It’s Tinder For Sperm Donors!

Want a baby but don’t have the sperm? Or the egg? Now there’s an app for that. It’s called “Just A Baby”, also being called “The Tinder of Sperm Donors.”

Conceived in Australia by Sydney-based developers Paul Ryan and Gerard Edwards, the app already has people around the world signing up to find a partner to be their “Baby Daddy.” Or Mama. Same sex couples are the app’s biggest users.

According to the app‘s creators “The definition of the family unit has changed. Just a Baby is a new mobile app connecting you with people who just want a baby. It puts power in your hands to meet biological conception partners. And, once you’ve found your ideal conception partner, we can help you connect with legal, family counselling and fertility services, so you can begin your journey with confidence. Just download the Just a Baby app, start swiping and start a family — your way. Be part of the change.”

Ryan first came up with the idea for the app when he started thinking about his own, same-sex parenting dilemma. “I was in my 30’s and was looking at my situation and at those around me, it was just evident that there were increasing pressures against the traditional models of raising a child and on traditional families,” Ryan told the Australian Daily Telegraph. “There is a lot more acceptance now around same-sex relationships, empowerment of women, people putting off having kids until later. But it’s not widely spoken about and there still is this incredible amount of pressure and lack of options for people in their 30’s to 40’s to start families.” The app is an alternative to super expensive in-vitro fertilization, and adoption agencies who are often way too conservative regarding alternative families. Plus, many people want their own biological child.

The app works by connecting people who wants a child with people who can help them. That means anyone along the chain from same-sex couples (or single people) looking for a surrogate, egg donor, or just the sperm to finding a lawyer who specializes in this. People look for each other by swiping like they are on Tinder.

Ryan told Sunrise AU, a morning television show in Sydney, that in addition to same-sex couples the apps attracts “a lot of single men and single women, as well as people with fertility issues.” He also advises people to “get some legal advice before you have the kid, not after.”

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