Month: March 2016

Minnesota man with penchant for nude yard work ordered to build fence – Press Press

Minnesota man with penchant for nude yard work ordered to build fence Press
A deputy with the Meeker County sheriff’s office spoke with Fiero on May 28 after the initial complaint and Fiero told him he had “moved to a rural area so he could pursue a nudist lifestyle.” He was given a warning, but calls continued from neighbors

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Artist is calling all nudists in Hull – The Times (subscription)

The Times (subscription)

Artist is calling all nudists in Hull
The Times (subscription)
Hundreds of people are being encouraged to shed their clothes in Hull city centre in the name of art. A photograph has been commissioned that will feature nudists from across the Yorkshire region which will be captured by the American artist Spencer


2016 Clothes Free Poetry Contest Opens Tomorrow!

2016 Clothes Free Poetry Contest Opens this Friday, April 1, 2016!  Theme: The Body as Poetry   Give you naked heart a quill and let it write! See contest details and guidelines here!


My Clothesfree Life

Just another day being undressed of clothes but dressed in my skin, the natural way to be! It is a real drag for me to cover my skin unless it’s cold or I need to go out to meet a clothed world. So these pictures show me as I am and want to be and … Continue reading My Clothesfree Life


On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Happy Thursday!

• Today is Transgender Day of Visibility! [Trans Student Educational Resources]

• After a recent report showed that smartphone assistants respond poorly to safety and health emergencies like sexual assault, heart attacks, and depression, Siri can now understand questions about sexual assault and can send users to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. [ABC News]

Some politicians tried to make themselves look better in the upcoming HBO movie Confirmation, starring Kerry Washington as Anita Hill. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Donald Trump shared his horrible opinions about abortion yesterday. [Salon]  

• But there’s still good news! Also yesterday, the medical abortion pill got a new label from the Food and Drug Administration that now makes it more accessible in underserved areas. [Slate]

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Public Health: New Health Insurance Customers Are Sicker. Should We Be Surprised?

A new report seems to imply that the Obamacare markets are more troubled than expected, at least until you take a closer look.


Well: Let Patients Read Their Medical Records

Unlike what happens in Vegas, what’s written in your medical record often stays with you forever.


This is only the beginning: Nate Silver explains how Donald Trump has “hacked the system” and created a roadmap for future political con men

As long the system remains unchanged, politicians will exploit it — and now they know how to do it