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Per ridere un po’

Una donna telefona scandalizzata alla polizia: «Presto, venite: i miei vicini di casa se ne stanno tutti nudi in giardino. È una vera indecenza!» Ben presto arriva sul posto una pattuglia. La donna conduce gli agenti nel proprio cortile, affinché colgano gli improvvidi nudisti in flagranza. «Ma, signora», osserva dopo un po’ uno dei poliziotti, […]

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To Block or Not to Block: Part 2

Well, it turns out my fears were unfounded. I contacted my follower on Twitter and we started chatting. It seems he is in the same type of situation where only a few of his close friends and family know he is a Naturist. We both keep our lifestyle choice private from our work. I am […]

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Turtle Coast (and Wild Coast)

One location we’ve never covered, and a long-standing SL naturist location, is Turtle Coast.   The reason we’ve not previously covered Turtle is because it has some naughty spots, and previously didn’t fit with our ‘genuine naturist’ criteria. That’s not to say it isn’t filled with genuine naturists, but sex poses, some in very public […]

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heartlandnaturists: People often ask – what is it that nudists…


People often ask – what is it that nudists do?  There are lots of activities you can do nude!  For instance, nude pottery making! Just find a shop willing to let you and your friends make pottery nude, invite some friends to go along with you for nude pottery night, and have a great time! You don’t have to worry about getting your clothes all messed up either!

There is a misconception perpetuated by the porn industry that nudists get together to have sex.  But that’s not true.  Nudists get together for house parties, cookouts, volleyball, swimming, hiking, camping, bowling, billiards, watching movies, reading, playing card games, nude flying, and on, and on.  But we don’t get together for sex.

Nudists go without clothes because we are more comfortable physically with having no restraints of clothing on our skin.  And we’re more comfortable psychologically with who we are as people.  We accept others for who they are, not for what they look like.

The Heartland Naturists of Kansas City have been promoting wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation since 1982.


I did a quick search on Twitter a little while ago for “naturism”, not “#naturism” or “@naturism” and noticed many, many separate accounts with the keyword and shortened (tinyURL) links.

These need to be Block & Reported in order to de-clutter the keyword, protect *actual* Naturism related posts and demonstrate Twitter cannot be compromised because legitimate Naturists care enough to take LEGITIMATE (and defensive) action!

I posted a Tweet like this to Alert fellow true Naturists:
– – – – – – – – – (begins) – – – – – – – – – –
#Naturism Truists: Twitter being flooded w/plain word “naturism” tweets! View these & use the 3xDots to Report & Block them as Spam. Pls hlp
– – – – – – – – – – – – (ends) – – – – – – – – – – –

The shortened links within these suspicious Tweets might only lead to revenue-generating ads for someone; I did not check the links. They could lead to virus-bearing webpages, so it is NOT worth the risk to investigate them.

If you can help on Twitter, just sign-in, search the plain keyword (no Hashtag symbol or @ sign in your search) and you will see these Tweets. – – – They are PROBABLY made-up accounts because the Twitter accounts ALL have generic-looking images for their Tweet profiles. They could be Catfished images, made-up names, or might be accounts created by Script-bots.

These accounts are generating multiple bogus posts! If you click the Twitter account’s image, Twitter will link you back to the account’s main page. There you can see the three (3) most recent posts AND see they are of Robo-post/Script-bot quality!

Blocking & reporting should cause Twitter to review the posts and suspend their Tweeting ability. Please help reclaim the keyword!

(stuff like this, unchecked, is what ruined “rec.nude” Usenet Newsgroup of the Internet’s early days.)

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SC woman gets jail for walking around topless –

SC woman gets jail for walking around topless
… the basis of gender bias, because according to her lawyer, she wouldn’t have been arrested if she had been a man. Jonas was on already on probation for an earlier guilty plea to the same charge. Last year she told police she wanted to join a nudist
York County woman gets jail for walking around topless
York woman, 55, gets 90 days in jail for walking naked outside her home

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Heroes of Naturism : France Guillaim

The Naturist Living Show present an audio interview from July 2008 with France Guillain, the author of Le Bonheur d’être nu. Le Naturisme, un art de vivre. (The pleasure of being nude. Naturism, an art of living.) France has written many books on naturist health that have sold millions of copies throughout Europe. She has […]

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