Moonlight Halloween Dance.Dare to be nude this Halloween…

Moonlight Halloween Dance.

Dare to be nude this Halloween night?

Our costumes will be such a sight.  

Who would ever believe they saw

A ghost, devil, and faerie in the raw?

We’ll meet under the tree

The one with jack-o-lanterns, see?

Our bodies bathed in moonlight

As we dance all through the night

We’ll have a wild old time

Before we see the sunshine

After the night is done

And we’ve have our fun.

We’ll fall into a heap

And as the dead we’ll sleep.

Here’s hoping your Halloween is fun and spooky

With maybe a touch of nudity.

Poem by Made in the Nude. Art by Jade Bengco


(Buy Her Stuff!)

Art posted to tumblr by: Spiralingquestions

Photo retrieved from: nakedartist


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