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DeAnza resort, Heartbreak Hotel etc.

In case you thought this photo depicts DeAnza Springs Resort, don’t worry, it’s in much better condition. This is just one of their sites of interest, where some scenes of a 1988 movie Heartbreak Hotel were shot. The resort hosts a resident nudist community, as well as a motel and RVs to rent; it’s actually the largest […]

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Compared to the power of change which placed this massive…

Compared to the power of change which placed this massive BOULDER between these two cliff faces, all our efforts are rather insignificant!

(we have not built any pyramids recently)  ~ Centauri4

This image most recently appeared on: naktivated: ”This is what it’s all about.”

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It is quite possible persons choosing Clothing Free recreation…

It is quite possible persons choosing Clothing Free recreation or the lifestyle on a daily basis will be discriminated against in exactly the same ways extremely beautiful people occasionally treated.  ..Or very unfit people, or alternately-enabled people..  Because the natural tendency of people is to make presumptions about “who” people are at the moment, our intentions or what we are capable of doing.

This is another behavior some of us hope to change, because as I have written in Naturism as a Way of Living, people come in "packages" of all shapes, sizes, colors and capabilities.  Some can run faster than the wind, some are super-strong, and some can add or multiply numbers faster than a person with a calculator, but all of these people deserve respect for the things they choose to do (or do well).

Just because someone enjoys spending hours working out in a gymnasium, reading physics books in a library, making holiday ornaments out of cookie dough or whatever, does NOT mean they are worth more or less than someone else!  We already believe ‘All men are created equal’ and I believe this MAY extend to how each of us is paid for our labor, or artistic efforts, or whatever we do.

If one person is capable of creating one product millions want to buy and use, this should not mean they are paid millions of dollars, not when those millions of dollars could employ OTHER workers and diversify a company, corporation or product line!  Each person should be paid a living wage adjusted to the cost of living in the city or country where they reside.

And with choosing a lifestyle, religion or philosophy for living, no one person should be condemned or exalted BECAUSE of the way they exist – whether it be clothed or unclothed, democratic or socialist, heterosexual or homosexual.  We are all unique and specially impassioned with desires for living, achieving things and surviving, although some may not be as focused and intense as others.

Simply lumping people in to groups and judging them as “fit”, “unfit”, “hopeful” or “hopeless” is a difficult things to LIVE with, and condemning people because they live life by a different set of ideals, beliefs or philosophies is NOT something we should promote, reward or be proud of in any way, at any time.  This is the failing of extremist groups, and hopefully this will limit the growth of these groups or lead them down a path to oblivion.  Only the groups with clear benefits to people should grow, thrive and attract followers!

I hope these strong words inspired by a strong image are as meaningful to you when reading them as to me when I wrote them.

~ Centauri4

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It’s finally here! 🙌 I wanted a platform to reach out to…

It’s finally here! 🙌 I wanted a platform to reach out to women across the world who want to share their stories, goals, struggles, and book swaps. As letters come in i’ll write back! ✏️👭💕#WomenLiftingWomen

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“Because she’s my sister, she can’t see her brother…

"Because she’s my sister, she can’t see her brother sitting naked. She can’t look at my dick and my balls" — I had this conversation earlier and left it. It’s something that I feel alienated for because I think it’s strange that we see nudity more acceptable for women than we do men. Do we only see dick and balls when we look at naked bodies of men? Why is this the first thing we acknowledge? Why should a brother feel indecent in his skin in front of his own family. What are we teaching children about their bodies growing up? If they can’t be comfortable at home, or in public, where can they be free? #latenightthoughts #cantsleep

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Parents worst nightmare, real naked women. Porn is more…

Parents worst nightmare, real naked women. Porn is more domestically celebrated as a coming of age tradition for boys while women breast feeding in public, or boys seeing their own mother naked at home is inappropriate or indecent. Why is fake intimacy more accepted? #RealnessIsRare #EmbraceYourNakedness (at Muswell Hill)

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It’s a beautiful feeling when you realise that…

It’s a beautiful feeling when you realise that you’re not the only one. But there are many other ones who feel your pain, understand your struggle and still choose to be themselves no matter what they face. It’s not easy when no ones in your corner and being an outcast is the only label they give you. Gently remind yourself that you are not alone, even if the others are on the other side of the world. Expose your true self to find those who will love you for you. #EmbraceYourNakedness

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Public DiscussionThe more we talk about naturism with our…

Public Discussion

The more we talk about naturism with our friends, family, and acquaintances, the more we show that naturists and nudists are everyday people. We are no different from anyone else. There is nothing sexual or deviant about wanting to live without the necessity of clothing so why should we hide it? More importantly, we show we have not changed and are the same person they’ve always known.  

It may be hard to talk with some people. Not everyone is okay with the subject. And some never will be. But it is amazing who is and may even want to give it a try.   

Just remember to be confident. Acting or sounding unsure will cause others to doubt your sincerity or not believe you. Don’t forget to be polite, friendly, and respectful no matter how it was brought up.

Good luck. It takes a lot of trust to discuss naturism with some people and people’s reactions can take us by surprise. 

It is important to talk about naturism or nudism because if we don’t, who will?  

Text by me. Photo posted by: nipdare

Photo retrieved from: NRVS1

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