On the subject of private messages.

Hello everyone. Thank you for following my blog, your generous donations, and all your questions. I’d like to say a few words on the topic of private messages today.

Since my blog began getting hits the amount of attention I’ve been getting has increased dramatically. What this means is I get contacted numerous times on a regular basis by people who just wanna chat with me. There is nothing wrong with wanting to communicate with someone but what some of you do need to understand is it is not possible for me to reply and engage in conversation with each and every one of you. There are simply too many messages and I’d be here all day and all night if I tried! 

Please don’t misunderstand though, no one did anything wrong and no one upset me. I’m simply making a blanket statement here. Sometimes I do enjoy casual conversation with people and occasionally I might do some back and forth with a fan who wants to throw suggestions or simply compliment me. I won’t be able to reply to everyone and for this I am sorry. When given the choice between casual conversation or work I’ll almost always pick work.

The people who get top priority will be photographers interested in photoshoots, fellow models interested in doing cross promotion or photosets, or other creatives who want to make art with me. So again I apologize if I can’t reply to everyone, I need to pick and choose what I spend my time doing. If you have inquiries into what I do and have questions you’re likely to get a quicker response from my husband and manager, his blog is here:


I do appreciate everyone who follows me and I will continue to do my best with what I have. Thank you!

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