Month: March 2016

scar story: breast cancer survivor takes on a 1,000 topless walk across america

“We all carry scars we are afraid to allow people to see. We’re afraid to expose those scars because of what people might say and how they’ll judge us. I want to put an end to that. We have scars for a reason: they’re our story of survival. Without the scars, that means you didn’t […]


Batman and Superman Lockpick a Door [Comic]

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“I was miserable being a widow. But I knew it was going to be…

“I was miserable being a widow. But I knew it was going to be hard to meet someone new. There is so much space junk out there. And a lot of older men are looking for a younger woman. But I had great hopes. I did my visualizations. I pictured a nice, younger, good-looking man. Every morning I wrote down just what I wanted. Then I found him on one of those dating sites. I was a little worried at first because his profile said: ‘I’m back, ladies.’ I thought that maybe he was a womanizer. But he also quoted a psalm in his profile, and it was a good psalm, so I sent him a smile emoji. We started chatting and decided to meet at the Metropolitan Museum. I walked up the stairs and there he was! Suit! Tie! Overcoat! So much better than his picture! We spent six hours at the wine bar. They had to kick us out. We started seeing each other regularly. I felt like I was sixteen. Nothing could bother me for months. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. Everything worked out just like I imagined. It will have been eight years together, this July.”


fatnakedartproject: I love that every time this particular…


I love that every time this particular model would sit on something she’d get up and say “I’ve got nature places nature shouldn’t be!” She was such a joy to work with!

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beaching in Fuerteventura

 Español To finish off out tour of the Canary Islands [for now] we turn to the island of Fuerteventura Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands and is another popular destination for tourists wanting to get some year-round … Continue reading