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In support of Stephen Gough

Originally posted on Naked Diaries:
The last time I wrote about current events on this blog, the news was regarding Brian Taylor, former head of public relations of British Naturism and then chairman of the Spectrum Swimming Club for naturists (whose licence to use the public swimming pool has since been suspended). This time, the news…

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KZN needs services, not nude beaches – Independent Online

Independent Online

KZN needs services, not nude beaches
Independent Online
iol news pic NT NUDIST BEACH INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS Andrew Bromley-Gans, Lydia Jacobs, Reverend Thanda Ncane, Pieter Muller, Marianne Albach and Hans Albach are some of the Trafalgar residents who are against a local beach becoming …

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Over at Soul! you’ll find free (L$o) witches outfits for any SL Hallowe’en parties you’re going to attend. If you join the group (L$o) there’s a bunch of other outfits (for women) you can also grab, including some beautifully made formal gowns that I’ve worn over to Frank’s Jazz Place, for example. No, I’m only naked […]

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Beyond Labels Guest Blog Chris Farmer

It must be said that I object to being called any kind of -ist or that I practice any kind of -ism. I suppose that makes me an anti-Ismist. Your typical Ismist would, at this stage, proudly haul up the flag of Nudism or Naturism. He would declare is Nudism and tell the world he […]

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” The human body is a marvel “

Debunking all the myths and perceptions surrounding nudity can take an age and can create many an argument about what its called and how it should be practiced. After watching David Attenborough’s “Trials of Life” last Saturday morning, it occurred to me, that how we see ourselves is fundamentally different to how we see other […]

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Skinny dipping

Skinny dipping:

Unlike Nikola, I’ve always liked the phrase “skinny dipping.” It connotes innocent naughtiness. My friend likes to talk about “having a naked” when she has her nude time. I like that one too.

There is no equivalent term in my language – we simply call it “swimming naked”. Yes, “swimming”. And it makes more sense because when we go in the water naked, we usually go for a swim and not just to “dip”.

I’m still, in fact, surprised that there is a special term for it at all. In fact, I would sooner have swimming in swimsuits labeled as “textile dipping” if for no other reason then to stress the fact that you’re really just wetting your trunks and not enjoying a swim.

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‘You could spend the rest of your life in jail’

I’m horrified to read this story in today’s (UK) Independent newspaper. Stephen Gough, ‘the Naked Rambler’ who has already spent a lot of time in prison for….naked rambling’, could spend the rest of his life in jail. Why? It appears that the EU, the European parliament and a body whose actions on and in the […]

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Why I am a naturist Part 2

Originally posted on My Private Life as a Naturist:
A naturist or a nudist is one who loves and respects the human body and does not accept the ridiculous notion that there are some parts of our body that are evil or obscene or indecent or in any way unacceptable to be seen by polite…

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Why I am a naturist Part 1

Originally posted on My Private Life as a Naturist:
I’m the least likely person to be a naturist. None of my friends who grew up with me or who went to the same school or who went to the same university is a naturist. Nobody I know who is related to me is a naturist.…

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Teacher fired for old nudie flicks to meet with Brébeuf officials – CJAD

Teacher fired for old nudie flicks to meet with Brébeuf officials
The theatre teacher who was fired by Brébeuf College after some of her students discovered she had acted in some softcore porn movies 40 years ago says there’s a chance she might not go back — even if the elite high school’s administration appears to …

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