World shaping opportunity?


Everything we do has meaning. Everything we do has impact. Whether someone is on tumblr for fun, because the have a passion, to develop writing skills, or to observe photography in hopes of becoming an ACTUAL image-capturing professional, is as important as their background. Mine is fairly detailed and lengthy, but it has also left me practically high and dry financially. I am seeking all job, employment, temporary contract or piece work ASAP; our need is desperate. Normally I do not mention this at all, but it is that important, and I can share more details privately if needed. Please know this is an entirely serious post. I have some college experience, project management skills, moderately advanced technology skills and a positive outlook on life! Many posts on this tumblr include original writing prepared for this niche category, but I can take on other topics and strategic initiative if desired. ANY lead, introduction or referral will be appreciated and repaid; please send a private message with details and for a permanent record. I will find some way to repay you.


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