and cities.

Of course, all of this should make for a good time, but for some reason, I am S.A.D. – that is, I am missing nude time outdoors (and indoors) where sun can bathe my body and making it feel truly alive. Being outside in sunshine with all of my clothing on isn’t the same thing though it is better than not having any sunshine at all.

In a few moments I will be taking time out for my morning meditation. I am waiting for the room to warm up. I use a plug-in electric heater in my meditation space as a way to make nude meditation more comfortable in our house which is kept as cool as possible without using the air conditioner. I will return later, hopefully with a more upbeat and positive post.

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Nudism/Naturism washes away shower hangups

Nudism/Naturism washes away shower hangups
Montreal Gazette (blog)
Sigh . . . How much analysis do we need in the wake of an ESPN reporter’s ridiculous item — for which the network apologized — on how St. Louis Rams rookie Michael Sam (who is openly gay) is fitting in with his teammates in the locker-room shower?

Ton Dou’s vacation at Sunsport Gardens.

Ton Dou’s vacation at Sunsport Gardens.

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awaitingthegreatcollapse: Neither nudity nor touch are…


Neither nudity nor touch are fundamentally sexual. I have recently been thinking about how awkward people seem to be; correction; how awkward society teaches people to be, around their own bodies. Sometimes my nipples itch. Sometimes my crutch itches. And I should be just as comfortable scratching my breast as I would be scratching my arm. There is nothing dirty or weird about touching your own body. It’s yours, you can do what you please with it.

Both nudity and touch should be seen as the natural thing they are. However, I have a feeling tumblr won’t agree, so this probably won’t stay up for too long. Anywho, here’s me touching my body. Not because I’m horny, not to make someone else horny, but because I like touching my body.

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Facebook: “Your account has been disabled” | The Naturist Page

Happy Bare:

This happened to me!

Facebook: “Your account has been disabled” | The Naturist PageOriginally posted on The Naturist Page:

A friend of mine had his account disabled and removed from Facebook. According to Facebook, his account was disabled for, “Uploading sexually explicit photos”, “Sharing content that contains sexually explicit language” and “Engaging in sexual solicitation” Well now.. I had a vie

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Could you ‘bare’ to socialise naked?

Could you ‘bare’ to socialise naked?:Nudism is nearly illegal in Ireland, but there are a few brave souls:

It’s dusk at a small hotel in rural Munster. In the bar, 20 out-of-towners have convened. They range in age from early 20s to mid-60s. More arrive, introduce themselves, and join the group in the corner of the bar. They don’t have much in common, but in half an hour they’ll all be naked. They are here for the monthly Irish Naturist Association nude swim and sauna.

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6 out of 10 charged in nudist event jailed and fined

6 out of 10 charged in nudist event jailed and fined
Sin Chew Jit Poh
BALIK PULAU, Aug 28 (Bernama) — Six men out of 10 people charged with causing public unrest for stripping at a public place were sentenced to a month’s jail and fined RM5,000 each, in default six months’ jail, for committing the offence. Magistrate …
Six Out Of 10 Charged In Nudist Event Jailed And Fined
10 charged with committing obscenity in Penang nude games, six plead guilty
Six nudists admit guilt, another four deny in Penang court

” Outdated Attitudes “


The weather has been rotten for the last two days and during this time events and conversations have made me wonder if, attitudes have ever really changed in certain countries or whether once again we are just fooling ourselves. Over the years and definitely since the 1960’s attitudes in many areas of life have changed tremendously, especially with regards to race, sexuality and the balance between the two sexes. When it comes to genuine attitudes around the world things have moved on but in the UK and America especially, attitude are still on the whole still very ‘Victorian’.


In France, Germany, Spain and many other European countries the attitudes to life and naturism especially is very live and let live, where here in the UK and in America is very hush hush, don’t tell anyone, hide it away and the urge to control things comes from the powers that be.

What is it with people in the UK ?

