Embrace your body : The all-the-way method


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It is my absolute pleasure to present a guest post written by my great friends, as well as fellow naturists and bloggers, Naked Wanderings (http://www.nakedwanderings.com) today. The article is about body positivity and nudism/naturism, things I truly believe in, so it fits this blog perfectly. I love their way of writing and I’m sure you will too !
How much time do you spend everyday hiding who you really are ? Yes, this is quite an in-your-face question but think about it. Everyday you’re picking out clothes, putting them on, changing them again, put on make-up, pick out jewellery, changing your clothes again … It never stops. Don’t worry, it’s not just you, we all do that. But why ? Why do we want to look different than we are ? What’s that measurement of “prettiness” that we’re trying to reach ? What’s wrong with what we have ?
Well, the influence of the fashion industry and media can of course be blamed. They tell us how to look, which clothes to wear and which perfume to use. They tell you who’s hot or not, which celebrity to have as a role model, which cereals you should eat and which diet to follow. They never tell you you’re okay the way you are. And somehow we believe that. We believe that we all need adjustments to get closer to “perfection”. What if you made perfection come closer to you?
Change your mirror
Don’t take this literally, you don’t need a new mirror although it could help. What we want you to do is change the way you look in the mirror. Since we’ve always been using it to correct whatever we don’t want to show the world, we forgot how to see how we’re really looking.
So here’s lesson one, take off all your clothes, your makeup and jewellery, turn your mirror upside down and spend some time every day looking at your body parts that you like the most. This can be anything, your hair, your hands, your nose, the birthmark under your left nipple. Anything. Have you never stared into your own eyes ? This is the time. It’s important that you only spend this time on positive thoughts. You still have the everyday change-clothes-put-on-makeup routine, just leave these couple of minutes for what you like about yourself.
When you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll start noticing things about your body that you’ve never paid attention to. Birthmarks, colour changes or long forgotten scars. Think about how unique this makes you. Because of those small things there’s nobody who looks exactly like you (except when you’re twins of course). Which brings us to lesson two : Start looking at what you like less about your body as well. What don’t you like about it exactly ? Suppose that there were no role models, would you still want to look any different ? Can you accept your flaws?
Time to get out of that bathroom
Now that You’ve been standing in front of the mirror for some time you’ve probably noticed that you can make yourself look different without makeup or clothes as well, just by changing the style of your hair, putting your back straight and your eyes slightly closed you look like a different you. Not better, not worse, just different. Just like with clothes and makeup, you can appear the way you feel. But then in a natural way.
Enough with the mirror, it’s time to move around. Get out of the bathroom and into the other rooms. Try to do more things naked. You could start with sleeping. Feel the sheets touch your whole body and see how you look in the morning. Look at your body as you feel all relaxed in the morning sun, look how it looks exactly the way you feel. Walk around the house naked, feel how you can move around without the restriction of your clothing. Look at the reflection of yourself in the windows. Feel good, and look how you feel.
Time to really get out 
STOP ! Don’t run out of the door naked ! It’s not because you have embraced your nudity that the rest of the neighbourhood is ready to embrace it as well. The step to public nudity can be quite scary though. But we can highly recommend it. We have role models, everybody does, because we love to compare. We’re happy if we’re thinner or taller than the other and we’re sad if it’s the other way around. When it comes to nudity, we often don’t have anyone nearby to compare with so we pick our role models from tv, magazines or the internet.
Among nudists you can compare with real people. You get to see the differences in sizes and shapes and how every body is unique. How every body has its different looks. Feel confident about your and other people’s nudity. Feel liberated. Feel free. Feel that perfection just came a bit closer to you.

from https://thanakedi.wordpress.com/2017/03/18/embrace-your-body-the-all-the-way-method


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