lovenaturisteens: Munich In Germany, there appear to be no…



In Germany, there appear to be no problems setting aside an area of one of the larger public parks for clothing-optional, or clothing-free use.  Yes, these pictures are a direct result of that option being available, but as opposed to the same type of photographs being taken in a different part of the world, none of the people passing are covering their eyes or purposefully looking away.  That reaction always seems to be the opposite of what anyone would expect to happen, because even if a parent was passing by with children, I think they would want them to look and “see” the situation.  A concerned parent might say, ‘You see that young person there, I do not want you to EVER do that!’ or some similar phrase of discouragement.

What is being practiced here is freedom!  Whether we think of it as civil freedom (related to the local laws), religious freedom (believing nudity is not any sort of offense in the eyes of G-d), personal freedom (enjoying life as fully as possible, without imposing on anyone else) or even spiritual freedom (getting closer to nature, the natural environment and enjoying simply being human) are issues open for discussion and I HOPE ANYONE VIEWING THESE PICTURES DOES DISCUSS THEM.

Freedom of choice is what allows people to exist with some measure of happiness and self-determination!  Freedom is restricted or (in fact) taken away when the options available to someone are limited, or a person or family is forced to choose between two or three very difficult options.  For the citizens of Syria, being forced to choose between risking death in a perilous journey away from the violence of the Islamic State, and possibly dying in a fight to keep the hard-scrabble life they have (or had) in a place called “home” is a very difficult choice!  Being forced to make that decision is the opposite of freedom.  Choosing to be free sometimes means going somewhere that a person has the ability to survive easily and sometimes even set aside their costume for a time, if that is what they want!


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