BP4CTJ UK Newspapersfreedom-of-speech-2cd4b4

It happens everywhere just as I mentioned in earlier posts about Holkham, where innocent naturists get the blame for what others do.It also happens in society with people telling shops what they should put on the newstands and also what they should advertise. How dare they ! It comes from the police in how they deal with the public and interpret the laws of the land. Police for example would rather send 4 police cars racing to the scene where someone is skinny dipping than send them out to real crime scenes, catch real criminals and apprehend people who commit real offences.


Social media comes into the spotlight often with people being interviewed by police after posting an opinion on Facebook or twitter. The FA also seem to think they’ve a right to chastise a football player for something that’s nothing to do with football.  This sort of behaviour is happening everywhere, employers seem to think they have a say at what employees post on social media, while at home and others try to gag posts that say or imply nothing derogatory at all.

Where will it all end ?


Freedom of expression is a universal human right. It is not the prerogative of the politician. It is not the privilege of the journalist. It should not be the casualty of their skirmishes nor regarded as a matter of little importance to anyone else. Freedom of expression is fundamental to a democratic society. Democracy after all is government by the people. This should require the participation of all. It would be meaningless without information to inform, debate, shape policy, or found judgment. Proper democracy entails an open society. Social media searches out and circulates information, ideas, comments and opinion. It provides the means for a multiplicity of voices to be heard and should not be silenced unless maybe when it hurts others personally. The Human Rights Act 1998, incorporates the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, which includes both rights to the privacy of the individual and the rights to freedom of expression, open justice and to protection of private life


Naturism is no stranger to these Victorian attitudes either with many people going to such extreme lengths to keep their naturism secret. At a meeting last year I heard more than one person say “advertise as a club…we couldn’t possibly so that…what would people say” at the same time others said “we’d be silly not too”. Nearly all naturists enjoy this wonderful lifestyle and at the same time want it to flourish. Clubs complain at lack of members then do nothing to encourage people to join, some even put outdated rules and constitutions in the way which really does put people off joining most organisations. Some venues go textile some just close due to lack of numbers and this is such a shame, when just a change of attitude and proceedure is necessary.


Singles and couples just want to turn up at venues, events and locations get undressed enjoy their day with the least hassle possible(they get enough hassle at work) and at the same time they want to live life as they would at home. Naturism presently (in the UK especially) is lacking the younger generations to help the lifestyle to grow, why this is a problem I really don’t know, it’s not yet a crisis but one day clubs and organisations might fold through lack of numbers, something needs to change if its to prosper once again.


If any younger people(under 35) are reading this, please let me hear your opinions and views through the comments section or directly at the link just under the ‘advertise here’ banner.

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nudiarist2: flying by cenevols


flying by cenevols

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A new Greek location

One of our most popular posts (still!) is ‘Mykonos: Gone in SL’.

While not naturist, I would say that it certainly was naturist friendly, a blind eye turned, as it would be in RL Greece, to a bit of sim-edge skinny dipping 🙂

It was a marvellous sim because the whitewashed buildings against a blue sky made for the most wonderful photographic light, just as it would do in RL.

So I’m delighted to report that there’s not one but three Greek styled sims (kind of modelled on ‘Ancient Greece’ to some extent, but with air beds floating on a crystal clear blue Aegean to suggest that there’s some sense of modernity in the sim).

You can find them here, here and here.

You’ll also find a report on them at Uccello Poultry’s blog. For those of you who are interested, Uccello also tries to do a Topless Tuesday posting most weeks (scroll down her pages for that).

judy greece2_001bjudy greece5 with alam6_001bjudy greece5 with alam8_001b

Harry, who took the photos at the Bohol sim (the first of the three I’ve offered) gets very excited by sims such as these, due in main to the light quality. Note that the sims aren’t naturist, but I wouldn’t anticipate too many issues with you being nude there if you’re discreet. 🙂

Models: Judy & Alan



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Miley Cyrus poses naked with bunch of stuffed animals

Daily News & Analysis
Miley Cyrus poses naked with bunch of stuffed animals
Daily News & Analysis
The photo shows the blue-eyed beauty laying with a bunch of stuffed animals around her, reported E!Online. Cyrus, 21, posted the black-and-white photo on her Instagram, with little happy faces covering her modesty. “@vmagazine #rebelissue,” she …

Free the nipple campaign continues with a surprising champion.



