People in the U.S. have a fascination with nudity in public. It…

People in the U.S. have a fascination with nudity in public. It is generally taboo in our society, so people think of it as something “wild” and “crazy”.  But there is also a stigma attached to women being nude in public.  If a woman is nude in front of others, she is considered to be promiscuous.  But nudists know that’s not necessarily the case.

Some people are curious about being nude in public.  Sometimes it begins as exhibitionism.  Sometimes they are just fascinated with the idea of being so free and open that they can be nude in front of others, especially in public.  For some, being covered in body paint gives them a sense of being “hidden”.  It’s like being clothed and nude at the same time.  Often the experience leads toward a curiosity to leave even the body paint behind and try social nudism.

But nudists don’t always leave the body paint behind!  We have body painting contests and do body painting for fun.  Without the anxiousness of being nude in front of each other, we are free to use the body as a canvas to make some wonderful artwork. And since each body is different, each canvas is entirely unique!

If you are curious about nudism, but aren’t sure about shedding it all, look for body painting contests or exhibitions in your area. Volunteer to be a topless or nude model.  The experience will be exhilarating and freeing!  Once you’ve been painted nude or topless in front of others, you won’t have a problem going to a nudist resort or nude beach.  That’s where the fun really begins!  Nudism will open up a whole new life of being free and open to be nude in front of others and to judge, and be judged, based on your personality instead of what you are wearing or what you look like.

If you have questions about wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation, please ask!  We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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