Month: April 2016

raid71: Mead StreetsBlade Runner piece that we printed for…


Mead Streets
Blade Runner piece that we printed for Bottleneck Gallery’s “Moments Lost” show

Size: 18"x24"
Colors: 6 colors
Media: French Paper Company Pop-Tone Banana Split 100#
Edition of 45


US surveillance court reportedly rejected zero spying requests last year×345/1600×900/


lottereinigerforever: Douglas Sirk (April 26, 1897 – January…


Douglas Sirk (April 26, 1897 – January 14, 1987)

here Dorothy Malone in “The Tarnished Angels”


ricksketchbook: Doing the same thing I usually do, which is…


Doing the same thing I usually do, which is naked characters in settings that usually require clothing. I’ve been sorta tying this into me recent get-back-into-INA kick, where though the characters are a bit more back to human shape, the raccoons probably wouldn’t be that large. In either case, the internal workings of the setting (in situations of peace anyway) make for this kind of fun paradise-on-earth scenario, which I’m sure anyone who’s been an idealistic teenager also made for themselves.

Rick, I love your work man! Your non-clothed scenes like this are wonderfully relaxed. It makes me pine for a world like this.. hence why I plan to move into a naturist community eventually. I do hope that, one day, people won’t view the body as a sex object and instead respects it for the noble thing it is; our means of intellectual and emotional communication, and main method of interaction with the world.

… Oh lord I just imagined myself saying this in the voice of Yax.