Month: September 2014

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Kris’s sunbeam was sadly extinguished yesterday at age 49.  

I’ll probably leave this picture up for a while but otherwise I can’t bear to keep blogging without her 

The naturist world has lost one of its brightest lights. So terribly sorry for your loss, and I would ask everyone to keep you in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Kris was indeed a beam of sunshine to all of us who have enjoyed your generous and free photographs over the past few years.

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” River flows on to London “

The River Roding rises near Molehill Green (near Stansted Airport) and the flows serenely through the Essex countryside .Flowing is interrupted many times along its way to the river Thames, mainly by silting up and general poor maintenance in the rural area which tends to cause un-necessary flooding of roads and fields. It is a […]

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The Last Day of Summer, Belated

Showing uncommon tenacity, the temperature hit a summery 82 degrees over the weekend. So we chased the mercury up and out onto the sun-dappled terrain of Sheep Meadow — the very spot where we first welcomed the advent of spring not so very long ago. It was a lovely chance to gather in one of New […]

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Next Meeting: Hampstead Heath Naturism Project

A quick message to all those who are registered and living in or close to London. The next meeting of the Hampstead Heath Naturism Project will be held at the McGlynn’s Free House, in Whidborne Street, WC1 8ET and close to King’s Cross Station, on 18th October 2014. For directions please see their website. It […]

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I guess the issue may lie with us as well.

I was reading some old posts on a few naturist forums and in the single male category there was some talk about how single males get the short end of the stick in many private nudist venues.  Some of it struck me as kind of strange, so i went back through some of my old […]

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Authentic In Our Imperfect Bodies

While my wife and I were hiking down a trail last week, I saw these leaves highlighted by the morning sun and knew that I had a photo to take. I saw them as something beautiful in spite of the fact that there were scars showing that these leaves were on their last legs of […]

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Re: nude/clothing optional colleges

You left off my alma mater, Vassar College! Campus is clothing optional and there are plenty of naked traditions like the naked fire juggling by the Barefoot Monkeys (a student juggling troupe) and primal scream the night before exams when everyone goes out onto the squad to scream at midnight and a large number of students go streaking all the way into the library.

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