Month: February 2015

A woman wanders an art museum with a baby, what’s the big…

A woman wanders an art museum with a baby, what’s the big deal. Oh yeah, she was naked:

Swiss born Milo Moiré, 32 stunned visitors at the ‘Naked Life’ exhibition at the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in the city of Naked Life in north-western Germany, by walking naked around an exhibition of nude paintings, while carrying a baby.

According to her website, Moiré wanted to involve herself with the art surrounding her: “Milo and the baby looked at the nudes in the exhibition and, because of their own nakedness, became a part of it.”

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The ‘Naked Apostles’ nsfw Video We Didn’t Bother to Watch

We didn’t watch more than the beginning of this video since it looked pretty stupid.  Then again, we’re not much into Biblical interpretations regarding nudity since the Bible isn’t our primary source of information about nudism or morality.  That’s for others, and maybe this couple has something worthwhile to say.  Angie and Steve personally aren’t interested, but it does demonstrate how varied we nudists can be and still get along just fine! Their description: "The following i […]

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