Men making decisions for women



I keep seeing images and posts about a group of men making decisions about female healthcare.

Like an image of a large table surrounded by men with some caption to highlight the fact there are no women.

If your only point is they are men making decisions, doesn’t that make you a sexist? If you think they can’t perform their job just because they are male, doesn’t that put you in the same boat as men who think women should stick to women’s work like being a nurse or house wife and leave being doctors and lawyers to the men?

Sure there are many many valid reasons to have women weigh in on these healthcare decisions, but if your only point is they are all men, that seems kind of sexist.

Where are the comments or examples of these men doing things wrong? Instead of just pointing at their gender?

The problem is not “men making decisions,” it’s men making decisions on things that will never effect them, men making decisions on women’s bodies. 

Do you seriously not see the problem with a bunch of men sitting around a table deciding what women can and can’t do with our bodies? 

People who have and will never be in a situation or deal with specific problems can not be the ones writing laws on how to deal with those situations and problems. Especially not when they don’t even include a single effect person in the process. 

Not to mention the fact that so many parts of the government look exactly like the picture you’re talking about. All cis white probably straight men. And the problem is not that that is who they are, the problem is there’s next to no representation of other groups, so you’re missing out on entire view points that women, poc, trans or gay people, etc, would be bringing to the table, resulting in things like this. 

If you can’t see the problem with men making the laws that control women’s bodies, then you are part of the problem.

These men show that they have no empathy or understanding of the difficulties that women face. If they did they wouldn’t make the choices that they do. That is why the pictures in question are so effective and truthful.



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