Month: January 2016

silenceforthesoul: Auguste Leveque (French, 1864-1921) -…


Auguste Leveque (French, 1864-1921) – Allegory of the Arts,1907



Writing Nude With Help From My Muse

Another day in the sub-tropical paradise on the Mayan Riviera. We have returned from our usual two-hour walk along the beach followed by another half-hour in the sea. A short two-block walk takes us to our little private sanctuary where … Continue reading


Self control and clothes free living

Originally posted on clothes free life:
Photo from How to practice nude beach etiquette on One of the biggest deterrents to the acceptance of clothes free living is the connection between being nude or clothes free and wanton sexual behavior. In western society particularly North American people have a hard tie separating sex from…


Past few days I’ve been having to block 100% of new followers cuz they just don’t get it. NOT porn, NOT voyeurism.×72/1f645-1f3fe.png

Past few days I’ve been having to block 100% of new followers cuz they just don’t get it. NOT porn, NOT voyeurism. 🙅🏾🙅🏾🙅🏾


Former UFC champ does body painting

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey poses on Caribbean beach wearing just body paint Rousey, who lost her bantamweight crown to Holly Holm back in November, was pictured taking part in a photoshoot wearing nothing but a body paint bikini. The shoot is believed to have taken place in the Bahamas, as Rousey continues her return into the public eye. She had vowed to stay away from the media following her defeat to Holm in November. Source : The Mirror


How to love your body the Danish way shameless and naked

How to love your body the Danish way (hint: you’ll need to get naked first The Danes have even officially been dubbed the most shameless nation in the world, based on research by the University of Zurich. And, after two years of living here, I’ve finally been inspired to learn to love my body the Scandinavian way. Danish body confidence begins in January. In Denmark nobody bothers to deprive themselves in the cold dark of winter. Last year, my ‘dry January’ met with baffled looks from my Danish friends as they helped themselves to the pastries their country is famous for. Fretting about the way they look or obsessing over staying in shape isn’t something my slender Scandi friends indulge in because, fittingly for residents of the happiest nation in the world, most of them feel fine just the way they are. Source: The Telegraph—————————the-danish-way-h/


New York Studio Offers Naked Yoga Classes To Strengthen Self-Confidence

Holly Williams for Art-Sheep You know how exercise is supposed to make you feel comfortable with your body? Well, there is a yoga studio in New York city that is really serious about its students feeling good in their own skin, so serious that it has introduced naked Vinyasa classes. The $25 naked yoga classes… […]