Kiera Knightley has posed topless in support of the #freethenipple campaign which I found surprising, given that she’s quite demure in her public persona (hooray for Kiera!). But it’s terrific to see people continuing to highlight the inequality that exists between men and women. I don’t just limit my understanding of #freethenipple to top-free equality, but as a mechanism whereby we could and should then highlight other male/female inequalities. The pay gap, for example.

You can read about Kiera’s reasoning for the shoot here.



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nudiarist2: I Spent The Afternoon Naked In Public And There Was…


I Spent The Afternoon Naked In Public And There Was Nothing Weird About It – The Plaid Zebra http://www.theplaidzebra.com/spent-afternoon-naked-public-nothing-weird/

“I believe Stephane was right when he told me, “Self-censorship is the worst kind of censorship. That’s the one that kills the most free thought.”

I thanked Stephane for the beer and decided to take a dip in the lake before I left. I paddled around naked in the cool water and felt better than I could ever remember. I thought about the motto of Bare Oaks: “Free your body, free your mind.”

I’m sure many would disagree with that. How does nudity possibly lead to a strong and healthy mind? I can’t say that getting naked necessarily puts you on the road to free thought. But it is possible that those who are both clothed and close-minded have already missed the turnoff.”

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naugtyliz: #naughtyliz



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ANALYSIS: Should a naked Miley Cyrus be 18-rated? Or are David Cameron’s
Cambridge News
The idea is to bring the online music videos – such as Miley Cyrus‘ Wrecking Ball, in which the singer appears naked throughout, and Robin Thicke’s controversial Blurred Lines – in line with those sold on DVD or other physical media, which will be

Nearly time for Spain again & hipster beards

I’ve begun packing for what will be my last trip out to Spain this year. I think I’ve largely exhausted the ‘Postcards from Spain’ series, so I won’t be doing that this time around (although if I see something of particular interest I can blog, of course I will do that, reflecting RL naturism in SLN).

I’ll be interested to see if hair’s resurgence in RL naturism continues, as it seemed to be making a comeback when we were out there in June.

That’s hair in all of its constituent forms. One the head, in the pubic region, under arms.

Whether that was just the nature of the holidaymakers at the time, I’m not sure, but it was certainly more visible, as if a wheel had turned and naturists were once again embracing it after several years of razor tyranny. I’ll certainly be keeping you posted as to its state of play when I get there in a couple of weeks time.

We aren’t talking 1970s jungle here, you understand, there’s still a bit of topiary going on, but it’s not the vast, arid pubic deserts of before.

And it’s not just the ladies who have semi-retired or fully retired the razors. The guys, too, seemed to be re-embracing chest hair and, in noticeable numbers, beards. Hipster beardsseem to be this year’s thing, naturist or not, and there were more than a fair share of them on display in naturist circles in June and, once I’d begun noticing them, even up and down our High Street. There certainly were a number of naturists -some I even know by name- sporting trendy facial hair three months ago, and I’m anxious to see if the trend continues, both above and below the navel, given that there’s a different naturist demographic in September as there is in June (September’s when the ‘silver birds’ -middle aged naturists- return to Spain, the oppressive heat, the crowded beaches, the families of holidaymakers, have all departed).

So it’s good to see that Spellbound is offering a ‘monster beard’ that accurately reflects current High Street fashion codes. It’s priced at L$300, and certainly adds a finishing touch to anyone who wishes to sport that ‘hipster’ look, regardless of whether they’re naturist or not. But mark my words, these beards do appear to be part of the naturist fashion code right now!





