Nudity…The Human Body: Part II

NUDITY THE HUMAN BODY FOR OR AGAINST IT Q AND A VIDEO VLOG CHALLENGE This is a video vlog challenge to ask questions and get answers from people for their thoughts and feelings about nudity. To get different perspectives about nudity. The purpose for doing this project is to help people become more secure with their own bodies and make nudity more acceptable and less sexual. This is the challenge if you see this video you are encourage to think about and then answer the questions if you feel comfortable enough to do so. By video recording or VLOGING yourself first asking the question and then answering the questions. the best you can. At the end of your video Challenge your friends to do the same and pass it on. and then post the video on You Tube, Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, or THE RULES Everyone and anyone is encourage to participate. Please take the issues seriously and be completely honest with your answers. Challenge your friends on social media sites to do the same, and share your video. THE QUESTIONS Feel free to copy and pate these to an email so that you may print them out to make it easier to think about and answer the questions. 1 What do you think about nudity? Is it sexual or is it just the human body? Your Answer. 2 Are you offended by nudity or seeing someone else naked? yes or no and explain your answer or reasoning for this. 3 Is public nudity ok? Your Answer. 4 Is it more/less embarrassing seeing someone else naked or having them see you naked? 5 What was your first experience like in a locker or shower and your thoughts. 6 Have you ever been skinny dipping or been to a topless or nude beach? Should females be allowed to sunbathe topless at any beach that is open to the public? Explain your Answer. 7 If you haven’t would you consider doing so? Your Answer. 8 Have you been or would you consider skinny dipping or sun bath topless in your own backyard or at a friends house? Your Answer. 9 Have you ever seen a neighbor/friend skinny dipping or sunbathing topless in their backyard? If so what was the experience, and did you find it ok or was it offensive? Your Answer. 10 Would you be offended if you did see this happen, or would you find it ok to do so? Why or why not? Your Answer. 11 Do you have or would you like to have a topless/nudist beach or a nudist resort in your area? Do you think these types of places should be open to the public? Your Answer 12 Have you ever been to a topless/nudist beach or area and if so where was it and what was the experience like? Your Answer. 13 Would you like to go to a topless/nudist beach if you could? 14 Is nudity a form of artistic expression? Your Answer. 15 In your opinion is it ok for females to wear low cut tops such as tank tops and or not wear a bra in public? Your Answer. 16 Have you ever seen a girls boobs while she was bending over? If so what was the experience? Your Answer. 17 Is seeing a penis offensive? Explain why or why not. 18 Have you ever seen a guy pee before? If so what was the experience? 19 Have you ever been caught or seen naked before such as getting undressed or in the shower? Or have you been the one seeing someone else doing the same thing? If so what was the experience like? 20 Have you ever went around nude/topless such as in your own home or ever done a nude/topless dare? If yes explain the experience. 21 Are you proud or ashamed of your body? Explain your Answer. 22 Have you ever flashed your body in public or seen somebody do so? If yes explain what happened. 23 Have you or would you expose your body to someone that was curious about it.? Explain why or why not 24 Have you ever or would you consider posing nude to raise money for charity? Explain your answer. 25 Have you ever or would you consider posing nude for an art class? Your Answer. 26 Does penis or boob size really matter when it comes to nudity? 27 Why is there so little male nudity in movies besides porn? 28 Why is there a double standard when it comes to male vs female nudity? 29 Why is it that in our society and in the media many still look down and think it degrading for females to be strippers, playboy models, exotic dancers etc but there is not the same outrage or debate when it comes to male strippers and male playgirl nude models doing them same types of things? 30 Do you believe being naked for some helps to relive daily stress? 31 Other countries allow nudity on TV and or have topless/nude beaches and public places for people to be able to be nude freely but yet in America we censor it why? Explain your answer. 32 What is more offensive seeing someone or yourself naked or seeing a dead body? Feel free to ask and answer any addional questions or thoughts that you may have about nudity.



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