On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup


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• Your 2017 reading list is not complete if you haven’t considered these 10 Overlooked Books by Women. [Literary Hub]

• Bitch contributor se smith asks “why we love period dramas.” [Smithsonian]

Lorena Bobbitt became a punchline, but her story should have launched a national discussion about domestic violence and marital rape. [Huffington Post]

• Here’s the story on Robert Dear and his connection to the right-wing media. [New Republic]

• Here’s just one more justification for reparations: The insurance industry’s history of selling insurance policies to slave owners. [New York Times]

• Learn about your local chapter of NOW or League of Women Voters. What are they up to?

In this BitchTape: a mix of non-traditional holiday songs for the end of a non-traditional year. 

• This pervasive myth that Sanders would have won the presidency merits closer discussion because this is a conversation we are likely to have over and over again as people relitigate the primary in the coming years.

Pantsuit Nation is cashing in on what amounts to the labor of strangers.

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from https://bitchmedia.org/article/our-radar%E2%80%94feminist-news-roundup/are-these-books-your-list


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