naturally-free: 99.9% of things are better when experienced…


99.9% of things are better when experienced naked

That’s a fact to me. But why we do textilism? I ’d
rather have things as natural as possible: no chemicals in the food or in the air, no fake people, no clothes unless it’s too cold, etc. Let’s go back to the bare essentials!
The best way to connect through nature is without the burden of clothing!
Following this idea my blog celebrates nature…naturally! It’s dedicated to a free naturism
and the appreciation of the human body to
promote that which we were all born as.

Naturism in the presence of another human being is
connecting with others in a fine way without embarrassment and shame. It’s a bond of trust, a
beautiful shared moment, pure and honest. Though an important aspect for me of being nude in a social setting is what I
refer to as the intimacy of nudism. I don’t mean sexual intimacy, nudism is not sexual, but rather a form of personal intimacy.
We are told to hide. But when we are free & nude, we show all that we are, all of our flaws, all of our perfection.
In our nude state we are reduced to our most basic essence, free of any mask we present to the world. is
a blog that emphasizes this lifestyle.
It’s about ordinary humans – yeah, they’re nude like me. … knowing there is something inherintly beautiful and liberating about people while
skinny dipping, nude sunbathing and bare hiking.

The state of being unclothed
should be so casual, so commonplace and so widely accepted that any stigma is dispensed with. Friends and family are just too modest to even entertain the idea that nudity is okay. I often daydream about what it would be like if the
world were truly clothing optional.  Where public nudity was not just legal, but socially acceptable. What prevents people from engaging in the nude item, to think about more bare spaces?

Nudity is like soulfood for me, but I see mostly nothing but societal-imposed shame and body horror. Why do society “textilism”, knowing nudity is liberating and even it enhances the senses! It is no rational ideal to be clothed, may it is a simple stupid business!? Never the less, let us regain our in-born rights of body freedom. No worries about what
other people say, just do what nature says – go ‘au natural’. Let’s walk down the streets naked.



I love to be surrounded by naked people!
I am a naturist. I hope you are too.


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