The lovely Kim Harris with her mother Janet Rogers and children…

The lovely Kim Harris with her mother Janet Rogers and children Sarah (6) and Thomas (2). Janet has two children of her own, Kim and a son just a few years younger. Janet had two very healthy pregnancies she enjoyed very much. She felt as if her body was in bloom and very much enjoyed how her body changed. Her first delivery was vaginal and her son was born via an emergency cesarean. Breastfeeding went very well with both nursing until about 18 months, and she has been an active member of both the La Leche League as a leader and the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Kim had a healthy pregnancy with her first. Sarah was quite big at over 10lbs, so they scheduled a cesarean birth. Kim wasn’t attached to a vaginal birth; she just wanted a baby, so the experience was just fine for her. Sarah breastfed without issue for her first 2.5 years but was quite demanding and didn’t sleep a lot, so Kim and her husband waited quite a long time to plan for another child. Kim was also diagnosed with sleep apnea after Sarah was born which had definitely contributed to her sleep issues. Once they felt they caught up, they decided to try again and conceived Thomas. She took care of herself physically more during her second pregnancy. She got massages and managed her sleep apnea very well. She was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during this pregnancy and suspects she may have had it during her first pregnancy as well. Her gestational diabetes was aggressively managed through diet and exercise. She had a repeat cesarean with Thomas which she found very easy. Breastfeeding has gone very well, but she has plans of weaning quite soon. Kim was recently diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene and is planning to have a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction and full hysterectomy. She’s had a tough time coming to grips with all of that and has decided to participate as part of her “farewell to the breasts tour.”

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