Model: Alan. Photos : Diane

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Fancy Coffee Friday: Tongue-In-Cheek Confessional

I sometimes call myself the “Accidental Nudist“, or another title I’ve used is

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owhataq: Mike Dowson


Mike Dowson

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Casa Blanca Hot Spring


Hot Spring Soaking, Camping, Rentals, Retreat Cottage.

Casa Blanca Hot Spring in Tonopah, Arizona is For Sale. The asking price is $190,000which includes Stone Labyrinth, three more non adjacent building lots of one acre +- in size, including one which has a well on it that comes in at 105 degrees. Electric is right next to all three lots. Terms are cash or two thirds down and owner will carry the balance.

Casa Blanca Hot Spring offers the oldest home in Tonopah, two rentals in a separate home for income, several RV sites, and three soaking areas where soakers control the temperature of their soaking water. There is a small log building with a sink, toilet, shower and washer and dryer which go with the sale.

It has never snowed in Tonopah and it’s warm enough to lay out in the sun most days all winter long.

For photos and more information on Casa Blanca Hot Spring, please reply to

Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington
Casa Blanca Hot Spring
Tonopah, Arizona
S\He Who Knows That Enough Is Enough
Will Always Have Enough.  ~ Lao Tzu

So Many Hot Springs, So Little Time….

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there was a local rally for women’s rights where a lot of women went topless and I’m legit getting into an argument on facebook with a ~friend~ because she thinks that it’s stupid and feminism isn’t important and I’m literally rolling my eyes so hard I’m gonna end up in another dimension

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The Nude-Friendly Office

I believe that office workplaces might be more relaxing if everyone would work nude. I mean, the space is temperature controlled. And when people are working in close proximity with each other while clothed, there tends to be higher tensions, more irritability, and a lack of empathy. That’s because clothing creates artificial symbols of status and cause rifts between people where the wouldn’t be otherwise.

As nudists know, it’s hard to get angry when both parties are not wearing clothing. Sure, sometimes things get stressful to meet the deadline, and people can’t pull their punches in order for the work to be done, but that’s not all the time.

So introduce nudity and see how competitions can become collaborations and the office can become more appreciative and supporting of itself.

Text by me. Model is Hayden Winters.

Photo retrieved from: No Clothes

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Ellen DeGeneres And Chelsea Handler Have A Nude Shower Fight

There are ways to announce the end of your late night talk show: Humbly bring it up at the end of a show; or strip naked, take a shower, then have an argument with Ellen DeGeneres while still naked and wet — who you have never featured as a guest in the seven-year run of your show — and then reveal that your show is over. “Chelsea Lately” chose the latter.

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Nude beaches in the Vendée, France

The Vendée is a part of the Pays de la Loire region in France. Three is a long stretch of beaches, where yoi also will find naturist beaches or naturist friendly beaches. Below you will find a list of naturist/naturist friendly beaches. La Terrier The beach is located close to the town of La Tranche-sur-mer. […]

The post Nude beaches in the Vendée, France appeared first on .

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Linda talks about fundraising for Naked. You can give here.

Linda talks about fundraising for Naked. You can give here.

French Knickers, cami-knickers.





I’m not sure if naturism informs my sense of undergarments, and a sense of looseness and airiness around my nether regions, but I do adore French knickers (or cami-knickers as they’re sometimes known).

They’ve never, to my knowledge, been something created in abundance in SL. I guess that briefs, as panties, are easier to add as an under layer. And there’s some sexy lingerie around, no doubt about it, but still I yearn for someone producing a beautiful set of silk cami-knickers (or French knickers), as illustrated above.

I’ve trawled the Marketplace, without success, for something like those above, and previously toured dozens of lingerie stores.

