Photography is an important tool in documenting any lifestyle,…

Photography is an important tool in documenting any lifestyle, but it is important to ASK permission before, during or after taking someone’s picture.

It is possible, and actually quite easy, to see when someone was photographed without there permission:  If the picture was taken from some distance (that’s #1 way), if the subject was not looking at the camera (that’s #2 way), if the image shows any person in an unflattering manner (that’s #3 way), if the subject is posed in a “odd” manner, such as being asleep when the picture was taken (that’s #4 way) and there are many more non-consensual indications.  A picture I just looked at clearly showed an angle of photography where the picture was taken at a very low angle (looking at their crotch) and the person also appeared to be asleep (unaware they were being photographed).  I think it is kind of important to stop sharing and promoting photographs of this type!  What is the point?  If a person is naked and they are enjoying themselves, that is IMPORTANT to life.  Enjoyment is important to living, and enjoyment is second only to consent.

We can only hope the days of hidden camera photography are dying.  However, it is probably not true, so any beach nudist or nude event nudist should be aware their image will probably be captured in a picture AND they should personally be Okay with that fact.


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