A couple years ago I participated in and won the Tallahassee…


A couple years ago I participated in and won the Tallahassee Naturally College Greek Athletic Meet. It was a small turnout, but very fun and a unique experience. After all, how often have you come across a competition involving javelin, sprinting, discuss, long-jump, and wrestling (in the event of a tie) that is conducted completely in the nude?

I’m sad to say that this year’s 22nd annual competition may be the last. I recently received an email stating that the woods in which the competition has been traditionally held will no longer be available to the organization in the future. While they intend to find a future home, I fear that the poor turnout in recent years will dampen their spirits and shake their resolve. So, if you’ve ever considered giving it your all while wearing nothing, make it now.

The 22nd annual competition will be held on March 26, 2017 and more info may be found at www.tallahasseenaturally.org.

I would love to win the laurel again this year, but I’m due for ACL surgery on the 21st and a new baby in April so I’ll be absent.

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