Rainy Spring

I just got home from school, stripped off my school clothes to try and make myself feel better. It’s been such a rainy spring here. Normally this time of year after school I would be skinny dipping until dinner. Because of the rainy weather, our pool water is still too chilly for me to swim. I have taken a few quick dips this spring, but I’m all about comfort and it’s just not warm enough. If the sun could shine for a couple of weeks I’m sure life would be good again. I could work on my tan, swim in the pool, and just be a much happier me! So I’m just patiently waiting on the sunshine!

My friends have been continuing to go nude at their homes when possible. But I must say that they are only nude as much as they feel comfortable being naked around their family, and as much as their parents will allow. None of them are very comfortable with their own fathers seeing them nude. I’m afraid that this may never change. At home here with me it is a different story. My friends are able to be as nude as they wish, and are much more relaxed and comfortable here at my home with my family than at their own homes.

I have been a social butterfly and along with my school studies, I have not been very active in updating my blog. But with the nasty rainy weather, there has not been too much to blog about. But with summer approaching and school ending soon, I look forward to updating everyone with new adventures!


from http://nudisuzie.com/2016/05/rainy-spring/

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