Month: January 2015

Beach #67, much more interesting than it sounds (Hawaii)

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Hope you didn’t think that my story about the Big Island, Hawaii, ended at the beach next to Kona airport 😉 The island is indeed big and very diverse. Even this beach at Kona side of the island looked totally different from Makalawena. It’s a cozy cove with yellow sand…

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 Nudists Beware: Penticton (3 Mile) Beach Under Camera Surveillance

"A new website aims to "expose illegal trespassers" at a beach near Penticton that was controversially adopted last summer by nudists.  Katya Kuzina spoke for nearby property owners in correspondence with the Penticton Western News, saying all the videos were recorded on private property and that ‘all people walked around numerous private property signs.’In the same report, however, Dustin Wolchina — who has spoken on behalf of nudists since they were barricaded from their long-time beach […]

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Private (NSFW)

Mona Kuhn’s (German, b. Brazil, 1969) photographs of nudes aim to show the human body in its most natural state. Stripping away the distraction of material adornment, her subjects become timeless and free from cultural and/or generational stereotypes. A sense of comfort permeates each photograph; the subjects feel safe and at ease, allowing a genuine […]

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coconutdreamin: Ruby Slipper by Bruce Lomansky / New Paltz,…


Ruby Slipper by Bruce Lomansky / New Paltz, NY

August 2014

Sign reads:  You may encounter NUDITY beyond this point.

Remember, if you are free hiking, but courteous. Post a sign to let other hikers know what’s what. Don’t forget to take it down afterwards and be sure there is some legality to it so you’re not setting yourself up. Enjoy nature as it was intended.

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For those who’ve been in SL for any length of time, the ‘LEA’ -Linden Endowment for the Arts- sims are often something special, albeit temporary, on the grid. They’re usually artistic or inventive in nature, but the current LEA24 is something else, to my mind. It’s a coastline! 🙂 Just a coastline. But wait!   […]

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