I took an extended break. I needed to really think things through. I didn’t say anything because, well, I didn’t need anymore hate for unfulfilled promises and expectations.
It didn’t just stop at those 2 messages that I posted. No, there was more. Lots more.
I’m not going to get into them because I don’t need to but they did make me question a lot. They made me very, very sad. I was extremely disappointed..
So I took a break.
Gosh, I missed you guys!

Anyway, the upshot is that this is my blog.
I do it for ME.
Then, I do it for you.
If you don’t like how I run my blog, leave. You do not get to dictate how I go about it, what I post when and how I choose to give myself.

I do not get paid for this.
Not a single cent.
I do it because I have goals, I have a bigger picture and I like making you all smile.
If this is not enough, you know where the unfollow button is…

Now I am refreshed, rejuvenated (well, as much as one can be whose baby refuses to let her sleep!) and ready to rumble! Ha!

I’m back. I am not promising anything, I’ll get new photos when I can but in the mean time you get this sassy little kitten back on your screens…
I’m happy to chat to whoever wants a chat, respond to reblogs and try to finish posting photos that were taken prior to falling pregnant (yeah, I know! I’ll get there! There are some epic shots coming up!) and I WILL post wow (I’m giving myself to the end of the weekend to finish it..)
So, that’s all folks…

Love, hugs and sprinklings of glitter!

You go girl! So excited to hear that you’re not letting the scum get you down! You’re resilience and enthusiasm for life is inspiring!

from Christian Naturist Ramblings

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