So I was glad to see that Hilly Halaan has a free group gift billed as ‘romper suits’ that, in the panty element, are one of the closest pieces of clothing I’ve seen to replicate that style of lingerie. It’s free to join the group, and you get three colours in it. What has this to do with naturism? Nothing. It has merely been a bit of a rummage through my RL lingerie drawer and the excitement of me finding a garment that I’ve wanted to own in SL for ages. 🙂


charlene romper suit2_001b



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All-Nudist accepts the ice bucket challenge.

All-Nudist accepts the ice bucket challenge.

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Cops: Man arrested after advertising nudie show at Mt. Pleasant – wistv.com
Investigators said that Skorman “was prescribing very strong narcotics in excessive dosages to people with little or no need for the drugs.”More >>. Investigators said that Skorman “was prescribing very strong narcotics in excessive dosages to people
Cops: Man arrested after advertising nudie show at Mt. Pleasant – Live5News

No sex, please, we are nudists

No sex, please, we are nudists
And in most cases, no sex as well, said Singapore nudist Roy Tan, who is part of the Yahoo online group SgNudClub. Naturists, as they are also called, riled the Malaysian authorities earlier this month when they found out that 18 people participated in

Drawing movement brings me Light

dessin-moi-5-wuafbaI’ve been hibernating for months now., I haven’t fed my blog,  written, danced, or even moved much (as in exercise)… but I’m still alive and I still need to draw dancing bodies, and also to dance myself. This need started gnawing at me again, waking me up and pulling me out of my lethargy. Unconsciously, I knew needed to dive back into this practice and slowly, I started to draw lines of a picture that I had  set aside of a ballerina in movement.

Every day, for weeks, I drew it, even if only for a few minutes. It brought my energy back, and I started to want to move again, to dance, to draw dancers… to enter into the dance of life! It’s amazing what an impact drawing dance has on my soul!

I feel an urgent need to find images of nude bodies dancing in order to carry on with this art-therapy journey. This powerful pull towards drawing dancing bodies allows me to feel at one with their movements, to release me from my fears that stop me from moving myself.

Because of my Multiple Sclerosis, walking or even moving have become challenging, and just going to a dance class can sometimes feel more like preparing for an expedition, but amazingly, drawing dancing bodies helps make it real… it takes on the colour, the  sound and the smell of a pleasure-filled trip to the beach, the feeling of a passionate desire to live, and to breathe! And it gives me the strength and the desire to move and to dance, as long as I can draw it I feel like I can do it!

I really want to draw dancing bodies with reduced mobility, or anyone else like me who has difficulty with movement, people  in contact with the fragility of their body (poor health, handicaps, etc.).

I keep thinking of Dave St. Pierre, a dancer who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, and who has this amazing energy, and a profound need to constantly defy the limits, to laugh at statistics, and to keep overcoming the barriers in dance, and the limits of the body. He doesn’t care about political correctness… he dares to always go further, to innovate, to shake up public insecurities, to show light where some see only fire. He has my profound admiration for daring, for his constant electrifying energy dedicated to not just face up to fears, but to smash down the walls of our minds. And he does all this with a body weakened by Cystic Fibrosis, always knowing that he will probably die young (35 years is the average). Fortunately, he received a pulmonary transplantation and he continues to pursue his dance projects, often working on several at a time.

I am asking for your help. If you have images of people dancing, ideally nude in order to be able to really feel and experience the movement while drawing, please dare to send them! They will go no further as the goal is only to draw them, not to expose them in any way. It would be a huge support to this art-therapy process, this journey, to help those, like me, whose movements are limited, to nonetheless live with and embrace movement… to join the dance!

– Méli

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Short video from the Naked Glow Party at Olive Dell Ranch.

Check out more videos by Blue Turtle.

Naturism as a Way of Living hopes this type of responsible partying is an emerging trend for the future! In a dimly lit club it does not matter what you are wearing and there BETTER NOT be any “accidental” (read ‘unwanted’) groping, or else YOU will face the wrath of the group.

