Saturday, March 25th 2017
8pm – 1am
Michael Alan’s Remake of -Taxi Driver (a drawathon performance) a 1976 pyscological thriller
Taxi driver the Drawathon performance! (Creating a fun, wild, shocking performance for friends to come watch, draw and get together and make art) Taxi driver, a 1976 psychological thriller shocked our film culture for ages…..the film is very relevant in the times of now. Americans are surrounded by racism, stalkers, and power, watch our remake with a cast of live naked improve performers! Come draw some of the most dynamic poses of drawathon history! (Or just watch) A beautifully shocking recreation of the cult 1976 film that shocked the world!
Trump got you mad? Racism? Hate? Come watch taxi driver performed in the nude and the target will be the racists, the back bone of hate, watch the wild naked painted bodies of a group of taxi driving Mohawk punk killers planning and creating plans to kill trump, the power structure. a live movie in the nude! Mohawks! Fire! Pain! Human flesh! BOdy paint! http://www.michaelalanart.com/2016site/2017-drawing-marathon/

from https://web.stagram.com/p/BR31vPHjEJQ?utm_source=websta_rss&utm_campaign=rss


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