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American Association for Nude Recreation – Social Family Nudism in Appropriate Places 

Our interview with American Association for Nude Recreation President Beverly B. Price
People all over the world enjoy nonsexual nude recreation. Some call themselves skinnydippers. Some call themselves nudists. Some call themselves naturists. There are nudist or naturist vacations, clubs, resorts, campgrounds, groups, cruises and beaches across the globe.
We asked American Association for Nude Recreation President Beverly B. Price about AANR and nudism.
How would you describe AANR in one sentence?
The American Association for Nude Recreation is the oldest and largest organization in the Western Hemisphere advocating for and educating about nude living.
Why is nudism / naturism an important and healthy choice?
I believe that humans were meant to live in the nude when it is safe and practical to do so.  Many naturists/nudists state that it is the most relaxing feeling possible.  Just shedding one’s clothing creates a much more stress-free environment.  In our stressful world, that is both important and healthy.
What is special about AANR nudist / naturist member properties?

I believe that nudist/naturist parks are among the safest and friendliest places in the world.  I have driven cross country — alone — many times, and I breathe a sigh of relief when the gate of a nudist club closes behind me.  I know that there will be new friends waiting for me when I step out of my vehicle.

PictureBeverly B. Price – Photo courtesy of AANR

Why are nudists and naturists such special and unique people?
I don’t know that all nudists and naturists are special and unique. I find many of them very much like my textile acquaintances. I like people who are tolerant and accepting of others and who welcome others to express their ideas without fear.  Some nudists/naturists are like that and some are very intolerant.  Whether textile or nudist, I try to avoid those who seem biased and close minded.
What plans do you have for the future?
My goal for AANR for 2017 is to strengthen the AANR brand and to instill pride in membership in everyone who belongs. AANR needs to reach out to young, enthusiastic nudists/naturists and tap their energy and zeal.
AANR will continue to utilize all electronic and social media as much as possible to reach new potential members. 
And, of course, to come full circle, AANR will continue advocating and educating for the rights of all nudists/naturists to practice social family nudism in the appropriate places.
We have visited multiple AANR member locations including Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, and Lake Como Family Nudist Resort and Community and we have enjoyed Florida’s Haulover Beach for years. 

There truly is something liberating, tranquil and very social about nudism and naturism.
To search for American Association for Nude Recreation clubs, visit 
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Article by Steven Skelley and Thomas Routzong
Copyright 2016 Sunny Harbor Publishing
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