Contemporary Vintage Boudoir (Wait, What?)

I have always loved the pin-up style vintage shots of beautiful curvy women, and finally I’ve had the opportunity to shoot one myself! As much as I enjoy the various artistic ways people edit these types of images and the props or retro locations they use, I wanted to do a shoot that instead focuses on the woman, not so much anything else.

End of the day, I am not trying to recreate a specific era but I’m rather borrowing inspiration and applying it on this 21st century photoshoot with my wonderful model Laura Graham. Mind you, Laura was brilliant at doing her own hair and make up and had brought just the perfect outfit for this shoot, most definitely reminding me of Marilyn Monroe ( I mean, you can’t deny the similarities!).

Using only natural light and only enhancing it slightly with a reflector, I wanted to create a nice “I’m just lounging on the sofa with my stockings on” type of scene.

If you like what you see, why don’t you let me shoot you too?
Anete Lusina



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