Month: December 2014

How are your family about casual nudity? Any stories about casual nudity as a normal thing? Non sexual of course. If you haven’t got any, could we see some other peoples stories or photos of it?

My parents had a hard time of dealing with casual nudity at first.  When I first explained that I was a nudist, they thought it was a silly phase I would grow out of.  But over time, and having seen that I had been to a nudist holiday etc they grew used to the idea.  While they themselves do not practice it, my parents are comfortable with me being nude in front of them and at their house.  In fact we even celebrated my birthday there and I spent the day completely nude.  They were just happy that I was happy and being daddy’s little girl (lol) that’s all they wanted for me 🙂

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Momentum for the Topfreedom equality movement has been growing…

Momentum for the Topfreedom equality movement has been growing by leaps the last couple of years and 2014 has been an especially big year in many respects. So it seems appropriate to end the year with this photo by Massachusetts artist and topfreedom activist, Katherine Gundelfinger. A photo that honors some of the people who have been instrumental in this momentum.

Top-free on North St. in Pittsfield on July 4th 2014 with my awesome car window sign that Bob Stone made for me!

Across the back window are, in red, white and blue, the names of my heroes in the Top-Free Equal Rights Movement- Scout Willis, Moira Johnston, Holly Van Voast, “Phoenix Feely”, Rochester Top-free 7 and Lina Esco-FREE THE NIPPLE!!!

Bring on 2015!

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Relaxing a policy

Hitherto, we’ve always adopted a ‘no voyeuristic photos’ policy, wherein models may have been photographed without their knowledge or permission. I’ve been persuaded to relax that a little in 2015, on the basis that it’s often these type of photos that truly represent naturism best. An airbrushed, made up, model, his or her hair styled […]

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2014 in review

The WordPress ‘Annual Report’ is out and it makes fascinating reading once more. 130,000 page views in 2014, with visitors from 177(!!!!!) countries. Wow. It’s nice to zoom around the map and see that it’s only authoritarian countries like China, North Korea and Iran where we’re not making any impact, or in parts of western […]

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Simple Message to The Media and TV Networks | The Naturist Page

It seems the media and the TV networks go by the slogan, “sex sells” and anytime there is just about any naked event or segment you tend to blow up things to make it sound more sexual than it really … Continue reading

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Kiritimati New Year

The first place to celebrate the New Year in the globe is Kiritimati (Christmas Island). It has just gone 800am in the UK, and Kiritimati will be celebrating 2015 in  just two hours time. In three hours time, New Zealand pops its corks, and 2015 begins to roll out from there until Hawaii is last (of […]

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Nude Hiking

We discuss nude hiking with Richard Foley author of the book Naked Hiking. Plus Felicity and reader comments.

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