Any successfully implemented “Group mentality” means basic rules for appropriate behavior have been decided upon, refined and then approved. It only requires about ten basic rules to govern the groups’ behavior in the broadest sense; this is by my empirical observation of course, not academic or scientific research. It just seems as though the happy groups I have participated with had no more than a one page charter or definition of etiquette to guide them! I believe it is only necessary to adopt bylaws or articles if and when the group decides to invest in real property together.

A nudist Glow Party consisting of consenting adults, or even expanded to include entire families, sounds like great fun and there should literally be no more risk involved than a fully clothed party. Just as long as everyone knows the rules, respects the rules, respects each other and is not afraid to speak up if someone is disrespectful.

It really is that simple: Group self-policing and an appreciation of the privilege of attending a nude event are all anyone needs! I believe the enjoyment derived from participating in a Glow Party as I did a couple of years ago at White Tail Resort (an evening family dance event with glowing things), is a very special time! It was great fun and I know there were first-timers at the event, but I do not know if they returned to the resort again based on the experience of that night.

~ Centauri4

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Being Discrete

Debating if there will be a campfire - decision is negative.Debating if there will be a campfire or not.

Well, there is no doubt about it, one can’t go around nude in a public campground, especially when all the sites are occupied and people are sitting outside and walking around to check out the various campers. The best I can do is this towel-wrap that is held up by velcro. I guess you could call it my terry-towel kilt. However, once inside the add-a-room, the kilt becomes my sit-upon towel for one of the white plastic lawn chairs.

Being a nudist in a non-nudist world demands that a person keeps awareness on the outer world in the forefront. The last thing needed is to find oneself in a confrontational situation in the larger society with citizens who are highly disturbed at the sight of a nude human, especially a nude male who a bit older. Fear leads most to conclude that the male is a “dirty old man” who is likely to rape any woman on site or abduct children for nefarious purposes. There is also the likelihood that nudity in a public place would quickly involve the law. For a nudist, discretion is critical.

Being a nudist (or naturist) in this modern western world is a way of being that is a deviation from the norm. It doesn’t matter whether or not being naked is natural or not. The majority are clothed and are very averse to others being nude. This deviation from the norm places a nudist in the role of being a deviant. One has to realise that being a deviant, in essence, is not something that is inherently bad. Being a deviant simply means that one is markedly different than the collective. Sing when everyone only prays with bowed head on bent knees and one is a deviant. Pray when everyone in the community views prayer as a dirty word also makes one a deviant.

The need to survive, and thrive in both one’s need for being natural and being in community with one’s family, friends and community requires that we find the small spaces and bits of time for nudity so that bridges aren’t burnt. Yes, one can move into a naturist community and live nude twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (weather permitting). But that almost sounds like a prison sentence in its own right, with locked gates and often a monitoring system. At least, that’s the way I see it.

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Why He’s Naked And Unafraid In Topeka

Why He’s Naked And Unafraid In Topeka:The most important concept of simple, non-lewd nudity, as many of my followers already know, is contained within the phrase: “Unless someone is exposing themselves or a sexual organ to gratify or arouse someone other than them self, it’s really not anything against the law,” said [Shawnee County Sheriff Herman] Jones.

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No sex, please, we are nudists

The Straits Times
No sex, please, we are nudists
The Straits Times
The site is a platform to organise naked events, as well as discuss nudist news, befriend others and share their overseas naturist experiences in, for instance, Hong Kong’s Cheung Sha and Pui O beaches. Tips are shared too. Changi beach, for example

For Mature audiences.

For Mature audiences.

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YNA Labor Day Gathering at Goodland 2014 from Young Naturists on Vimeo.

YNA will have their last summer gathering of 2014 at Goodland Country Club! Join us August 29 – September 1st, 2014 for an awesome weekend of nudie fun!

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actionhankbeard: SKETCH OF THE DAY Satellite




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